Menopause speaks to you …

Menopause speaks to you …

I need to pay more attention to what I am experiencing , menopause speaks to you … all the time !

How to deal with mood swings , depression , anxiety and other aspects of menopause ! 

It sends you signals called menopause symptoms . Are you listening to menopause , when it speaks to you ? To listen to menopause when it speaks to you , requires first of all  that you recognize the aspects of menopause.



listening to your body
listening to your body

Too many women think that they are going crazy , when they first experience mood swings , depression , anxiety , irritability , memory loss or difficulty concentrating .This because they do not recognize these as symptoms of menopause . Once they do , they no longer think that they are crazy .




Your personal knowledge of all aspects of menopause … from its symptoms to all of the treatment options available to relieve them … is essential for you to have the best possible passage through menopause. I believe that women should educate themselves about menopause prior to perimenopause . Most doctors receive very limited training in menopause … and don’t understand it . I read stories every day about women who go to their doctors seeking relief from menopause symptoms … only to be told by the doctor that they are too young for their symptoms to be caused by menopause . Unfortunately , in too many of these instances , the doctor prescribes anti-depressants for the symptoms and sends the woman on her way. And how quick are most doctors with prescribing hormon therapies ?!



anti depressants & hormon pills

In May 2013 , a survey of ob-gyn resident doctors , conducted by the  Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine ,  found that there is a lack of understanding by ob-gyn residents in matters connected with menopause . 510 resident ob-gyns , from all over the country , were surveyed . Only 100 reported that they had received formal training in their ob-gyn curriculum in regard to menopause matters and only 78 had reported that they participated in a practical menopause clinic . That means that just 15 % of those being trained as ob-gyns are receiving practical training to help you with issues that you are facing during menopause . If just 15 % of ob-gyn residents have received practical training in menopause, what do you think is the likelihood that your GP has received any training at all in menopause aspects and treatment.




Now researchers have examined more closely the menopause training received by ob-gyn residents. They reported their findings in the November 2013 edition of the Menopause journal . Most residents reported that they had limited knowledge and needed to learn more about menopause. 67 % said that they had limited knowledge of menopause symptoms and treatment. 




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A woman who has educated herself about menopause will not be at the mercy of doctors who do not understand menopause . She will listen to her body and hear menopause speaking to her . She will know that her symptoms are caused by menopause . She will be able to take other steps to relieve her menopause symptoms , if her doctor does not help her. I am still a great believer in natural relief of menopause symptoms . My own experience has proven to me , that it is possible to go through the most natural phases of life with help of solely natural remedies . Did we take any medication to smother our  puberty ?! I also know quiet a few ladies , who didin’t even try to get through this uncomfortable , sometimes even apparently unbearable time , without taking a lot of drugs . The first symtom of a hot flash or a mood swing and they swallow whatever pills they can get .  I do believe , that dealing with and treating of mood swings , depression , anxiety , hot flashes and all the other aspects that come with menopause, does not necessarily require any chemical  treatment with drugs and hormons . The first step to approach the new situation and the “new you” is understanding what ‘s happening to you , recognizing the symptoms and then start working on your attitude !




your body matters

Please don’t get me wrong , I am not stating the omniscient truth applying to every woman going through menopause , I am only appealing ….. if menopause speaks to you , listen to your body …. don’t numb it !







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why are so few doctors skilled in treating this since every single woman goes through it? amazing that medical science doesn’t feel that treating menopause isn’t worthwhile. If it happened to men it would be a much different story.


it speaks to me alright, tells me we aren’t done with you yet! I don’t like medicine so I take Black Cohosh which I’ve found very effective and vitamin d

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