Unique Home Decor Ideas On A Budget

Unique Home Decor Ideas On A Budget

 Small Budget Decorating Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

Decorating your home is a perfect opportunity to let your personality out and add some style to the place. You don’t need to go for the same designs everyone else does. You can do what you want and experiment a little. Sometimes you can add a lot of style to your house without even spending much, as there are a lot of easy small budget decorating ideas. Here are some unique home decor ideas which can help add a little spice to your home.

1. Add Some Architectural Decorative Elements 

When adding structural and architectural touches to your home, such as a fireplace and molding, you can give your home a little twist. Instead of going for modern elements, try something different. You could have everything with a wooden finish, or make them more colourful.

Unique Home Decor Ideas
Unique Home Decor Ideas On A Budget – klaudiascorner.net

Making these small touches unique can make a whole room look different. Adding  Architectural Stone Elements like Tuscan style columns and limestone molding can give your house a majestic feel. This is a nice way to add some style and atmosphere to a dull looking room or even the whole house.

 2. Add Some Colour

One of the best ways to spice up a house is to make it more colourful. Different colours can give different moods to each room, so maybe you want a fiery red bedroom or a relaxing pale green bathroom.Don’t think you’re just limited to one colour either. Two tone walls can look wonderful if done right.

Unique Home Decor Ideas
Unique Home Decor Ideas – Go for two tone walls 

Don’t just focus on the paintwork either. Ornaments like plant pots, picture frames and clocks can be colourful too. This can be an excellent way to spice up your house, so add different colours to different rooms and see how it changes the ambience.

Unique Home Decor Ideas
Small Budget Decorating Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

 3. Add Some Nice Smells

A nice looking room is one thing, but a nice looking room that smells good is even better! Adding some nice smells around the home can make guests feel even more welcome and keep bad odours away.Don’t just go for cheap air fresheners or deodorant spray, though.

Unique Home Decor Ideas

Flowers can add some sweet, natural smells to your house. Scented candles or incense can also help you add to the mood of a room with different smells. These can be strong, though, so you might not want them burning all the time.

  4.  Small Budget Decorating Ideas

Sometimes cheap adjustments can be the perfect way to add some personal touches to your home. You can repurpose old furniture, so maybe an old stool could become a bedside table. Painting with some wall stencils can make walls a little more exciting. You can even get cartoon character stencils and paint on old furniture to make it more suitable for the kids!

Unique Home Decor Ideas
Look around charity shops and secondhand furniture stores …

Many people use old, unused ornaments to decorate their walls. For example, if you have a lot of well-decorated plates, you can use them for a decorative plate wall. Some people even use their old CDs to make nifty looking CD walls.

It’s also worth looking around charity shops and secondhand furniture stores. You might find a cheap piece of furniture that you never knew you wanted before. You are unlimited in creativity with these unique home decor ideas.Try some new things out and see how it changes your home.

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Great ideas right here and very creative. Hope to do something like this at home.


Wonderful ideas. I am usually too lazy to so stuffs like this. But I feel inspired now to bring some life to my otherwise empty house 🙂 Thank you for the ideas.

Anne Klien ( MeAnne)

Lovely ideas here my place is in need of redecorating thanks for sharing

Priyanka Singh

Personally I always look around for the small budget home decorative ideas. Currently I’m using aromatic lamp oils for fragrance but I would like to add your architectural decorative element’s idea.


I love the ‘add some nice smells’. How wonderful is it to come home and have a wonderful smell. The small budget decorating ideas are great. Always nice to have some changes and spend to much money.

Little B & Me

Thank you so much for your ideas,
Its so easy to get stuck with decorating, ESPECIALLY on a budget!

blair villanueva
blair villanueva

I agree on using a fun-colored paint to spice up your bare wall. You can paint it in whatever designs and themes you like according to your mood and season.. and If you got bored again, a full white paint is a lifesaver!


These are really great tips! Looking around charity shops sounds like a good idea, I never tried that, I usually just shop for basic furniture at IKEA, since I’m on a student budget, but this might work for my apartment. Thank you 😉


I love your ideas! I’ve been looking for some new ideas for our home.


I do love me some interior design, especially stuff I can do on a small budget. XD Thanks for sharing!