Personal Touches You Can Add To Your Decor For A Unique Home

Home Decorating Ideas

Personal Touches You Can Add To Your Decor For A Unique Home

To create a truly unique home, you need to look deep inside you. Your personality is like no other. Drawing inspiration from your personal tastes and interests will help you decorate your home in your own style. Staying true to yourself will also help your home decor look and feel more honest and natural. It’s a great way to put your own stamp on your property too. Try some of these home decorating ideas to make your home more a part of yourself.

Home Decorating Ideas
 Personal Touches You Can Add To Your Decor For A Unique Home

   • Home Decorating Ideas – Vases And Ornaments

Beautiful objects draw the eye toward them. They may be angular or rounded, rough or smooth, matt or shiny. But they should all mean something to you. Don’t choose the most expensive art pieces from a well-known artist if you don’t truly feel something for the subject. Instead, use your ‘objets d’art’ to express who you are and what you love about the world. Do you have an interest in music? Why not choose an ornament of your favourite instrument? You may choose a vase for its interesting shape or matching the home colour schemes.

Choose flowers that mean something to you, as well as complimenting your home colour schemes.

Home Decorating Ideas


   • Home Decorating Ideas – Decorating Walls

Decorating walls can go far beyond a splash of colourful paint. Hangings such as art, mirrors, and wreaths, can offer an insight into your personality. Wall art may be canvas based and abstract. Perhaps it’s the swirl of the shape or the vibrancy of the colour that appeals to you?

Home Decorating Ideas

Mirrors can be beautifully decorative. Glass can be etched or framed in lovely patterns. Places like the Worcester Wreath Company offer lots of choice for the size, shape, texture and colour of your wreath. These can be great as a door hanging, or even laid over a mirrored background.

Home Decorating Ideas

   • Home Decorating Ideas – Small Places Furniture

Hallways beg for small places furniture to shape and personalize the area. A little telephone table or quaint occasional chair can make small rooms like the hallway come to life with character. Little storage boxes or even a collection of tiny shelves on one wall can help add personality to the area. A coat stand or cute shoe cupboard can become very practical additions to this kind of area too. Beautiful carpet runners leading to the reception areas can focus the room. Try a personalized doormat at the threshold too.

    • Home Decorating Ideas – Lighting

Your choice of light fitting can also bring a lot of character to a room. You may have wall lights as up lighters. Or maybe you have an ornate chandelier fitting. Small table lamps and standard lamps can also help decorate a room beautifully.

Home Decorating Ideas

Consider where you can place the lights to help throw some light and shade on your key focal interest points. You can even choose LED strip lights in different colours to highlight stair treads, wall art and entertainment areas.Good home decor doesn’t have to follow trends and designer preferences all the time. There is always plenty of room for more personal home decorating ideas.

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OMG! I am so grateful that you have posted these helpful hints! My partner and I have just moved countries so we have a fresh start in a new home! Decoration is definitely on the agenda!

I adore the tips about the mirror! It’s also a great way to brighten up small spaces! Keep up the amazing work, I’m looking forward to more of your posts!

Bettina Bacani

I love posts like these because I learn so much. I love watching home renovation shows too because it’s amazing to see how such an ugly and cluttered place can turn into a spacious and comforting space. And I love how our designs can reflect our personalities!


Those decorating ideas are so beautiful. But youre right, we have our own style and the beauty of the place will surely be seen more if it reflects the own style and identity of the pwner.


I love your ideas shared for home decoration. It’s something to add indeed. Not that overly artsy but it comes in a simple yet attractive aura. I love simple decorations, the are more pleasing and attractive.


How awesome and cute! I’m a big fan of modern art. Just moved into. New apartment and have been looking for new design ideas. Thanks for this post!


I love interior decorating! It’s one of my favorite hobbies. 🙂 I destress by decorating our home or buying new decors. I actually want to study interior decorating.


Once we got our new home, I’m excited to decorate our home with ideas like the ones above. I enjoy browsing to different photos like this because it gives me more inspiration to choose from.

Linda Hobden

What fabulous art pieces – love the colour schemes of the raffia baskets/vases and the striking chequered black/white vase.

Molly Stevens

Lovely ideas. I really appreciate the eye and creativity of a decorator. That’s why I have one I call on frequently. She gets my ideas going and helps release my inner decorator. Great photos.


Great tips! I love a small telephone table and chair in an unused area of a landing or near a doorway. It definitely makes the space more inviting!