How To Generate Creative Ideas For Your Next Home Project

How To Generate Creative Ideas

For Your Next Home Project

– The 6 best places to find interior design inspiration –

Are you renovating your current home? Helping a friend do up theirs? Perhaps you’re moving home, or getting started on a long-awaited renovation project? No matter why you need ideas, let’s discuss some of the places you can find them. Read on for six fantastic sources of inspiration for easy home projects – whatever that may be.


Pinterest is fantastic for interior design ideas. Here you will find millions of ideas and inspiration, posted by people in all corners of the world. Best of all? It’s free! Return the favour by sharing your own favourite images. Search Pinterest interior design or decorating house ideas, for the best results. Sign up over at and you can invite friends also!

How To Generate Creative Ideas
Search Pinterest Interior Design or Decorating House Ideas

Interior Design Magazines

Just because paper magazines are not as popular in 2016 as they used to be, doesn’t mean they aren’t still worth your time. Online you have to search yourself for the right things. In interior design magazines, however, you’ll find a concentrated hub of relevant things. From colour schemes to new products available on the market, you’ll find pretty much everything you need. Plus there is something very satisfying about sitting down with a real magazine to flick through. Be sure to cut out your favourite images and make a mood board also. You can then refer back to this during the project.

How To Generate Creative Ideas
How to generate creative ideas – Interior Design Magazines

Interior Design Blogs

Where else can you find concentrated interior design inspiration? On blogs, of course. Stand-alone blogs by designer and architects, or just home enthusiasts, are great. However, you’ll also find some worthwhile blogs on company websites. Why? Because they have the actual experience that you want to be reading about. They’ve done the projects you want to see. Some even show you some beautiful before and after photos of previous projects they’ve done. They might not just inspire you with new ideas- they may well inspire you to hire them!

How To Generate Creative Ideas
 Interior Design Blogs for best Interior Design Inspiration


Show Homes

Showhomes are a great place to get inspired because they have been made up by professional designers. Plus, the will contain some of the most modern and up-to-date appliance, design schemes and furnishings.

How To Generate Creative Ideas
How to generate creative ideas –

Watch TV Shows

Of course, the specific TV shows you can watch will depend on both your country of residence and your TV package. However, whatever is available to you, try it out. Some might bore you, but others might be very informative.

How To Generate Creative Ideas
How to generate creative ideas – watch TV shows

Friends Houses

One of the very best sources of inspiration for your next home project is in the homes of your friends and family. Next time you visit, take the time to look around properly. Ask them if there is anything they’ve worked on recently. This is a great thing to do for two reasons. Firstly, you can see it with your own eyes. But secondly, you can find out about any challenges they faced along the way. Also, ask if there is anything they would have done differently. You may discover great ways to save money, hassle or time if you do it yourself in the future. Just be sure to find a way to make it more individual to yourself, so you aren’t just copying!

How To Generate Creative Ideas
How to generate creative ideas – look around in the homes of your friends




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I love the concept of redecorating but when it gets down to the work… I lose focus. Lol. I use IKEA for ideas too. But honestly, my biggest source of information is definitely Pinterest!

Taria Shondell

I absolutely love Pintrest for this! I have so many screen shots on my phone of different parts of a home to use as an inspiration!


My sister is a whizz at this, she uses all sorts of computer programmes to check out layout and colours. My husband and I are more eclectic. Our home is pretty uncluttered but much of what we have we have collected during travels and holidays. I’ve also got many tips from friends homes and magazines.


Great ideas. I like pinterest I just never have enough time to really look around. We have yet to decorate our apartment, been here since March. It’s so cool to have ideas to look into, thanks