How To Maintain A Good Health – Stop Toxins From Taking Over Your Body

How To Maintain A Good Health 

Stop Toxins From Taking Over Your Body!

Just from the name, you know they’re not going to be a good thing. Toxins aren’t just a made-up term for some sort of healthy bogeyman, however. They’re a real and present danger that can have serious long-term impacts on your health.

How To Maintain A Good Health 
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They’re allergens, respiratory threats, cancer causes, and they should have no place in your body. They are, by most accounts, unavoidable in some shape or form. However, you can minimize your interaction with them as much as possible and make your body much better at flushing them from your system.

•  What is in Your Food?

Beyond the air you breathe and home you live in, most of the danger comes from the food you eat. There are already plenty of good reasons to eat fewer processed foods: including the heightened levels of empty calories and lessened nutritional value of said foods. But there are dangerous toxins lurking in your food to be concerned with as well.

 How to maintain a good health -  ©
 How to maintain a good health –  ©

Organic foods are free from pesticides, for instance, which have been linked to cancer and birth defects. Certain food preservatives are also carcinogens and can have a big impact on the hormonal balance of the body. When possible, eat whole foods and go the extra step of choosing products that are certified organic.

•  My Home – My Castle?

My home is my castle…  yet probably the place where we come in contact with the most toxins and also one of the easiest places to get rid of them. Air quality plays a big role, for instance. Improving airflow by cleaning and maintaining any air conditioning and ventilation can make sure that moisture, mold, and dust doesn’t get the chance to linger. But changes in how we clean the home can make the house a healthier place to be as well.

A lot of household bleaches, sink cleaners, and detergents all have VOC (volatile organic compounds) that, when released can cause cancer and even brain damage. To that end, when possible, it’s a good idea to simply use water or even natural cleaning products like a homemade mix of vinegar and lemon juice.

•  What Can You Do About It?

Beyond looking at what to avoid, you might be concerned about what you can do to rid your body of the toxins that are already there. You can flush them from you, to begin with. The best detox tea options support your own body detox diet.

How to maintain a good health - ©
How to maintain a good health – ©

One of your big detoxing organs is your liver. It does a lot of the work in getting rid of toxins but it can easily become overburdened. Teas with ingredients like lemongrass help it flush that burden, allowing it to more efficiently do its work. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of other tea ingredients like goji berries is that they’re packed with antioxidants which improve the immune system and reduce the risk that carcinogens pose in the body.

•  The Body’s Weapons

As stated, the liver is one of the greatest weapons your body has to naturally cleanse itself. Detox teas can help cleanse it, but you should help make it stronger, as well. This means avoiding the foods and lifestyle that can cause damage to your liver. For instance, a lot of alcohol consumption damages liver cells and can cause swelling that can genuinely become fatal. Weight also plays a big role in how healthy your liver is and exercise can prevent fatty liver disease. Some foods worth avoiding if you want to preserve liver health include sugar and salt. On the other hand, caffeine, vitamin E, and fiber can all promote a better liver.

•  Good Health Needs a Good Gut

What you eat spends a lot of time in your stomach, so a healthy gut can prevent you from falling prey to those toxins. It also plays a huge role in preventing illnesses like cold, the flu, heart disease and even cancer. A stronger gut helps you process your food a lot better and a lot of it is down to the healthy bacteria in that gut. So, focus on including some of the top 10 probiotic foods in your diet.

How To Maintain A Good Health
 How to maintain a good health –  ©

This includes yoghurts, sourdough bread and pickles. On the other hand, some grains like too much wheat and rye slow down digestion and irritate your gut, working against your digestive system, so try and limit those.

When you’re looking at how to maintain a good health, you can’t just think about exercise and calorie control alone. You also have to look at how you get rid of the toxins doing your body harm and how you get rid of them.

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