How To Yoga In Summer – 5 Things You Need to Know About Summer Yoga

How To Yoga In Summer

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5 Things You Need to Know About Summer Yoga

Summer is finally here! This means more opportunities to have fun enjoying the outdoors to the fullest as well as plenty of chances to feel the positive vibes. To stay healthy, happy and energized this summer, yoga exercises are definitely one of the best ways to spice up your daily routine.

How To Yoga In Summer
IMAGE     How to Yoga in Summer  –

Summer yoga can keep you refreshed and rejuvenated as the stress and tension slowly disappear. If you’re interested in learning more about the yoga benefits, especially about summer yoga, keep on reading.

1. Start with Morning Practice

During the hot summer months, to practice yoga in the early morning feels a lot more invigorating compared to the rest of the day. If you choose to practice yoga outdoors, you’ll get additional benefits of being in the open air and nature. If you go to yoga studios, mornings will prove to be very cooling and pleasant as well. Wherever you choose to practice, sunrise yoga will help you get energized and pumped up for the day. Therefore, try to adjust your schedule to fit yoga in the morning if at all possible.

How To Yoga In Summer
How to Yoga in Summer –

2. Dress Lightly

You may think that dressing lightly during the summer is obvious, but when it comes to yoga, there’s a bit more to clothing than meets the eye. If you can, you should get your hands on special yoga training gear since it’s made from light, breeze and absorbent materials. Also, dressing lightly doesn’t only mean to wear shorts and tank tops. If you feel comfortable, the best way to stay cool is to stick to sports crop tops if you are a girl, or go shirtless if you are a guy. Of course, don’t forget to bring an absorbent hand towel as well.

3. Fight Dehydration like a Pro

Drinking plenty of water during the day seems like a pretty usual tip. Of course, water is essential for your health and well-being. However, practicing summer yoga may require a bit of an upgrade when it comes to this drink.

Don’t wait to finish the exercises in order to drink water. You need to be fully hydrated before you even start. Moreover, drinking coconut water or adding lemon juice to it will effectively boost the hydration effect. Definitely, try these out since they are the perfect post-yoga beverages.

4. Treat your Tummy Properly

In order to feel all the benefits of summer yoga, you have to be careful about what you eat as well. In general, fruit and veggies that are full of water make the best choice for a summer post-yoga snack.

How To Yoga In Summer
How to Yoga in Summer – 5 things you need to know about summer yoga

That being said, make sure to fill your fridge with watermelons, strawberries, pineapples, cucumbers, zucchinis and other watery delights. You can also create tasty smoothies and try other delicious recipes that will reenergize you and improve your overall health as well.

5. The Importance of your Surroundings

During summer months, practicing yoga outdoors is truly the best option possible. However, if you want to set up your own yoga space indoors, make sure that the floor surface is completely flat. If you can, choose the room or space that gets plenty of natural light. Don’t forget to surround yourself with elements that feel pleasurable and calming to you personally. You need to have enough room to move around and meditate. Apart from incense burners and other mindful pieces of décor, hang prayer flags as well if you want to boost the power of your meditation.

Remember, when you’re practicing summer yoga, there’s no need to force yourself for too long if the positions become uncomfortable at some point. The whole purpose of yoga is to relax you and improvyour flexibility, so don’t bring tension into your yoga summer routine. Clear your mind, feel the nature and listen to your body.

How To Yoga In Summer - 5 Things You Need to Know About Summer Yoga
How to Yoga in Summer –

Thanks a lot for reading, and a very special Thank You to Peter Minkoff for again creating a great article for us. Kudos and my very best regards to down-under!

Enjoy your Summer, friends!
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6 years ago

I’ve been wanting to get back into hot yoga – specially in the winter 🙂 Summer yoga sounds fantastic too!

manish yogi
6 years ago

Thanks for giving such an informative blog. It’s super helpful.

6 years ago

These are all great tips for someone who can’t do hot yoga

6 years ago

I do hot yoga, and really thought that with the summer heat I’d have to stop. But I love it still, and actually do feel rejuvenated.