Self Improvement Motivation – How To Find Your Focus In The Fog Of Stress

Self Improvement Motivation 

How to Find your Focus in the Fog of Stress

Life is the most beautiful adventure anyone can ever go on. It’s the ultimate lottery win where the price is infinitely better than a big-money jackpot. It’s that incredible blink of an eye bursting with emotion like a New Year’s Eve fireworks finale crashing across the night sky above New York City. It’s all that and more. But that doesn’t mean it is without its woes, it’s anguish, it’s heartbreak and stresses because it is – it absolutely is.

Self Improvement Motivation - How to find your Focus in the Fog of Stress
Self Improvement Motivation – How to find your focus in the fog of stress

Now I am not going to tell you some nonsense about the bad times being important because they make the good times better (you don’t think chocolate is amazing because you ate a brussel sprout!).

Instead, I am going to take the culmination of that bad stuff and try to help you understand how you can still focus no matter how thick the fog of stress may have gotten. Read on to get some useful self improvement motivation advice on how to deal with stress and find your focus. 

 Tell it to ‘Jog On’

Exercise is not going to make your stress vanish into thin air for once and for all, but what a nice chilled jog will do is help give that intense emotional buzzing an outlet. Exercise helps you think, it helps you make sense of your stress and lets you deal with all that noise a little more easily, which is pretty helpful when you want to be calm.

Self Improvement Motivation 
Self Improvement Motivation – Exercising is helpful when you want to be calm

 There’s Always a Solution

You are not going to find a solution to your stress if you keep saying to yourself, “I can’t do anything about this!” Financial stress, emotional stress, relationship stress, whatever there is always a solution. It could be that you’re deep in debt and that is stressing you out. But it could be that the solution is just as easy as looking at debt consolidation programs. When you feel like you have no control, that’s when your stress levels go through the roof. Taking control, however, empowers you like nothing else.

 Lean on Me

There is still a stigma that surrounds the notion of asking people for help, but having a strong support system is absolutely crucial. It is surrounding yourself with friends, family and colleagues and even therapists that can help you to learn how to deal with stress and work out your troubles, boost your self-esteem and let you see things in a more positive light. We all need people to turn to in life. I have seen too many becoming depressive instead of asking for help. It is just too unforgiving to do it all alone.

 Don’t Forget About You

There has been a culture shift about improving the work life balance people live by, but actually finding the time to do the things you love doing instead of just feeling like you exist to work is harder to accept than we realize. Socializing, exercising, reading, relaxing and unwinding, chasing dreams – we all need to dedicate some time to the things that make life worthwhile. Even if you just dedicate two evenings a week, it will stop you from being tempted to squeeze in a bit of overtime.

Self Improvement Motivation
Self Improvement Motivation – Don’t forget about you!

We all have different triggers, and we all have different solutions. As long as you realize you are stressed and then focus on the different things that could help, you will be fine.

Take good care of yourself!



Self Improvement Motivation  How to find your Focus in the Fog of Stress
Self Improvement Motivation – How to find your focus in the fog of stress – image ©


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