What You Can Do To Help Stop “At-Home Allergies”

Types Of Allergic Reactions

What You Can Do To Stop ‘At-Home Allergies’

Our homes are somewhere we should be able to be completely safe, without worry that either ourselves or our family could be at risk. But did you know that your own property could actually be causing you serious harm? This harm comes in the form of allergies – either causing them or worsening existing ones.

Around 50 million Americans suffer from some kind of nasal allergy symptoms and other types of allergic reactions, and unfortunately, there is no cure as of yet. These allergies can be annoying at best, and life-altering at their worst. If you can’t escape the symptoms even in your own home, it can be pretty devastating!

The Different Types Of Allergic Reactions 

Am I Allergic To My Home?

Here are some of the causes behind at-home allergies and what you can do to help stop them:

• Mold and Damp

Pay attention to the temperature and atmosphere inside your home. If the air is hot, heavy and humid, you may be at risk of damp or mold. Make sure you keep your property well ventilated, especially areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, where condensation can be a real problem.

Types Of Allergic Reactions
Your home can cause different types of allergic reactions

This means opening windows as and when you can to let fresh air in and potentially also installing an extractor fan. Mold and damp can also put your property at risk of structural damage, so in this case, prevention is always better than a cure.

• The Heating

Is there anything better than a roaring log fire in winter? Aesthetically, no – but in terms of allergies, yes! Sure, a traditional wood fire may look rustic and give you that cozy feel, but it’s not really worth it if you are constantly coughing and sneezing as a result of it. Instead, speak to some
air conditioning and heating experts who will be able to advise you on alternative ways to heat your home, that won’t play havoc with your allergies. 

Having a good A/C system is also useful if you have an allergy to pollen, as it can keep your house cool in summer without the need for open windows.


• Your Pets

It can be very sad and frustrating when you are allergic to the dog, your furry friend. Many doctors tell those with animal allergies to get rid of their pet – and while some people do this, for others, it simply isn’t feasible. We can get very attached to our pets and sometimes, to give them away just isn’t an option. But then again, neither is living in constant discomfort. Thankfully, there are ways to manage your pet allergy. Limit the areas within your house that your pet has access to. For example, never let them in your bedroom, or maybe even only give them access to the ground floor. Swap carpeted floors for hardwood ones, as dander from your pets can remain stuck in carpets for weeks on end, even after vacuuming.

Types Of Allergic Reactions
It’s very sad when you are allergic to the dog …

You may also want to bathe your pet more frequently than you would normally, although the effectiveness of this is debated. A lot of people live with allergies, and although they are annoying, there is no reason why they should take over your life.

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