The Best Gifts For Cyclists – Top 10 Items for Bicycle Enthusiasts

The Best Gifts For Cyclists 

The Best Gifts For Cyclists

Top 10 Items for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Want to show off your enthusiasm for riding a bike? Look no further! Maybe you have already enjoyed a bike rental, or are planning a bike tour in New York City in the near future. Whether you’ve been an avid cyclist for years, or have just recently started biking, these gifts are sure to show off your love for two-wheeled travel. (We’ve hyperlinked the where-to-shop information on each entry for you.)

1.   Cycologist: A funny t-shirt is guaranteed to be a head-turner, but can easily turn into a conversation starter. Are you a psychologist, or do you know one? This t-shirt would be especially amusing to any cyclist familiar with, or in, that field!

The Best Gifts For Cyclists
The Best Gifts for Cyclists – T-shirt from

2.   Cycopath: O.k. so psychologists represent a small portion of the population. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a t-shirt for the rest of us “cycopaths.”

3.   Mug: Just like t-shirts, you can never have too many mugs. This charming piece of stoneware has the perfect wording inside and out. It’s sweet “I wheelie like you” message on the outside makes it ideal for Valentine’s Day, but it’s “Enjoy life” inscription on the inside is a perfect reminder every day.

The Best Gifts For Cyclists - Top 10 Items for Bicycle Enthusiasts
The Best Gifts for Cyclists –

4.   Salad Plate: The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a barbeque with family and friends. These plates are a festive and fun way to celebrate Independence Day and your love of bicycles. If you really want to roll with that theme, this website also has matching pasta bowls, platter, spatula, apron, kitchen towels, and napkin rings.

5.  Bicycle Multi-Tool: This stainless steel bike-shaped multi-tool with carabiner looks pretty impressive. It seems like a great idea, after all, you never know when you might need a 1-inch ruler or a signal mirror. Seriously, though, every bicyclist needs a bottle opener after a good ride. It might not be the most functional item on our list, but you’ll definitely look like a hardcore bicyclist with this thing clipped to your bag.

6.  CoastersAfter you realize that your bike-shaped multi-tool is only good for its looks and for opening bottles, you might need a spot for your drink. These rugged coasters fit that bill nicely. They are constructed of reclaimed bike chain and bamboo, making them functional, attractive, and environmentally friendly.

The Best Gifts For Cyclists

7.  Family Bike Glassware: If rugged is not your thing, then check out this super cute glassware! These glasses are especially perfect for your family of bicyclists, as each glass is completely customizable. You can even request that your cat, dog, fish or bird be pictured on your bike with you. The family that rides together eats together, too. So, set these out on the dinner table and enjoy reminiscing about all your favourite rides.

8.  Pizza Cutter: Speaking of dinner… does your family love pizza? If yes, you definitely need a bicycle pizza cutter to serve up your next dish. This decorative pizza cutter has its own stand, so not only is it functional, it’ll look cool on your counter, too.

9.  Bracelet: A piece of jewellery can be a simple and fun way to show off any obsession. This bracelet features a simple metal bike bordered by a double strand of leather-type cord. It is simple, and earthy, and says exactly what you want to say.

The Best Gifts for Cyclists
The Best Gifts for Cyclists – Bracelet available at

10.  Pillowcase: Ok, this doesn’t even seem possible, but this pair of pillowcases is adorable. It could be the perfect wedding gift for a bicycling couple or a fitting memento of a honeymoon in New York City with your Central Park bike rental.

We hope you found something on our list that you’ll love to use while sharing your enthusiasm for bicycles at the same time.  We also hope you’re geared up for a new biking adventure. “Drumroll, please!  That was our top 10 pick,” said Jennifer Li, Bike Rental Central Park.  Just remember that nothing beats the real thing–a bike ride.”

Thank you so much for sharing your cool ideas with us, Jennifer!

Klaudia xx


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