How To Find The Perfect Present – 5 Cool Gift Ideas You Need To Jump On !

 How To Find The Perfect Present

 5 cool gift ideas you need to jump on!

How to find the perfect present, the same dilemma year after year. If your best friend has a birthday coming up, you’re probably already busy planning a big surprise for her. If you’ve known her for quite some time already, you might have gotten stuck in a birthday present rut. Do you keep on getting her the same present every year? If so, it is certainly time to change that up. Forget the usual flowers and chocolate this time around. Here are five cool gift ideas you need to jump on.


How To Find The Perfect Present

As Marilyn Monroe once sang, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ So you can be sure that your friend will be delighted if she opens a new necklace or bracelet. When you are shopping for your bestie’s new piece of jewelry, you will find lots of different styles on offer. Try to pick one that suits her usual look. If you aren’t too sure, ask her partner for advice. Many people are put off from buying jewelry as a present as it can be expensive. The best way to find a good deal is to direct buy online at stores like ELF925.



Loads of people love cheese! This fantastic dairy food is great when paired with a glass of red wine or served on a platter with crackers and a selection of other cheeses. As this delicious food is becoming very popular, especially as a present, you can now find gift boxes of it in the shops. Some even come complete with a small bottle of wine or port. If your friend is a cheese lover, she’ll love being able to taste a different type on her birthday!

How To Find The Perfect Present
If your friend is a cheese lover, she’ll love being able to taste different types of cheese on her birthday

Experience Days

Has your best friend ever wanted to indulge in a spa day? Or maybe she’d like to do something a bit more active like a fun helicopter ride? Whatever is on her bucket list, you’ll be sure to tick it off by booking her an experience day. These fun days out are fantastic ways to create some forever memories. You may even be able to do something together, fancy taking part in a tandem skydive?!


A Meal Out

Another great gift for foodies, your friend might enjoy a slap-up meal at their favourite restaurant. You could even go one better and send her and her other half off to one of the fancy Michelin-starred restaurants! It will give the two of them a chance to spend some time away from the kids together. You could even offer to be the babysitter for the evening.

 How To Find The Perfect Present
How’s about posh Michelin starred restaurants? You could even offer to be the babysitter for the evening.

Keepsakes and Mementos

 If your friendship has stood the test of time, you will no doubt have a lot of happy memories together. One awesome gift idea is to collect all these memories and present them as a keepsake or memento. You could put together a scrapbook or photo album to commemorate all the fun times you’ve had together. Another great keepsake is an inscribed decorative object, like a photo frame or ornament. This gives your friend something to display to show how strong your bond is.

How To Find The Perfect Present

Be creative, ask around if you are not sure. Family and friends are the best advisors if you’re not sure how to find the perfect present. I hope, I could inspire you with these cool gift ideas. Thanks a lot for reading, please don’t hesitate to tell us about your creative gift ideas, rather than flowers and chocolate.

Now, where did that wrapping paper get to?

How To Find The Perfect Present
How To Find The Perfect Present – 5 cool gift ideas by


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