Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas For The Small Wallet

 Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts - Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas
Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts –©

 Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas For The Small Wallet

Christmas is fast approaching. We’re all getting caught in the seasonal magic of Christmas lights, mulled wine and mince pies, love is all around. Christmas carols everywhere, oh such wonderful Yuletide cheer. Frantic last minute present buying in sticky crowded stores. Ho Ho Ho, shout out to the Happy Holiday Season. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Christmas markets are wonderful events where you can find gifts and great presents for everyone for just a few euros (or dollars). But! Make sure to keep your senses together and go steady on that gorgeous smelling mulled wine, Christmas markets are popular for being really pricey on beverages and snacks! Here are some inexpensive ideas for your Christmas market shopping day.  

   1. Candles

I believe every woman loves candles. Candles make thoughtful gifts for every occasion, you can’t go wrong with a nice looking and smelling candle. Give the gift of fragrance without spending money on expensive perfumes. You will find good quality candles for less than 20,-€. If you’re looking for something truly outstanding, have a look at Kaarsen Deluxe on FaceBook. You can purchase all candles online, prices are from 5,- to 25,-€  These candles are not available in stores since they are all handmade and unique. 

   2. Knitwear

I am so happy to see knitting getting popular again. I love knitting, it’s relaxing and distracting and you can watch the result of your own creativity growing in your hands. If it’s a jumper or just a simple straight scarf or a pair of gloves, it will be at any rate an unique item made with love for a special person, and that is priceless. Buy thick wool and fairly thick needles and within 2 afternoons you’ll be wrapping up a unique, precious handmade Christmas gift.

   3. Gingerbread & Cookies

Christmas time is Gingerbread time. These Gingerbread cans are so pretty and a bit nostalgic, don’t you love using them after you finished the cookies for storing all your bits and bobs? Of course, you can use one of your own empty tins if you’ve got a pretty spare one, and fill it with your own homemade cookies .. what a sweet gift! 

Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts - frugal Christmas gift Ideas
Frugal Christmas gift ideas by

   4. A Decorative Nutcracker

Be honest, have you not used a knife, hammer or even your fists (ouch) last year when you came home with walnuts and then realized, shhhugarrr … I have got no nutcracker. I still haven’t got one and most likely I won’t have one next year either. If only somebody would get me one, one like these pretty wooden dudes.

Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts - frugal Christmas gift Ideas
Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts –

   5. Pretty DIY Flower Arrangements

Go out and get inspired by nature, there are so many little pretty things to find that you can use to create your own DIY arrangements. Look for spices, peels, and shells… grab anything that smells aromatic such as cinnamon, star anise or pinecones. Be creative, follow your senses and arrange a stunning piece of your own taste.

Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts  -©
Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts  –©

If you don’t know how to start, have a look at Alex’s video and learn how to make a nice fall arrangement. 

Whether you’re a floral pro or a novice designer, with a bit of phantasy and creativity it’s no big deal to create a cool fall centerpiece with mother nature’s ingredients.

Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts -©
Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts –©

6. Personalized Glasses 

A nice wine glass makes every wine taste much better, there are different shapes for white, rosè and red wine. A good quality glass can be quite pricey, but you don’t have to necessarily buy a set of 6 glasses. How about just one or two pretty champagne glasses and getting the recipient’s name engraved? You can use any nice shaped cheap glasses for that, I wouldn’t go for an expensive and probably too thin one.

When I came up with those lovely engraved wine glasses for my friends years ago, I had them engraved by a jeweller. It was only a few euros to get that done, less than a tenner. But in times and days of ‘tutorial mania’ here’s a YouTube video, how to engrave glass yourself.

How gorgeous are these! Engrave the names instead of ‘bride & groom’ and you’ve got a very personal, unique and stunning Christmas gift for your friends.

Best last minute christmas gifts

   7. Premiere Tickets

Is there a new hot movie running up soon or the new musical tour comes to town? Don’t be too unselfish, get two tickets and have that great night out together that’s overdue since… too long. 

   8. The Obligatory Voucher

Last but not least… I know, I know, a voucher has got this overwhelming ‘didn’t do much effort tang’ but you’ll be always on the safe side with giving a voucher. Especially if you don’t know a person well enough to guess what exactly meets their tastes. To be honest, sometimes I would have preferred a boring voucher! Some people’s creativity when it comes to choosing presents can be amazing at times. I hope you could find something interesting or inspiring for yourself in this post. Don’t overdo things, keep calm, it’s only Christmas!

Have a fantastic time yourself,



Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts - Frugal Christmas gift Ideas -
Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts  –©


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6 years ago

Gingerbread is my favorite. One of the reasons why I love Christmas is the gingerbread and cookies <3

6 years ago

[…] Last minute holiday gifts for the small wallet are at this post. […]

gail easton
gail easton
6 years ago

its only a month too soon but today i grabbed the chocolate advent calendars and tree decorations as last year they were all gone by december! as for gifts well i have ideas when i see something then forget! hate fibro fog lol