Men’s Style Guide 2019/20 – 5 Menswear Brands You Should Know Right Now

Men’s Style Guide 2019/20

5 Menswear Brands You Should Know Right Now

To achieve the nonchalance of style, a man should go after what looks good on him and not what the trends dictate. This is absolutely true for female fashion, too although the men’s world tends to differ in a sense that – a man should treat dressing well as a form of good manners – and what is a man without good manners?

Men's Style Guide
Men’s Style Guide 2019/20 by Peter Minkoff 

“Looking good is a form of self-respect, and everyone should approach fashion with that intent”

For everyone who is looking to up their game the upcoming season, I am giving you a list of five fabulous-proofed brands worthy of our attention.

Thread Etiquette

Men's Style Guide
Men’s Style Guide 2019/20 – Thread Etiquette for timeless elegance

A man who knows who he is will embrace this brand’s wit, elegance and attention for detail in a blink. Sure, a watch or a good wrist bracelet will forever hold a special spot in the accessories world but when we are looking for timeless elegance and a brand that has no competition on the current market, we’ll turn to Thread Etiquette. No hesitation needed.

Ruben Galarreta

Men's Style Guide

A high-end fashion brand that knows no gender oozes with a perfect balance of creative prints, easy-to-wear separates and richly embellished pieces. Wearing the brand takes you to a different level, for sure.

The brand itself is very assertive as it is elegant; you can witness a hint of streetwear combined with the luxurious pieces that are styled up and packed perfectly into fiery outfits.

Men's Style Guide
Men’s Style Guide 2010/20

Created by Spanish designer Ruben Galarreta, the eponymous label combines cutting-edge technology with clean cuts and bold embroideries, fusing Eastern and Western influences sublimely.

The label is available in high-end boutiques all over the world: Madrid, London, Paris, Doha, Dubai, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Men's Style Guide
Men’s Style Guide 2019/20


A wordplay on “dare”, the label is a true epitome of the word itself – DAIR highlights the necessity of fashion to visually express your true identity, making you stand out and be different.

Men's Style Guide
Dare to be extravagant – but only in faux fur, please!

What I particularly adore about DAIR is that the brand’s fashion translates into all cultures and sizes, different silhouettes and materials for the purpose of emphasizing the beauty of equality and acceptance. You’ll find some amazing pieces with this brand and definitely stand out wearing them!

Plùs Que Ma Vìe

Born in Milan and Venice in June 2013, this miscellaneous Prêt-à-Porter brand is on a constant outlook for new formal solutions.

Plùs Que Ma Vìe, as seen at the Paris fashion week, aims to create a new collective imagination, characterized by minimalism, concept design, and clean lines

Wearing Plùs Que Ma Vìe will feel like you’ve said goodbye to the stereotype of classic menswear and have embraced a whole new identity of original elegance, free of expressive boundaries.

Men's Style Guide
Men’s Style Guide 2019/20

The Brand focuses on futurity, without neglecting sartorial elegance of classic apparel and the formalism of classic elegant wear. While it may sound a bit snobbish, the truth is that the brand targets customers in the age range of 25 to 40, who are “wealthy and belonging to the upper medium social class”. Oh well.

Men's Style Guide

Out of many collaborations and showings, I fell in love with the Oxymoron show at Serbia Fashion Week in April 2015, New Venice (the SS16 collection) at Spring Up Showroom in June 2015 and later in October 2015, at Ningbo Fashion Week. The brand sports some amazing, unsullied pieces that, despite the dominant colour being black, manage to retain a particular freshness about them.


A product of British street culture, A-Cold-Wall is one of those brands you have to have an inner edge to wear. Birthed out of the representation of clashing worlds separated by class & environment, the clothes by the brand are powerful pieces that could easily be treated as a social commentary on the ongoing affairs.

Creators of the brand explain that “tendencies found throughout the underclass & youth that parallel extended taste palettes and educated arrangements of the upper section of society. Ideas take form as product beneficial & supportive to both avenues of culture” We need to know nothing more to fall in love with this brand completely.

Many thanks to Peter Minkoff for this outlook on Men’s Style & Fashion Trends 2019/20

Peter Minkoff is a fashion stylist and a writer located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from the Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a trend forecaster and a stylist for a few fashion events in Brisbane. Besides fashion, he loves reading, cooking exotic meals and travelling around tropical destinations. He plans to create his personal fashion business for style advice. Peter is the Editor in Chief @

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For one who goes the fashion way interms of styling a few feiends I would say these are massive collections and well detailed. Various choice to make from here as these represent different ocasions for its purpose. Well written and images used are well represemted.



Malaika Fernandes

Never heard about any of the brands that you have mentioned in your post. Simply in love with A Cold Wall clothing line it is amazing. The jumper with the matching scarf ooze sexiness that no words could do justice too


I can see the different styles of the menswear based on the countries their designers are from. I can recognise the British “cold weather” elegant style from the A-Cold-Wall and the fun Balcanik style from Oxymorom. Very interesting trends for next year, I am looking forward to seeing them on the streets.


I didn’t know most of these brands. But I love reading about it and learning more about the identity of the brands. When I check this out, I really like Dair. Just love the name already! And I like it that they have a philosophy: To visually express your true identity. I really like that and agree. I like Plùs Que Ma Vìe as well. Saying goodbye to stereotypes sounds good!

ree love30
ree love30

I’m loving thread etiquette, love how big and simple the watch face is. And I love what Dair is all about! Be extravagant, be you!! And yes to faux fur please, glad it promotes that instead of real . Ree Love30

Jasmin N

These brands looks so cool! There was a few I haven’t even heard of before. I should definitely check them out & keep an eye on something I’d like to get for J for Christmas.


Thanks for this. I’m the least fashionable person I know and when my husband starts asking for fashion advice I’m all “…..” 🙂 Now I can actually help!