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Tips On How To Turn Your Home Into The Relaxation Center It Should Be

Whether you work from home or not, you should have plenty of areas within your house that provide the relaxation you need after a hard day. Life can be pretty stressful at times so having a routine that helps you to destress is essential. You should have dedicated spaces at home where you can achieve some inner peace as well as some quiet time alone. No matter how busy or how big your family is, ‘me’ time is still essential. Where do you go for a personal ‘time out?’

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♣ The Bedroom – How to Get a Good Night of Sleep

  • How to get a good night of sleep considering that sleep cycles are repeated about five times per night. If you calculate that each one is approximately ninety minutes, this can add up to roughly seven and a half hours each night. Not many of us are in bed for that long, let alone actually asleep! The five cycles are similar but differ in length. The last cycle will often be more ‘dreamy’ than the earlier ones, which is why you may often find you are waking up from a dream in the morning.

  • To sleep really well every single night, try a strict routine that you never break. This helps your body and mind fall into a natural cycle. Triggers for relaxation and sleep might include a warm bath, a chapter of your favourite book, and brushing your teeth. Doing the same thing every night really does help. If you also do the same things as a routine during the day, this can also aid your body and mind with relaxation later in the evening.
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories For a Good Quality Night of Sleep
  • You might choose to take a brisk walk twice a day out in the fresh air during daylight hours. Daylight is very important to our natural rhythms and can have an effect on the metabolism. The blue light from electronic devices including your TV and phone might closely resemble daylight. It can confuse your brain into reacting as if it is daytime, not bedtime. Try to avoid using screens like this as you go to bed.
  • The bed you sleep on should be of good quality that will support the comfort of your body for the full night. If you become uncomfortable, you might wake and need to roll over or move. This obviously interrupts those all-important sleep cycles. Instead, pick a bed with a mattress that will keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Check reviews online at sites like https://www.bestbedsboutique.com/best-mattress-good-sleep-2016/ to see which brands are most highly recommended. If you have a choice, go for bigger bedroom comforter sets, so you have space to stretch out too.
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories For a Good Quality Night of Sleep
Home Comfort Furniture – Bigger Bedroom Comforter Sets For More Space To Stretch Out
  • The decor in your bedroom can also go a long way to helping you relax. It’s considered best to use your bedroom only for sleeping. This means a calming colour like blue or lilac could be ideal. Avoid using mirrors that catch the lights. Blackout blinds can be a good idea if cars regularly pass by your house in the night. If you live somewhere with a particularly early dawn, it will also help you sleep through the extra light outside for a more sensible wake-up time. If you read in bed before going to sleep, use a soft, warm coloured bedside light.

♣ Living Room Design Ideas to Create The Most Relaxing Room in The House

  • Your living room might be the place where all the family meets up in the evening to chat and watch TV. It might also be the space in which you entertain your guests. This doesn’t mean you can’t make this room more relaxing. A thick, plush carpet or rug is perfect for your bare feet. The texture actually stimulates the skin, yet comforts and relaxes us at the same time. Seating should be soft and comfortable. The more it supports your body, the more comfortable you’ll be. Remember, you may be sitting here for a couple of hours at a time.
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories – klaudiascorner.net
  • Don’t position your TV too high on the wall, as it will cause your head to tilt back, putting extra pressure on the neck. If you have a recliner chair, you might want to consider the best eye-line height to suit your seated position. Recliners are great as they allow you to get your feet up and support your neck and head too. They’re not so great for your posture or your circulation though. Try to use them in short bursts for a quick relaxation method. Achy muscles may not thank you for sitting still here for too long. Instead, try stretches and gentle movements. These can be incredibly relaxing!

Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories

  • An open fireplace with a roaring fire can also promote relaxation. This isn’t entirely practical all year round though! Of course, if you can take the heat, the warmth helps you to destress and feel sleepy. Many people prefer gas burners as they are more controllable. If you don’t like the idea of naked flames, then watching a video or simulation of a real fire can also promote that feeling of relaxation. Add some soft music, quiet conversation, and you may be feeling much better in just twenty minutes.

♣ New Kitchen Designs & Ideas 

  • If you work from home, cooking a full meal for the family can be quite a lot easier to do. You just step out of your home office into your kitchen and off you go. Unfortunately, the reality of managing a household is that the work never seems to end. There is always something to tidy and something to clean. There is always a meal to cook! If you’re finding that life has got busier than you can reasonably cope with, use some cheats in the kitchen to make it all a bit easier.
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories For Some Cheats In The Kitchen
  • Start with the cleaning. A dishwasher is the perfect place to store the dirty dishes and will bring them to a perfect clean without you getting your hands wet. A robot vacuum can get on with your floors and find its own way back to the charging base. It might even be quite enough to get on with it during the night if you forget to send it off beforehand. Batch cooking once or twice a week means you have extra portions waiting in the freezer if time gets away from you another night. Just reheat it in the microwave in minutes. No cooking, and very little cleaning to do on those nights!
Home Comfort Furniture
image  Home Comfort Accessories & Little Helper
  • To keep the kitchen tidy and clean, it’s best to have a proper place for everything. Keep the clutter at bay with adequate storage spaces and cupboards. There is something quite relaxing about seeing clear kitchen worktops. If you can adopt the same approach in each of the kids’ rooms and the living room too, you’ll soon be feeling clutter free, and a lot less stressed.

♣ Bathroom Decorating Ideas to Celebrate the Perfect Retreat After a Long Day

  • This can be the most stressful and the most relaxing room in the house. Yes, it is a horrible space to clean. But it can be home to the most wonderful ways to relax. Your bathtub is the best place to take some ‘me’ time each evening. If you add a jet spa to the tub, then you can let the bubbles massage and cleanse you as you lay there and drift away. Add a bathroom TV, and you can catch up on your favourite soap, or even get through a whole movie if you don’t mind turning into a prune!
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories
image  Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories To Unwind At The End Of The Day
  • Hot showers are also a wonderful way to unwind at the end of the day. They soothe the muscles, and mentally prepare you for the next part of your day. Feeling clean and fresh is a wonderful way to shake off a bad day too. Add some scented foam wash and a couple of candles to make this time feel even more luxurious. Go ahead and spoil yourself.

♣ Garden Design Ideas To Make Your Mind Drift Away 

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful garden, then why not get out there and enjoy it a little more often? Floral displays that let your mind drift away can be very good for relieving stress. The scents and aromas of the garden can also encourage you to breathe more deeply, oxygenating the blood.
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories
Home Comfort Furniture For The Garden
  • Daily fresh air is essential to good health. If you can add some safe sunshine to the mix, then you might also be helping the chemicals in your brain do a good job for a good night of sleep later on.
  • Relaxing in the garden can be enjoyed in many ways. You might like to tend to your flowers, removing the weeds and clutter that get in the way of their beauty. Perhaps you like to practice Tai Chi, meditation, or Yoga? The garden is an excellent place to do all three.
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories For Your Garden Design Ideas
  • Just sitting still and listening to the wildlife all around you can be enough to shed a bad day and relax. Maybe you want to buy a hot tub or place a fountain in the garden? Either way, the water can help clear your mind and relax your body.
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories
Home Comfort Furniture & Accessories – Buy a Hot Tub or Place a Fountain in the Garden

Your home should be the perfect escape from any bad day. It should be the place where you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Try to design your rooms to help relieve your stress. And keep your home office separate, and don’t go back in there at the end of the day!

Now sit back, and enjoy.

Cheerio Klaudia



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