How To Focus On Yourself – The Important Concept of ‘Treat Yo Self Day’

How To Focus On Yourself 

The Important Concept of ‘Treat Yo Self Day’

First off, let’s explain that title. Have you ever watched Parks and Recreation on tv? If not, you should. If so, then you’ll be well aware of the episode in which the characters explain the important concept of Treat Yo Self. Basically, you need to take one day a year to celebrate Treat Yo Self Day. Go out and buy yourself something that you would never usually purchase, and pamper yourself too. Have a lunch that you wouldn’t usually splash out on, and make sure you relax for the entire evening instead of running around folding laundry like you usually would.

How To Focus On Yourself
image   The Important Concept of ‘Treat Yo Self Day’  –

Once you’ve got Treat Yo Self Day down, you’ll find yourself looking forward to it for the whole of the rest of the year. And that’s why I’d advise you to extend it all the way into Treat Yo Self Life. Of course, you can’t do it every day – that would be ridiculous, not to mention incredibly expensive! But there are definitely little ways that you can treat yourself in your everyday life…


 Your Hair

How to have healthy hair? One of the best ways you can feel good about yourself is to have healthy beautiful hair. Getting it trimmed every six weeks might seem excessive but the truth is that it keeps you looking sharp and fresh, particularly if you have a shorter haircut – there’s nothing more unpleasant than feeling your hair get more and more limp and lank as it grows out of its style. If you’re going to an event, you don’t need a haircut – instead, try splashing out on a blowout. This will give your hair body and volume and at the same time, it won’t cost you a fortune. Remember to be clear and direct with your stylist if you know what you want – you’re paying them for a service and to get what you want, not to let them experiment on your hair!

How To Focus On Yourself
How To Focus On Yourself 

Your Skin

Even if you buy affordable drugstore makeup, it’s always worth splashing out on good quality skincare like Not only will it make your face feel incredible but it’ll also make your cheaper makeup look like it cost a million dollars. Make sure you go to a beauty counter and talk to the skincare specialist there about what products exactly would suit your skin – if you have oily skin then you could try out a gel moisturiser, and if you have dry skin then you want to look for products that are particularly intensely moisturising.

Toners can be great for your skin but be aware that they can strip away your natural oils. Make sure that you take off your makeup every night before you go to bed – maybe you can get away with one night once in a while but you’ll definitely notice more flaws and blemishes if you keep it up! If you want to treat yourself by splashing out on makeup products then go for expensive brushes and foundation rather than any other makeup – once your base is perfect, the rest is mostly just decoration.

How To Focus On Yourself
How To Focus On Yourself – The Important Concept of ‘Treat Yo Self Day’ 


 Your Style

If you really want to look good then you should try splashing out on a few key fashion pieces that make you feel beautiful. Don’t focus on covering up your flaws – instead, highlight the things that you love about your body. If you want to let a flowing dress cover your stomach, that’s fine – but don’t be too wary of short skirts that show off your incredible legs! With many items of clothing, quality really does matter – with bags, boots, jeans and jackets, it’s worth spending a little more money for something that fits you perfectly and that might just end up lasting forever. Good quality leather will last a lot longer than cheap plastic and it’ll also be in far better condition after a year or two.

How To Focus On Yourself


 Your Fitness

One of the best ways that you can treat yourself is to take care of yourself. If you’ve never really done it before then have faith – 2017 is your year and you can use it to make yourself feel beautiful! If you want to splash out, why not go for a gym membership with a personal trainer? You might not think you need one but they’ll show you how to work the machines in a way that’s safe for you, and they’ll also help you create a workout routine that’s perfect for your skills and abilities and for what you want to achieve with your body. If you don’t fancy going to the gym just yet then indulge yourself with time to focus on getting healthy – spend an afternoon every weekend taking a long walk, or meet a friend once a week to go to a yoga class. Feeling your body getting stronger and stronger is one of the biggest treats of all.

How To Focus On Yourself
Try creating a workout routine that’s perfect for your skills and abilities 


 Your Diet

Treat yourself to good food. The occasional convenient dinner or corner store snack won’t kill you, but let’s face it – you’re worth more than a load of additives and empty calories. Learn to cook food from fresh – if you’re not sure where to begin then why not try out a cooking class to learn some basic dishes that you can start to experiment with and deviate from? Organic food will automatically taste better, and you’ll also find that if you go fair trade free range organic with your meat then not only will it taste much fresher and more delicious but you’ll also completely eat guilt free!

How To Focus On Yourself
How To Focus On Yourself – 


 Your Home

If you want your home to look good there are a few items that it’s worth spending some cash on – and they are generally to do with how comfortable you are. It’s easy to make your home look good with cheap objects, but feel good? Not so much. Make sure that your bedsheets are soft and that they have a high thread count, and ensure that your couch is the most comfortable one that you could find.

Update your insulation so your home is toasty warm during the winter, add a heated towel rack to your bathroom, and put a cozy rug on the floor next to your bed so you have something warm to bury your toes in first thing in the morning. It’s the little things that matter most.

How To Focus On Yourself
How To Focus On Yourself – It’s ‘Treat Yo Self Day’


Your Friendships

In this life there is little that’s more important to savour than your friendships let’s face it, your friends are the ones who’ll be there with you when you’re all in the same nursing home, sneaking gin and tonics and finally having all the time in the world to gossip about everyone else who isn’t quite as great as you guys. However, as you all have kids and focus more on your families then it’s easy to let your friends drift away. It’s important to make sure that you devote time to them in your life and treat yourself to a little ‘you’ time. Make sure that your partner’s home to take care of your kids at least once every two weeks so that you can go out for a nice dinner with your girlfriends. If you’re a stay at home mom it’s essential to make sure that you have plenty of adult conversation away from your family – it’ll feel great and it’ll clear your mind.

How To Focus On Yourself
How To Focus On Yourself – The Important Concept of ‘Treat Yo Self Day’ 

 Your Kids

You probably feel like you spend half your life with your kids, but sometimes it’s worth taking some time out to just be with them instead of shuttling them from place to place and different activities. Take them out one at a time to an activity that he or she is bound to love – the farm, a museum, or maybe their first ever art gallery visit. Treat yourself to some time enjoying your kids’ developing personalities instead of simply being their mother. They’ll flourish and bloom under a little extra attention and you’ll be even more proud than you already are of your family. After all, you should remember that there’s nothing more important or treasured than spending your time on someone.

How To Focus On Yourself
How To Focus On Yourself – The Important Concept of ‘Treat Yo Self Day’

 Your Relationship

If you’re in a relationship, it’s important to savour it and to make sure that your partner knows how much he means to you. Your life may be increasingly busy since you had kids but it’s important to make sure that you have date nights and that you spend time talking to each other about subjects that aren’t your family or your children – you fell in love with each other for a reason that wasn’t your kids, after all, and you need to make sure that you keep that magic alive through your whole marriage. Make sure that he doesn’t feel like he’s the only one who ever plans out date nights you should treat him every once in a while, whether it’s booking a table at that hip pop-up restaurant that he’s been desperate to go to or lighting candles at your dinner table at home to add a little romance. Your relationship is absolutely worth spending a little extra time on.

How To Focus On Yourself
How To Focus On Yourself – The Important Concept of ‘Treat Yo Self Day’

I hope, you enjoyed reading my humble thoughts on how to focus on yourself! Bear in mind, we have got only ONE life. Start right now celebrating your Treat Yo Self Day and extend it slowly all the way to Treat Yo Self Life!

Take good care of yourself!


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6 years ago

Hi Klaudia,
Thank you for sharing these motivational tips on how to treat yourself every day. I value my life, very much and I am treating myself always.Live, Laugh, Love ^_^.

Shari Eberts
7 years ago

Such great advice! And many of these are pretty simple to do. Thanks for the reminder.