How to Look Attractive And Feel Confident In The Summertime…

How to Look Attractive And Feel Confident  

In the summertime when the weather is high…

Make this Summer the Summer of your Health Resurgence

Everyone wishes to feel healthy during summer. It’s the season where all of our insecurities are laid bare in the summer heat. The unfortunate tendency for people to wear little clothing during the summer months means that we usually find it difficult to cover up our flaws and instead have to risk wearing less clothing, which threatens to expose us and make us feel vulnerable.

How to Look Attractive And Feel Confident  
Life is too short to be worried about insecurities …

If you read that previous paragraph and could relate to it, that’s quite sad. Why should you feel like that? Life is too short to be worried about insecurities, and if you are genuinely concerned about how to look attractive and how you present yourself, why not work on it?

Humans have almost unlimited potential, and like anything, your body can be trained to look better no matter who you are. Here’s the secret: looking great and having the most aesthetic body isn’t the key to looking great. Feeling confident and comfortable within yourself is. Some incredibly attractive people are overweight, and there are extremely unattractive individuals who pass the test of physical beauty by visual standards thoroughly.

How to Look Attractive And Feel Confident  
How to look attractive and be confident in your skin…  –©

However, just because feeling confident in your skin is paramount, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your health. You can look good and be confident while overweight, but this doesn’t mean you should, or that you can justify your extra pounds. You should take any means necessary to help improve your health, if only for the reason that your life will feel better during every moment of the day. But how to look attractive and improve your wellbeing if you don’t know where to start, and beginning a fitness or healthy diet to lose weight in the blistering summer heat might sound like too big an ask. It needn’t be. You need to implement.


How to Look Attractive And Feel Confident In The Summertime...

Running, yoga, stretching, a team sport, weightlifting or even completing bodyweight exercises in your room can help you build a better, stronger and more athletic body. No one is asking you to be an Olympian hero. But you do owe it to yourself to find a program and to stick to it, one that you will realistically keep on top of.


Health isn’t only physical. You neglect your mental development at your own risk. Reading challenging books, or simple books around topics you love can help you become a better person and more understanding of all of the numerous perspectives that make up a human life.

How to Look Attractive And Feel Confident In The Summertime...
How to look attractive and feel great in the summertime –©

Diet & Supplementation

Eat a nutritious, healthy diet. If you’re exercising, which should take you around 3 hours a week at the very least, it’s important to get 1 lb of protein per pound of your bodyweight. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, fatty items like coconut or healthy fish, and brown (preferably wholemeal) complex carbohydrates. These can keep you feeling happy and healthy in your skin for longer.

How to Look Attractive And Feel Confident In The Summertime...

Supplement a healthy diet with calcium supplements that help increase bone strength –  fish oil, a multivitamin, vitamin D (up to 4000 UI’s for a healthy adult male) as well as plenty of water. Please, just to make that crystal clear, I am talking about natural supplements, I will never suggest any chemical power powder or pills!

These three objective improvements to the way you conduct your life can have profound effects on your entire life. But you’ll never know if you never try. Always remember to ask your doctor before ingesting any supplements or changing your diet radically.

Have a great Summer!

cheers Klaudia
How to Look Attractive And Feel Confident In The Summertime...
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