Pot Painting Designs To Die For – Let Yourself Be Enchanted By Nivious Arts

Pot Painting Designs To Die For

Let Yourself Be Enchanted By Nivious Arts

In mission ‘blog-post-inspiration-research’ I have recently come across this remarkable young lady behind Nivious Arts. Nivedita – her hand painted pots were truly outstanding and so very eye catching to me. These items are all unique and one for one handpainted. You can’t fail to see the love and passion for this art in every single piece she has painted.

Who is Nivedita?

I have messaged Nivedita and asked her if she would like the idea of me writing an article about her and her amazing talent … she did. And if she would like to tell a bit about herself… and so she did. What a lovely person she is, such a friendly lady.

Pot Painting Designs
Pot Painting Designs To Die For by Nivious Arts

“My love for colours started from the time I can remember. I have always tried new experiments in arts and colours. My biggest inspiration is my mother. She loves to beautify things and people (including me). It is from her I learned to see things not how they are, but how they could be.”

Pot Painting Designs
Let Yourself Be Enchanted By Nivious Arts

“Never had a chance of attending any professional classes as we were shifting places constantly. Eventually, I was busy with so many other things that I never gave any thought about art. Though I professionally pursued to become a lecturer of law. When I finished my Masters (LLM) I didn’t continue into that profession, as I wanted to be a full-time mum to my dear son who is 6 years now.”

Pot Painting Designs
Pot Painting Designs by Nivious Arts

“This was the time I started to rediscover myself. I started experimenting with arts again. I fell in love with photography, I made jewellery, I started writing blogs.”

Pot Painting Designs

“Once I wanted to gift something different to my family and friends for new year. Which led me to consider different styles of art, the painting on bottles caught my fancy. But bottles didn’t interest me as much as the painting did. I wanted to apply those colours to a different medium.”

Pot Painting Designs

“That’s when one day these decorative terracotta pots caught my eye and immediately I bought like 10 of them. For two days I didn’t do anything, just kept staring at it. And once I started painting, I got hooked.”

Pot Painting Designs

“When I gave those pots as gifts, everyone loved it so much. More than my friends I was in its trance, so I got new pots and painted on them, gave away most of them as gifts. My friends encouraged me to open a page for it and soon people were interested in it and it grew up to become an art business.”

Pot Painting Designs

Last week Nivedita told me about her new project, the first workshop that took place last weekend. I’ve asked her to send some pictures over, please.

Pot Painting Designs – The First Workshop

Thanks to all participants for approval of publication of the images!

If you love those pieces as much as I do and you would like to purchase anything from Nivious Arts  … oh, I almost forgot to mention the incredible prices! The small items start at 5,00$ .. yes 5,- US dollar !..  plus shipping goes without saying.

Please contact Nivedita via her FB- business page   Nivious Arts 

 email: niviousarts@gmail.com

This looks like great times ahead, Nivedita. Thanks for the collaboration and good luck with your upcoming projects!
Kudos  Klaudia

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I don’t really have pots in my house. But I must say I really like these. They look awesome. And very colorful. My sister ‘dots’ things I like that as well. These pots looks great and loved to hear more about her story. It’s ot just the pot but the also the creativity you’re getting!


Wow. Her talent is exquisite. From jewelry making to photography to pottery, she’s like a supermom! Painting pottery has not yet become popular here although there are some who practice it. I just wish art will be seen as a different thing not just a hobby. 🙂


what a beautiful form of art! The details were very intricate and you can clearly tell how much time and effort they offer to come up with such lovely masterpiece! I may not be as creative as her but I would love to try this art one day!

Mommy Anna

Thanks for sharing about her, I learned something new I admire her work. God gave her a unique talent, how I wish someday I can make those one also.

Jerwel De Perio

These designs are just amazing. I wish I have a knack for designing or painting any blank canvass.

Nilyn Matugas

Wow, those are amazing work of art! I haven’t tried painting a pot before. I don’t consider myself gifted when it comes to painting either, but I’d be very happy to try it out when I have the chance! 🙂 It looks really cool and wonderfully made!

Me-An Clemente

Nivedita is indeed gifted and really great with her craft. Her designs are really pleasing to the eyes. As affordable and good Nivious Arts is, shipping fees for me are a letdown. I prefer buying from her herself when I go to India. I’ll take note of this so I can buy from her as souvenirs for my loved ones.

Dominic Barrios

Because I am into photography, I love arts too. When I was in grade school, I loved drawing stuff but I think painting stuff in pots is way cooler. You get to do what you want and you get to earn from what you love doing. I guess one reason why any people would appreciate Nivedita’s pots as a gift is they know how personalized these handcrafted painted pots are and it’s being given to them personally. Loved this feature post just to get to know amazing people you meet along the way.


I hand it to Nividita. She is good at what she does and yes, those are really nice looking hand crafted pots. Beautiful designs and that’s the thing… A country like India, one of the long lasting civilizations, they have all these elaborate drawings, paintings and arts that are truly native to India and renowned all over the world for its beauty. Good job Claudia for the interview!

Roopa Satish
Roopa Satish

I know Nivedita and the wonderful talent she possess. Thanks to Klaudiascorner for intrdoucing her to the world 🙂 Our best wishes to Nivedita for all her new milestones.