Beauty Expert Juanita Dillard’s Reveals The Best Beauty Tips

How To Look Attractive

Without ‘Breaking The Bank Of America’

Beauty Expert Juanita Dillard Reveals The Best Beauty Tips

Today we’re crossing the pond and we are off shopping, girls!!

And the very best of all – one of the most remarkableHow To Look Attractive beauty experts of the US, Juanita Dillard (Talk Show Host, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Makeover Expert, Weight Loss Inspiration, Author, Columnist, Writer, Speaker, Advisor,The Beauty Files with Juanita Radio Show) is helping us saving a lot of dollars with the best beauty tips and hacks on how to look attractive from top to toe without spending silly money. Here we go …

Who is Juanita Dillard?
Juanita Dillard’s knowledge has been sought after by several mediums mostly television where she has done makeover shows, her own cosmetics line, a makeup artist temp service, low-calorie cooking segments, and consultation to busy executives. Her client list includes President Barrack Obama, President Bill Clinton, Vice President Gore, Bloomberg TV, Cathy Hughes, HBO, The Charlie Rose Show, Black Entertainment Television, MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine, Fox News and Miramax Films to name a few. Additionally, she has appeared on NewsChannel 8, Fox 5 and WBAL News 11 demonstrating makeup tips, how to look for an important event and her low-calorie cooking secrets.  from 

Most women think that looking good has to cost a lot of money. After all, celebrities in the US are constantly blowing thousands of dollars on dermal fillers, nose jobs, and chemical peels. But do you really have to empty your bank account just to look good? According to beauty expert Juanita Dillard, money isn’t everything when it comes to looking your best. Often you can get a high-end look for bargain basement prices. Here are some of her best tips on how to look attractive and buy for less.

How To Look Attractive
How to look attractive without breaking the bank of America –©

1. The Best Tooth Whitening Tip

If you’ve got super white teeth, many people will automatically make the assumption that you’ve got an expensive dentist and that you spend thousands of dollars looking after yourself. However, Dillard says that you don’t have to blow all your money at the dentist to get the look you want. So, what is the best way to whiten teeth at home? Instead, she recommends that women use Crest Whitening Strips which are $50 from the drugstore.

How To Look Attractive
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If $50 is too much of a stretch, she recommends making your own hydrogen peroxide toothpaste. Read here how easy you can make hydrogen peroxide toothpaste at home. This toothpaste will produce a temporary whitening effect Dillard says, although you need to be careful you don’t brush the enamel off the surface of your teeth. If you’re really stuck for money, she says that you can brush your teeth with strawberries. Is she joking?

2. Get Designer Clothes Discount Prices

Dillard says that there are more opportunities to save money than ever before on the high street, thanks in part to the internet. If you pick up a Century 21 coupon, you can often save as much as 25 percent off the purchase price – and that’s just one example. Practically every major clothing store offers discount codes over the internet you can use as you check out.

How To Look Attractive
Buy for Less – Try to Get Designer Clothes Discount Prices

Dillard also stated, if you’re in a pinch, try shopping around for ex-display items. These items usually appear in posh designer stores in the nicer parts of town. Often a dress that was priced at more than $500 can be on sale for as little as $90, just because it was used in the display.

3. Find a Cheaper Hairdresser

Hairdressers don’t make a lot of money. Usually, the lion’s share of the money you pay goes to the salon and then the hairdressers themselves get a basic rate. As a result, a lot of the money you pay at the salon is going towards the capital cost of the inventory, the sinks, all the mirrors, their massage chairs, the building itself.

image credit Mobile hairdressers are just as good but much cheaper 

Instead of going to the salon, find equally skilled mobile hairdressers who will travel to your home. These mobile hairdressers are often just as good but much cheaper than those at the salon, thanks to the fact that you don’t have to pay for all of the overheads. Instead of paying $125 for a wash and cut at the salon, you could pay as little as $10 or $20 according to Juanita.

4. Moisturize For Less

TV shopping channels might try to convince you that you need to spend a minimum of $50 to get a good moisturizer. But Dillard says that many good moisturizers can be had for $20 or less. Don’t buy from the magazines, she says. Save your money for high-quality makeup instead.


Wasn’t it nice to have a look at things from an ‘American point of view’ for a change? Did you notice any significant difference from pricing and shopping in Europe? Shopping is multiculti, and so is the art and culture of negotiating. Not only does it save you a lot of money, it can be great fun too. Why not make ‘Buy for Less’ your new hobby?

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