How To Look Fantastic In Affordable Activewear – Fit Fashion Trends 2017

How To Look Fantastic

In Affordable Activewear

How To Look Fantastic In Affordable Activewear

Fit Fashion Trends 2017

This world and its society are getting more and more competitive. To keep up with such competition every woman should focus on her body’s fitness. For some, it might be simple walking and running exercises while for others, it may mean many hours spent in fitness studios.

A good portion of motivation is mandatory in order to be truly devoted if you want to achieve your physical fitness goals. The first step to achieving physical fitness is choosing the perfect outfit. Looking fabulous in affordable activewear while exercising makes it a lot easier to stay motivated and conduct your fitness exercises effectively. 

How To Look Fantastic In Affordable Activewear
How to look fantastic in affordable activewear –

Sportswear and fitness outfits flood almost all stores that sell such items. You can find bras, shorts, to full fitness outfits in all colours and qualities. Here are some tips to follow when buying your fitness outfits.

You might have noticed …. yes, I am a fan of Fabletics outfits and no, unfortunately, I did not get any free pieces or ‘samples’ in order to say something nice about their stuff. I just love their outfits because, first of all, they look stunning and even more because they aren’t plastered with crocodiles or boomerangs or any other logo that you can spot from a mile away. But that might be just my personal eccentricity, I hate looking like a walking advertising banner.

How To Look Fantastic In Affordable Activewear
How to look fantastic in affordable activewear –

As a clever buyer, don’t fall victim to appealing advertisements. Many eye-catching ads and clips just offer costly brand clothes, while you can easily find a bargain if you do some online research and window shopping. Functionality, quality and price are three essential aspects to think about when acquiring your fitness clothing.

For example, you’re into Zumba or aerobic exercises. You can find a lot of suits that go along with this type of exercise. You can buy really cool pieces from any local department store or you can also check online if there are any offers, coupons or special deals. 

If you love doing yoga, you can also choose from a wide selection of women fitness clothing, such as tank tops and pants. Play with colour combinations so that you can get the most out of your existing items. Combine plain shorts with a patterned sports bra or tank top in vibrant colours. Women just love to dress up, and this not only to special occasions.

How To Look Fantastic
How to look fantastic in affordable activewear –

As you go through your fitness regime, you can easily observe any changes in your body if you wear the right fitting clothes. By seeing instantaneous outcomes, you will be more motivated to pursue your exercise goals. Wearing good form-fitting outfits will indicate whether your body’s in great shape or not.

If you prefer a tougher workout such as kettlebell training, make sure you’ll wear comfy outfits allowing you to ‘swing that ding’ like a pro. I would recommend to also invest in a pair of sports gloves to protect your hands from chafing.

How To Look Fantastic

Now, as you are almost complete outfit wise, get yourself some cool sneakers. As with any other shoes, you really should focus on quality. Nobody wants to end up with painful blisters after running. Thus, if you could find some great deals on your new fabulous fit fashion outfits, don’t be too tight on buying a good pair of sneakers. Your feet will thank you for that!

How To Look Fantastic
How to look fantastic in affordable activewear –

That’s the outfit sorted so far. Let’s have a very quick look at the perfect makeup and hairdo for your gym performances. Make sure you go for a waterproof eye makeup that will stay where it should be, even if the sweat starts dripping down your face. A good (tinted) moisturising day cream, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, a subtle blush and lipgloss should be all you are using.

How To Look Fantastic
Classic french braids & timeless plaits look really stunning 

Ideally, to round and finish up your new ‘fit fashion look’, style your long hair in classic and chic french braids or timeless plaits to look really stunning even when you’re working out hard.

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I think it’s a gift to make affordable things look like big money! And you rock it!!!


I love new active wear! It absolutely must be affordable, though! Great tips


I think as long as you feel good, are comfortable and you can be happy in your own skin, then that’s a good thing! Just get out there and move your body 🙂