Divorced Without Losing Your Mind

How To Get Divorced Without Losing Your Mind

~ by Christian Denmon ~

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Christian is a Tampa, Florida, Divorce Attorney. He is the founding partner of Denmon & Pearlman. A truly progressive firm, the firm offers fixed fee engagements, service guarantees, and a focus on picking the right process to lead to a principled settlement for the client. He lives in St. Petersburg with his Wife and two children.

How To Get Divorced Without Losing Your Mind

9 Possible Things to Expect During a Divorce

Complex case or not, coping with divorce is never easy. As such, you’ll need to go through some sort of onboarding process to know what’s coming at you. So what exactly happens during a divorce? Here are a few things you will experience when coping with a divorce:

1. Being afraid of the unknown is normal  You may start bargaining, thinking you can endure an unhappy marriage. You may also convince yourself that there are plenty of reasons not to split such as kids, finances, etc. You do this because you’re scared.

2. Prepare for a roller coaster of emotions  If this is your first time, know that mood swings during a divorce will never be the same as the ones you experienced. The pain, grief, confusion, fear, and desperation are usual feelings that are hard to avoid. The bright of all these is that you don’t realize it, but you’re bound to ease the weight on your shoulders.

How To Get Divorced Without Losing Your Mind
How to get divorced without losing your mind – klaudiascorner.net©

3. You’d need a support system  Your family and friends would want to protect you from the drawbacks of divorce, so most of them focus on the immediate payoff, instead of the whole situation in long term. While you need all the support that you can get, you want to be careful not to let them fuel things up. While accepting their support, don’t forget to ask professional input from divorce experts, such as an attorney, divorce coach, or mediator. For example, if you live in Tampa, Florida, you’d need the help of a Tampa Divorce Lawyer.

4. Disagreements are typical  During a divorce, ex-spouses rarely meets a common decision. The most typical scenario is one makes the decisions and the other had no choice but to go along. Nevertheless, such decisions need to be made in terms of parenting and financial aspects.

5. It’s okay to feel you’re at a disadvantage  Funny enough, both spouses can feel like they are at a disadvantage when trying to reach an agreement. As the process rolls out, things can get more frustrating. As a result, one may give everything just to get it over with.

6. Changes and more of it is yet to come  Your lifestyle, social behavior, and priorities are most likely to change on or after divorce. If you’re lucky to be in good terms with your ex and still in good speaking terms with them, there would be less negativity and stress as you end your marriage.

How To Get Divorced Without Losing Your Mind
How to get divorced without losing your mind – klaudiascorner.net©

7. The feeling of dislike towards your ex will not go away immediately  While it’s easy to share this dislike with your children, try not to. But even without children, it’s a great idea to channel your dislike through a series of therapy sessions rather than hanging on to a sequence of bitterness and anger.

8. Your children will be impacted in one way or another  Regardless of the age, divorce will have an impact on your little ones. However, how you deal with divorce can either reduce or increase the negativity that comes with it.

9. You’ll make mistakes, and that’s ok  A major change is going on with your life, so it’s perfectly fine to feel overwhelmed. As the process comes to a conclusion, you may find yourself dating again, and making mistakes — again. This doesn’t mean you should be hard on yourself, though. Learn from your failure and the things that didn’t work out. You may be surprised how divorce has made you wiser, stronger, and better overall.

How To Get Divorced Without Losing Your Mind
How to get divorced without losing your mind – klaudiascorner.net©

Easier said than done, but you have to take the little steps to be able to start coping with divorce. Aside from seeking legal advice from your Tampa Lawyers, it’s crucial to be your best self during the process to lessen the negative aspects that come with a breakup. Think of it as a positive turning point in your life. And you can ace it, definitely. Good luck! 

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How To Get Divorced Without Losing Your MindHow to get divorced without losing your mind – klaudiascorner.net©
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6 years ago

I should write a book on the divorce process for men, I was made an example of by a judge, living on peanuts since I was spending all my money with attorneys, and three years later I would do it all over again just because of the man it made me. I also would never start a blog :).

6 years ago

divorce is hard…I did it twice…with the same man. I believe in doing something till you get it right..LOL.. it has affected my life and my children lives….and I think it will forever.