How to Travel in Real Luxury – Indulge in Comfort & Splendour

How to Travel in Real Luxury

indulge in comfort & splendour

The concept of getting more value for your money is undeniably appealing. This has increased the popularity of budget vacations and budget travel. Still, some of us can’t seem to stop ourselves from travelling in style and luxury. After all, extra comfort is high on many people’s minds, whether it’s hiring a rental car for a work trip or unwinding to the maximum on a summer vacation. That said, below are some ideas from Carmen’s Luxury Travel to teach you how to travel in real luxury.

  • airport hacks to make your trip more enjoyable

Are you tired of standing in lines and being surrounded by people? Airports don’t have to be an unpleasant experience before your long-awaited vacation. Relaxing before boarding an aircraft, whether with relatives, friends or on business, is essential.

How to Travel in Real Luxury - Indulge in Comfort & Splendour
Airports don’t have to be an unpleasant experience before your long-awaited vacation…

That said, always take advantage of airport lounges. Don’t be tricked into believing you need a first-class ticket to access them. Simply make bookings online and relax for up to three hours before your flight in a spacious and private atmosphere.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll also enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks which you should take advantage of. After all, why not enjoy extra comfort if you’re going to spend time waiting to board your flight? Simply access the lounge and enjoy a cold drink or a delicious meal and travel when it’s time!

Most airport lounges are also child friendly with gaming consoles to keep the kids occupied while they wait. They also give a quiet setting to carry out work activities for those of us who travel on business. Besides this, lounges are perfect for people with busy schedules because there’s plenty of room to get some work done.

fly in style

Budget airlines like EasyJet and Ryan Air are well known, but can you identify the world’s most opulent airliner? Singapore Airlines is a strong contender where a one-way trip may cost over 12,000 Dollars. 

How to Travel in Real Luxury 
image Singapore Airlines is a strong, truly luxurious contender… 

In return, you’ll enjoy a personal suite, complete with a bed, leather armchair, closet, attached bathroom, and widescreen TV. Those who can’t afford thousands of dollars for a ticket can take advantage of the firm’s range of far less expensive flights to many destinations worldwide.

hotel hacks

When we decide to go on vacation, we have a wide range of lodging options to pick from. If you’re travelling through Australia or Asia, there are plenty of budget-friendly places to choose from. There are lots of hotels, B&Bs, and apartments available around the world that will suit any budget, just like there are many affordable airlines.

Offering additional luxury is essential to attract specific clients…

However, this isn’t for everybody, and hoteliers are well aware of this. Offering additional luxury is essential to attract specific clients and hoteliers have this sector well covered with a variety of offerings. They have it all, from luxury airport transfers, relaxing pool bars, all-inclusive options, to free lunches.

In addition, hotel owners take pride in their star ratings. This is because being designated as a five-star resort may put you way ahead of the competitors. For example, we are all aware of the Hilton luxury hotel chain and how famous it is for its extra amenities and exquisite settings.

Many tourists frequently rate Hilton as one of the best hotel chains in the world. The hotel provides everything that defines luxury and elegance. 

How to Travel in Real Luxury - Indulge in Comfort & Splendour
Many tourists frequently rate Hilton as one of the best hotel chains in the world…

Tourists get to enjoy its 25 Waldorf Astoria locations around the world that offer international service and signature accessories. In addition, they have more inexpensive Homewood Suites that are excellent for longer stays.

  • What do tourists look for in a high-end hotel?

According to Trivago, every hotel must have this list of things for its visitors:

  •  Comfortable cushions
  •  Soft and big bath towels
  •  Complimentary beverages
  •  Full-size toiletries
  •  Unique welcome touch to make your customers feel special.
  •  Late departure arrangements
  •  Pool service
  •  Gourmet meals
  •  Spa facilities
  •  Exclusive cabanas

All these items are on the list of must-have novelties to make a vacation even more enjoyable.

travelling by train

While you may have to stand for a part of your train ride, buying a ticket in first class allows you to take advantage of the complimentary dinner service. If you want to take it a step further, a trip on the Northern Belle service will take you to new places.

image   Sightseeing around Europe on a train is very popular…

Sightseeing around Europe on a train during your sabbatical year as a scholar is very popular. For example, Planet Rail offers luxurious travel around Europe as well as UK holidays.

travelling by car

The importance of comfort when travelling on the road cannot be overstated. Because you won’t be able to stand up and stretch your legs, you’ll need to choose a car that you’ll be comfortable sitting in for an extended period. Luckily, there are numerous ‘luxury’ automobile manufacturers to choose from. Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, and many other vehicles known for luxury will fit into this category.

How to Travel in Real Luxury - Indulge in Comfort & Splendour
The importance of comfort when travelling on the road cannot be overstated…

With their unique designs and advanced technologies, you’re guaranteed to have a smooth, reliable, as well as a sumptuous experience on the roads. Many of the features of these cars make for a relaxing and enjoyable trip to your destination.

travelling by coach

Mega Buses are frequently used by students looking for low-cost transport outside of school hours. This helps them save some money on their trip back home. While no-frills travel is ideal for travelling from point A to point B, some companies can cater to your needs for a more luxurious vacation.

Mega Buses are mainly used by students looking for low-cost transport…

Many people think of coach trips like those seen in movies where large groups of people are taken from place to place but there are luxury coach operators who provide many options ranging from 18 seats and upwards.

Most luxurious buses come with an onboard kitchenette, including the versatile filter coffee machine. They also have plush armchair style seats, allowing you to truly rest while on the road.

final note

While some forms of luxury travel are out of reach for the majority of people, there are still numerous ways to travel in comfort. With a little digging and following people like Carmen, you should be able to discover a deal that fits your budget while also providing a taste of high living.

Best wishes on your journey!

Klaudia xx


How to Travel in Real Luxury - Indulge in Comfort & Splendour
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