The Most Beautiful Places in Australia – 5 Vacation Hot Spots in Down Under

The Most Beautiful Places in Australia

5 vacation places in down under you should have seen

As one of the only safe spots to travel today, Australia is a top destination for all types of travellers in 2021. Adventurous tourists can explore nature and try diving, wine lovers can have a tasting every day and those who just want to relax can hit cosy Australian country towns. No matter what type of traveller you are, here are five of the most beautiful places in Australia you must have seen.

• magnetic island •

If you’re an Aussie first-timer, you need a destination that has it all – amazing weather, crystal-clear ocean and plenty of things to keep you occupied. Magnetic Islands are located a single ferry ride from Townsville and you will instantly be transported to a place of tropical bliss and laidback lifestyle. If you wonder what you can do at this location, don’t worry, because there are numerous things to do on Magnetic Island, from diving, fishing and hiking to exploring restaurants, tasting cocktails and going to relaxing island tours.

The Most Beautiful Places in Australia - 5 Vacation Hot Spots You Should Have Seen
One of the most beautiful places in Australia located just a ferry ride from Townsville – Magnetic Island

Even though this island is relatively small, it has a variety of attractions perfect for single people, couples, parents with kids and even senior travellers. Magnetic Island surely belongs to the most beautiful places in Australia, it’s so welcoming to everyone! Make sure to set some time aside to visit the Great Barrier Reef and Magnetic Island National Park. 

The Most Beautiful Places in Australia -
Maggie Island Ferry gets you to Magnetic Island in just 40 minutes

• cairns •

If you want to stick to the north, go even more northern than Magnetic Island and make Cairns your base on this Australian vacation. With amazing weather, a variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and tropical views, Cairns will not only provide you with a great starting point for all your Far North Queensland adventures but also provide many of them themselves.

Great Barrier Reef - The Most Beautiful Places in Australia
Great Barrier Reefimage credit

You will be situated right next to the famous Great Barrier Reef where you can scuba dive, snorkel or simply sit comfortably in a glass-bottomed boat and enjoy the underwater views. If you have time, take a trip to the Daintree Rainforest where you can see many picture-perfect waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, interesting tropical vegetation and unique animals. 

Arrecife de coral – Cairns (Queensland, Australia) image credit

• the kimberley •

If you ever watched a romantic outback film, there’s a great possibility it was shot here. The Kimberley is Western Australia’s sparsely settled northern region that will provide you with the most authentic feel of the Aussie outback lifestyle. It’s home to interesting waterholes with crocodiles (no bathing there, for sure), impressive and dramatic gorges and wonderful coasts of the Indian Ocean. If you’re wondering where to stay when visiting the Kimberley, choose small coastal towns like Broome or opt for the outback Kununurra. 

The Most Beautiful Places in Australia -
The Kimberley will provide you with the most authentic feel of the Aussie outback lifestyle.

Enjoying the underwater views from a glass-bottomed boat – image credit

• kakadu national park •

Kakadu is one of the most important cultural landscapes for Australian people. Especially for the Aboriginals since it has been their home for more than 65,000 years. This is the largest national park in whole Australia, being nearly half the size of Switzerland (about 20,000 square kilometres), and it is a proud holder of a dual World Heritage listing – for natural and cultural values.

Kakadu is one of the most important cultural landscapes especially for the Aboriginals

Kakadu will provide any traveller with a bunch of interesting adventures. For instance, just a few hours from Darwin you can find perfect croc-spotting sites, waterfalls, swimming holes (safe for swimming and free from crocs) and incredible indigenous culture. If you really want to get immersed in the local wildlife, stay at the unique Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel. 

• margaret river region •

If you’re a wine lover, Australia is a true paradise for you. This warm continent has the perfect climate for many vine variants. It produces a bunch of world-class wines you can taste right at the source. Margaret River is the must-visit place for all vino enthusiasts, but also those who love to try unique and authentic food since you’ll have hundreds of wineries and restaurants at your disposal. The best part about Margaret River? It’s one of the rare wine regions that lie on the coast, so you can spend your mornings and afternoons at the beach and finish every day with a classy wine tasting and a local food feast. 

The Most Beautiful Vacation Places in Australia  – by Peter Minkoff   image credit

Here you have it, five different vacation places in Australia, all super fun and very relaxing no matter what kind of traveller you are. Have you ever been to Australia, or do you live in Down Under yourself? Please tell us more about your experience in the comments below. Stay safe and responsible while travelling and, I am sure, you’ll have a blast in the Land Down Under. 

Have a safe journey!

Klaudia xx

Thanks and kudos to the author Peter Minkoff from Brisbane/Australia


The Most Beautiful Places in Australia - 5 Vacation Hot Spots in Down Under
5 Vacation Hot Spots in Australia by Peter Minkoff – Pinterest image ©



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