Is Technology Making Us Smarter Or Is It Making Us Just Miserable?

Is Technology Making Us Smarter 

Or Is It Making Us Just Miserable?

Technology – There’s no denying that it plays a huge role in our lives. As little as ten years ago, things were drastically different. Phones were chunky devices which we used to call people. Shocking, isn’t it? Now,  we have a whole world of possibility on those little devices. And, it’s not only phones that have come far. While the internet was once only for professionals, we all now have laptops, computers, and other devices. Televisions have come far, too. The once huge boxes have become slim lined masterpieces.

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• Many people wouldn’t be without technology. Almost everybody has now wifi routers in their homes. It’s a wonderful thing in many ways. Never before have we had such easy access to anything we could wish for. All the knowledge in the world is waiting online. The importance of technology is evident when we look at how much it has changed our lives. The way we communicate now is completely different. We make new friends by finding people on Facebook,  www facebook com is apparently the most browsed URL, right after www google com. We share news and opinions on a variety of different platforms. Some would argue we’re in a better position now than ever before.

Is Technology Making Us Smarter
www facebook com is apparently the most browsed URL, right after www google com

Is Technology Making Us Smarter?

• But, is technology making us smarter and even more – happier? A survey from Happify revealed some surprising results. 90% of people confirmed the internet has been a good thing for them. Yet, it’s unclear whether that means they’re happier. The wonderful benefits of technology, the internet, in particular, are self-evident. We are now more connected than we ever have been. The same survey found that 67% of internet users confirmed online communication had strengthened their relationships. We no longer have to wait weeks to see someone. We can pop on social media and drop them a message. This availability also means that many of us feel less alone. While the internet has been accused of distancing us from those around, the opposite seems to be true.

Is Technology Making Us Smarter
We can pop on social media and drop friends a message at any time

• And, it’s not only connectivity that we benefit from. The net has also opened a wealth of opportunities. Instead of relying on the limited resources of a time gone by, we can turn to the internet for anything we wish to know. Better, we can research a subject in depth and gain extensive knowledge. Before, we would have had to make do with one or two books on a subject and nothing more. The internet also allows us to build our opinions on matters.

Is Technology Making Us Smarter Or Is It Making Us Just Miserable?
Is technology making us smarter or is it making us just miserable?

• Having access to more resources means that we can gain a complete idea about what’s happening around us. Which allows us to make informed decisions about what we believe. This is particularly true when it comes to the news. One or two sources may be biased one way or another. When we consider a few different sources, we can piece things together, without bias.

There is, of course, a dark side to the changes technology has had on our lives. The main point worth mentioning is that we find it harder than ever to switch off. Relaxation is essential for our well-being, yet we’re always on call. We have our phones with us at all times, even when we aren’t using them. And, the moment they make a noise, we grab them like we’re possessed. We even take work home with us, because our phones alert us when we receive emails. This inability to relax may, in part, be the reason why people are more stressed than ever before.

Is Technology Making Us Smarter
Is technology making us smarter? – Latest studies on cyber bullying facts are just shocking

• Though most people would report their online social interaction as positive, there is a dark side, too. Daily new cyber bullying stories have become a real issue among kids. Adults aren’t immune, either. Trolling, and ‘Twitterstorms’ seem a constant threat when we post online. Latest studies on cyber bullying facts just once again have proven that, in a lot of ways, the internet promotes unkindness! During face to face interaction, people feel inclined to be polite. But, many people don’t feel that way when typing words on a screen. The dissociation allows people to be unkinder than ever before.

Is Technology Making Us Smarter

• And, Twitter storms have seen a worrying surge in group mentality. One person can be bombarded with hundreds and thousands of threats or insults. And, the internet never forgets. You can’t walk away from the situation. An online shaming may stay with you forever.

So, the jury’s still out. Technology may have made us happier in some aspects. But, it’s not without its downsides. In a lot of ways, it all depends on what you use it for, and how often. Giving yourself a break now and again may be the way to a happy, technology filled existence.

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