My Deposit Is Due, What Now? – How To Definitely Get It Back

My Deposit Return Is Due, What now?

Here’s How To Definitely Get The Money Back

So, you are about to come to the end of your lease, and you are getting ready to pack up your things and move out. You’ll then get your deposit back and can put that money safely in the bank. Unfortunately, though, it sometimes isn’t all that simple. In fact, how do you know you will even get your deposit back in the first place?

My deposit return is what
My deposit return is due…now what? –©

If your flat or house isn’t in the best of condition once you move out, your landlord might keep your deposit. They could argue that they need the cash to get the property up to a better condition or that you have broken your side of the contract. Hopefully, though, you won’t be put in that situation. To make sure that never happens to you, you need to follow these tips to definitely get your deposit back!

My deposit return is due, what I need to do now…

My deposit return is what?  -©

• Taking the final meter readings  ✓

Before you move out, you will need to read the electricity meter so that you can send the data off to your supplier. They will then send you out the final bill. If you don’t, your supplier won’t know that they need to start a new account for the next tenant. As a result, your landlord will probably end up getting the bill for your final few months of electricity usage. This will be a nasty surprise for them, and they might deduct it with some interest from your deposit!

• Cleaning the home until it’s spotless ✓

If there is just one tiny speck of dust or dirt anywhere on the property, you might not get your deposit back. So, it’s important to take plenty of time cleaning the home, so it looks just how it did when you moved in. You can always hire Whizz bond cleaners to do this for you if you are short on time. You should also remember to clean all of the appliances that came with the property, even if you haven’t used them in a long time. They might have gathered a lot of dust while not being used, and this will need to be removed.

• Removing everything ✓

Even though you might think it makes sense to leave a spare toilet roll or some extra light bulbs in the flat, your landlord might not agree. They might even charge you for removing these items! So, it’s good practice to go around and give the property a final check to make sure that you aren’t leaving anything in it. By leaving it completely empty, there is no way your landlord can charge you for removing anything!

• Returning all the keys ✓

You need to get all the copies of the keys that were cut so you can hand them back to the landlord. If some copies are missing and the landlord doesn’t get the full set back, he or she might charge you to get some more cut for the next tenants. Make sure you are very rigorous when it comes to preparing to move out. Then your landlord can’t take anything out of your deposit!

My Deposit Return Is Due, What now?
My deposit return is due…now what?  –©

Are you struggling to get your deposit back or have you had problems previously? Tell us about, create awareness to help others avoiding to make the same mistakes. Thank you.



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