Sex And Kids – How To Keep Your Sex Life Healthy After Having Children

Sex and Kids

 How to Keep Your Sex Life Healthy After Having Children

Sex And Kids - How To Keep Your Sex Life Healthy After Having Children

5 Ways to Keep the Passion Alive 

Whether it’s the demands and anxiety of having a new baby in the house or the chaos of keeping up with a growing family, sometimes it’s tough to get a moment to ourselves, let alone quality time for the two. However difficult it is to make being a couple a priority, it’s equally important for us to remain connected to our partners on an intimate level. Read on to learn five ways you can keep the romance going well into your golden years.

1. Grab Opportunities When They Come

Let’s face it, kids take up a lot of your time at any age. Even if getting a sitter for a regular date night is out of reach, there are still opportunities for a little tryst if you learn to recognize them.

Sex And Kids - How To Keep Your Sex Life Healthy After Having Children
 Sex and Kids – ©  It’s the little things…

A morning shower for two before the kids get up for school can be a great way to wake up, or even a bubble bath, complete with candles at the end of a long day. There’s also nap time if you have very young children or a little lunch-time meeting while older kids are at school.

2. Take Care of Yourself

How to feel good and look sexy if you’re already feeling rundown? Women are always the ones who put themselves last, but who is there to take care of us?

Sex And Kids - How To Keep Your Sex Life Healthy After Having Children
 Sex and Kids – © 

Eating right and staying fit not only will improve your parenting mindset, it will also help ensure that your body feels alive and responsive. In addition, it’s also important to find ways to unwind alone no matter your job or home schedule. Even a 15-minute walk outside can do wonders for your state of mind.

3. Yeah, dare! … Buy Sex Toys

Toys aren’t just for kids, and they can add a little spice if things get too routine or you’re just too tired to get excited. Buy sex toys! A well-stocked adult shop will carry a selection of aids that are great for couples or for solo play to get you in the right mindset for later.

Sex And Kids - How To Keep Your Sex Life Healthy After Having Children
 Sex and Kids – ©      Buy sex toys to add a little spice!    image credit

In addition to a variety of sex toys, they also have kits for couples that include items like massage oils or even games you can play together. Many shops, online and off, carry intimate apparels as well. And then there are sex toys you can control with your smartphone – hmm, that might well explain why so many people are constantly with their noses attached to their smartphones. Are they after all just having a good time? 😉 

4. Remember Why You Fell in Love

It’s easy to loose sight of some things among the stresses of work and raising a family, and those are the times you should step back and reminisce.

 Sex and Kids - © 
 Sex and Kids – ©        5 Ways to keep the Passion alive 

Try to think about the person you fell in love with, as well as remembering the person you were when your partner fell for you, and try not to lose the essence of who those people were, and still are.

5. Make The Little Things Count

For most women – and more men than you’d think – sex starts in the head and works its way down. It’s difficult to throw yourself at someone you’d rather throw dishes at. Remembering little things like being kind and considerate or saying thank you will keep resentment away and help you feel more loving outside of the bedroom.

 Sex and Kids - © 
 Sex and Kids – © 

For mothers, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that they’re still women with needs and desires. But, making passion a priority also helps lower stress and improves our overall state of mind. That elevated sense of well-being will carry over into other parts of your life, bringing more joy and fulfillment.

… most of all, have Fun!  😉




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Selena, My Rambling Thoughts
6 years ago

Excellent advice! I truly need to work on this for sure. Especially the taking care of the body which has played a role in me not “feeling it”. #thesatsesh