Sharp In Mind, Body And Soul – Stay Fit By Doing Just Some Simple Things

Sharp In Mind, Body & Soul

Sharp In Mind, Body And Soul - Stay Fit By Doing Just Some Simple Things

How to Stay Fit by Doing Just Some Simple Things

Life can be a series of concerns and worries from the off. As teenagers are being pressured into losing weight, even though medically they are in a healthy BMI. Everything we eat (no matter how healthy) is bad for us, it can leave us worrying ourselves into a stupor!

Despite all the information that is being fired at us on a constant basis, the one inevitable thing in all of us is that we will get older, and what can we do to make sure that we are keeping sharp in mind and body?

Sharp In Mind, Body And Soul - Stay Fit By Doing Just Some Simple Things

How to Exercise to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

This title may be a bit misleading because there is no just one universal ‘how to exercise to lose weight way’ to do it right, but rather you need to find a way that suits your body. The main point to put forward is to not go from zero to 100 because 1. You will likely give up because it’s too much pressure on your body (which you are not used to) and 2. That pressure can have an adverse effect.

Sharp In Mind, Body And Soul
Sharp in mind, body & soul…  –

So you need to take the approach to exercising where you do as much as your body can cope with, and then push a little bit further at the end. Ten more reps, or run flat out for another 25-seconds. Once you establish a base level of fitness, then you can start to push it to lose weight and stay fit.

Keep Your Mind Active

This can be done in two ways. As we age, we can retreat into isolation, especially when faced with our mortality into our eighties, and this is where moral support and friendly faces can really benefit. If you look at, the concern of older patients is a priority, and they understand the importance of looking after elderly customers. A friendly face in the local pharmacy may be all that some elderly people have left, and if you know someone who may feel somewhat isolated, be sure to offer a sympathetic ear.

Sharp In Mind, Body And Soul
Sharp in mind… we don’t get stupider as we age! 

The other approach to keeping our mind active is the same way as we exercise, by strengthening our muscles. That feeling when something is just so difficult to learn that it becomes so frustrating? That is good for you, as that is exactly how to increase your brainpower! Getting into that state is where your brain increases its neuroplasticity and will form new connections.

It’s a very common misconception that we just get stupider as we age and there’s nothing we can do about it, this is completely incorrect. You can keep your mind active by doing some simple things. Learn something new and challenge yourself. Read the newspaper cover to cover, or start Sudoku. Even learn the language you’ve always wanted to learn.

Sharp in mind, body & soul by doing just some simple things

For the technologically inclined, there’s a fantastic game called Dual N-Back, which aims to increase your working memory by getting you to remember a position and a sound from a few turns ago. Be sure to feed your brain the adequate fuel. You know the essentials, fish, nuts, seeds, olive oils, and the whole list of fruits and vegetables.

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