The Best Housewarming Gifts That Will Make You The Greatest Guest Ever

The Best Housewarming Gifts

That will Make You the Greatest Guest Ever

the best housewarming gifts

So, we are invited to our friend’s new home, the official housewarming invitation has arrived, our friends are awaiting confirmation, and that’s where the trouble starts. No, not that nothing-to-wear-trouble, I mean that same problem as with every other bigger bash – what to get them? 

Of course, you would like to give them the best housewarming gifts ever for that special occasion, not again the mandatory bottle of wine or showing up with another yucca tree again? How boring and effortless is that?

the best housewarming gifts
Custom family name pillow 

You want something unusual, something special, – something to impress your friends with. If you have visited my humble blog previously you will know that I am a great believer of online research, anything I need, I’ll have a look around the net first. And so I have found this awesome online shop They offer an amazing assortment of really uncommon goodies, best of all, not containing leather, feathers or fur!

As it says on their homepage … committed to selling products that do no harm to people or animals.  A very good reason for me to shop there! You should take a minute and read through their uncommon mission page! How remarkable are their standards regarding eco-friendly products and recycling, I am impressed! Another good reason for me to shop there.

the best housewarming gifts
Some of uncommon goods’ nice unusual little gift ideas to choose from

But let’s get to the point and focus on the best housewarming gifts you can get for your friends. It’s generally a good idea to avoid expensive house decorations, like furniture, frames or lamps just in case your taste doesn’t match your friend’s. That’s risky and can turn into a massive flop unless you know for sure if a particular item that your friends have been wanting.

So, how about creating your own unusual gifts in the form of housewarming gift baskets or decorative boxes? You can include whatever you like with the only limitation being that the gifts must fit in the basket that you purchase. While some stores might sell ready filled housewarming gift baskets, creating one yourself will be a lot nicer and more personal.

   The best housewarming gifts to get …

  … for him – Let’s say, the husband is a golf lover, you could include in the gift basket a professional picture of his favourite golfer or golf course. You may also find items like golf figurines, clocks, desk accessories, and picture frames to name a few.

The Best Housewarming Gifts


  … for her – The ‘queen of the castle’ loves arts and crafts, so she might get her own hobby room in the new house. That’s easy tho, get her some personalized house signs to go on her door or anything related to her hobby room. 

The Best Housewarming Gifts
If the queen of the castle loves arts and crafts … how pretty is that succulent planter kit 

   … for the kids – Do your friends have children? Then you shouldn’t forget to put a little extra for the kids into your basket. They are also new proud homeowners, so they might want something personal for their new bedrooms, too.

  …for the garden – Is there a garden that could need some pretty decoration items? Have a look at these gorgeous ornaments and garden decoration ideas.  A birdbath or a decorative bird feeder is very popular garden accessories too. The birds will thank your friends for it with their beautiful singing.

The Best Housewarming Gifts
Recycled ingenious outdoor metal ostrich planters…

   … for the pets – Do your friends have pets? Get their furry family members something nice too, if you really want to impress your friends. Look at that cool turntable scratching board! Getting something like that for Hello Kittie … I bet you’ll be their ‘superhero’ forever and a day! 

the best housewarming gifts
Cool – a cat scratching pad shaped like a turntable

A pretty basket stuffed with scrumptious delis is always a safe bet, tho. If you know the couple quite well, include their favourite treats, add some nice sentenced candles, a good wine, and some glasses so that one of the couple’s first meals in their new home can be a romantic one.

Probably one of the very best gift ideas ever is getting them a cheesemaking kit  😉  win-win situation …you’re most likely will get invited to the first cheese tasting soiree soon!

The Best Housewarming Gifts That Will Make You The Greatest Guest Ever
A cheesemaking kit to make Italian cheese at home

I also gave a friend of mine a lovely French souvenir, that I had brought back from one of my trips to Paris. She loved my set of fridge magnets so much, so I shared mine and gave her the Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel tower. With the proper planning and a little effort, you are sure to show up with the best housewarming gifts ever. Something unusual that will be truly appreciated!

Do you know anymore ‘insider tips’ on sites selling outstanding gifts? Or do you have some unusual DIY gift ideas? Please feel free to tell us about in the comment field below.

Klaudia xx


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carol cassara
4 years ago

And I love that the pets are included!!

Claire - Start A Craft Blog
Claire - Start A Craft Blog
6 years ago

I love that framed succulent idea!! I’m going to have to make that for my own house.

6 years ago

I love the photo of the ‘Joneses’ cushion, I wonder if it comes in other names or is customisable?! The cheese-making kit is also an interesting choice!

Elvis Cosmos
6 years ago

Uniqueness is the key to making an impression.

6 years ago

These are some really unique ideas!