Why Do We Need To Exercise? – Exercises For Women To Make You Feel Healthy & Happy

Why Do We Need To Exercise?

Exercises For Women To Make You Feel Healthy  &  Happy

Women just know that they should exercise regularly, but who has got the time for that? Job, family and everything else often causes women’s needs to take a back seat. But there are so many good reasons why women should add exercises into their daily routines. 

We all know about the obvious benefits of shaping the body but did you know that exercises for women have also been proven to help prevent colon cancer? Also, is exercising an amazing booster for your immune system and relieves the symptoms of depression.

Why Do We Need To Exercise
Why Do We Need To Exercise?  –  klaudiascorner.net

Regular exercises for women can help to ease osteoporosis symptoms naturally by strengthening the bones. Young women also experienced that exercising alleviates the symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT) and painful periods.

Women that are healthy and fit before pregnancy often have less back pain during pregnancy and experience easier deliveries than women who don’t exercise or do any sport at all. Fit and healthy mothers-to-be are much less appropriate to become obese as well as restore their shape a lot quicker after delivering.

In addition to improving their overall health and appearance, many women state that exercising helps improving self-confidence in many aspects of their lives.

Mary McElroy, professor of kinesiology at Kansas State University says “Exercising gives women a sense of accomplishment, which is related to self-esteem. It can have a powerful effect on self-image. I would take the benefits of exercise beyond health. Exercise is an important component of one’s quality of life.”

Lately, there has been a right boom in the variety of exercises for women including online fitness training programs. Finally, more and more women are taking interest in keeping themselves fit and strong. It is easy to be fit when you are in your twenties or thirties, but as you become older you will notice the incredible benefits of exercising daily, even if you can make only 10-15 minutes daily the time to take care of yourself.

Studies have shown that flexibility training including walking and running, climbing stairs or yoga can help women to stay healthy and happy, which results in being more productive. ….which results in being even happier. Also, a daily short cardio exercise at home is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

If you aren’t keen on going to gyms and fitness studios, signing up for a year’s contract, and much likely losing interest in it after a few weeks you might consider cycling.

Cycling at a moderate pace offers the ultimate balance of aerobic and muscular workouts. One of best things is that you can ride together with friends so you can enjoy their company and have a talk while you exercise. 

Why Do We Need To Exercise
Why Do We Need To Exercise – Consider cycling in company and enjoy a talk
Here are some amazing cycling news I found online!
  • 15 minutes of cycling will burn 11 pounds of fat in a year
  • 30 minutes of cycling a day reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 35%
  • Cycling is easier on the body than running 
  • A better circulation from cycling soothes arthritis 
  • ‘Midlife cyclists’ often look 10 years younger than their friends of the same age

Buying a decent bicycle to keep you fit is a reasonable investment. Think about how much you would be paying for a gym membership and what do you have at the end of the year? Nothing. You should look at buying a bicycle like a fitness fee- you pay about the same, yet at the end you own something! Something, that keeps you healthy for many years and something that gets you out the house! Nature is such a wonderful thing to enjoy if you need to recharge your batteries!

Why Do We Need To Exercise?
Why Do We Need To Exercise?

There are so many pretty road bikes for women on the market now, and the prices are really not too crazy and absolutely manageable.You can find them here, for example, to get an idea.

I hope, I could inspire you to consider doing a little more good for yourself this fresh new year. Make these few minutes every day a routine, it might be tough in the beginning to get up and go, but you will notice the positive impact on your overall wellbeing very soon. And it feels so good… 

 Take good care of your Health!



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6 years ago

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Agness of Fit Travelling
7 years ago

Your post is inspirational and something every woman needs to read, Klaudia! Exercise doesn’t only tone the body but also boost the mood.