Yes You Can !!! Breaking Through Your Fitness Wall

Yes, You Can !!!

Breaking Through Your Fitness Wall

When you’re working to get fit, there will be a point where you reach a wall. This isn’t a physical wall but rather one that you have put up for yourself in your mind. It tells you that you can’t go any further. You’ve already taken your body to your limit, but you haven’t. If you encounter this wall while doing something like lifting weights it can be quite shocking. You might have been building up a sweat going from strength to strength. Then, on your third lift, you find you can’t actually lift the bar anymore. Physically, you can of course because you’ve been doing it, but mentally? Your body has become completely overwhelmed, and you’ve crashed right into that wall. So, we need to think about how to get over it, and there are a few options.

Yes You Can
Yes You Can !!!  Breaking Through Your Fitness Wall  –


Yes, You Can !!!

1. How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

You need to think about how to motivate yourself to exercise! Did you know that listening to music actually has a psychological affect during exercise? It’s not just the beat of the music that helps you keep in rhythm. People who listen to music actually can lift more, run further than before and in general get to a higher level of physical fitness during a workout. Fitness courses teach about what type of music is useful and how to create the right playlist. It’s a real tool that can help get people to the next stage in their progress with their fitness training courses. Yes, you can … but it’s not the only way to boost motivation.

Yes You Can
Yes, You Can !!! 
2. Tips on Setting Goals

You may also want to think about setting goals for yourself. It’s often useful to see a point in the future that you’re aspiring to get to. You can think of it like being on a road the stretches for miles. Trying to run down it to an unknown distance can be a challenge. But if you have markers on that road it’s easier because you know where you’re trying to get to. So, you could be going from 15 Kg to 17.

Yes You Can


3. How to Find the Perfect Workout

If you have reached a wall lifting weights, you might want to try another form of exercise. For instance, running might be the perfect workout for you. This might not be a bad idea because lifting weights you may not have been giving your legs a workout at all. You’ve probably heard of skipping leg day. The good news is that by running you’re working out every area of your body, not just your legs. So in a couple of days when you come back to the weightlifting, you might find that you can break through that wall. You’ve still been training and kept your body in fighting strength.

Yes You Can
Yes You Can !!! Breaking Through Your Fitness Wall


4. The Right Fitness Training Courses 

Of course, it’s also possible that you’ve hit a wall because you’ve been pushing yourself too hard. Ideally, you shouldn’t be exercising for more than forty minutes every other day. It does depend on how much weight you want to burn off but this is on average, the right amount. Any more than this and you might start burning muscle rather than fat. This will mean that you feel weaker and could cause that wall to arrive sooner each time you work out. Essentially, you’ll be heading in the opposite direction of the way you want to go.

Yes You Can
Yes, You Can Find The Right Fitness Training Courses For Your Needs
Yes, You Can !!!

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7 years ago

Yes I can!!! Hahaha, loveee this. Just started to gym 4 times a week in thr mornings. Hope I can keep this up til the end of the year ☺☺☺