Your Garden & You – Bring The Outdoors Inside This Winter With These Awesome Tips

Your Garden & You

Bring the Outdoors Inside 

with these awesome tips

One of the worst things about winter is that you can’t use your garden as much. After all, with snow and heavy rain, people prefer to stay indoors. But a lot of families miss their backyard during the winter months. After all, being in the garden is an excellent way to get some fresh air. And it’s so spacious with plenty of room for kids to play! Also, the backyard is a perfect place for a party.

In fact, it’s no wonder some people get the winter blues as they are stuck indoors. However, if you are missing your garden, not all is lost during the winter months. Here are some great tips you need to bring the outdoors inside this winter.

Add some Outdoor Scents

I love the smells you experience in the garden. After all, you get the wonderful smells of nature while you are sitting in the backyard. And it’s something I miss during the winter months. However, you can add some scents in your home to make it feel like you are outside. For example, a wood incense would be perfect to recreate the branch smell in your home. Or as it says on, floral potpourri scents are always good. These scents will help you to relax, and if you shut your eyes, you might feel like you are outside!

Your Garden
Your Garden & You

Growing Vegetables Indoors

There are many benefits to growing vegetables indoors. For one thing, a lot of people find it therapeutic. And it’s so rewarding when they are fully developed and you get to eat them! A lot of individuals also grow their vegetables as it’s a lot healthier than buying them from the grocery store. Therefore, they are ideal for keeping your family healthy. However, during the winter months, it often leaves people feeling blue when they can’t grow their veg. But there is a way you can still enjoy growing your own produce. There are some vegetables which you can grow inside. Tomatoes are one vegetable that can flourish when you grow them inside.

Your Garden & You
Your Garden & You

If you look at sites like, you can find help and advice. That way, you can still enjoy growing vegetables, without having to brave the severe weather!

Grilling in the Kitchen

For families, BBQ is one of the best things about summer. After all, you can get all the family over and enjoy a scrumptious meal. And food always tastes great once it’s cooked on the BBQ. However, in winter months, a BBQ is a no-go. However, you can still recreate the taste by buying a small grill for your home. That way, you can grill the food as you do on the BBQ, and then serve it up for your family. Make sure you add BBQ sauce to the grub, and it will feel like you are enjoying a real BBQ in your home

Your Garden
Your Garden & You

Opt for an Indoor Water Feature

You can get gorgeous indoor water features that get the outdoor feeling into your home. It means you can recreate the relaxing sounds of running water without having to leave home. You can look online to find some great water features for your property. It would be ideal to place in your hallway so that it can be heard all over the home!

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Consider bringing Outdoor plants Indoors

You might want to bring in the plants from your garden for winter. It’s an excellent way to feel like you are outside. And it can ensure your plants last the winter season. Just make sure they are plants that can survive inside the home. If you are planning to move them inside, you need to make sure you are not bringing any pests in at the same time. And also, you need to prepare your plant for the temperature change. You need to gradually increase the amount of time the plant spends inside so that it gets used to the temperature. And make sure it has plenty of light so the plant can flourish in the winter months.

Your Garden
Your Garden & You

And remember there are some ways to enjoy the backyard in winter. You could look into getting a greenhouse. That way, you can grow your vegetables without having to experience the rain. Also, you could add a chimenea or a fire pit to the backyard which your family could sit around. You will all warm up, and you could even toast some marshmallows. It would make for a lovely Saturday night with the family.

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