Canary Islands Spain – Best Place In Europe To Live!

Canary Islands Spain

Best Place In Europe To Live!

Today I would like to invite you to the best place to live in Europe. The Canary Islands Spain, to be more precisely Tenerife south, a ‘vida loca’ in sun ‘n sand surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain – Best Place In Europe To Live

The Canary Islands (Islas Canarias) are a geographically Africa and biogeographic Macaronesia owned archipelago in the Eastern Central Atlantic, about 100- 500 km west of the west coast of Africa. The archipelago belongs geologically to Africa but is part of Europe and member of the EU as the Canary Islands are Spanish territory.

Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain ~ Archipelago of 7 Islands near the African Coast – GoogleMaps

The number of residents on the Canary Islands has risen steadily over the past century.Today’s estimated population on the  Islands =  2.100.306 (2015) inhabitants. Tenerife’s population = 888.184 (2015) inhabitants. I, as a settled Tinerfeña for 16 years now ( tinerfeño), have got some doubts about the reliability of these numbers. Look at the crazy amount of people arriving on a daily base! 

Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain ~ Tenerife South Airport Reina Sofia

In July 2007  the Spanish Ministry promised 1 billion euros for the expansion of the south airport to be able to handle the planned 11 million passengers annually. Currently, about 8.5 million passengers per year are going through Reina Sofia’s security checkpoints. And this is only the international south airport, if we would consider Los Rodeos arrivals as well, we’d have to add around 4 million (3,717,944 in 2014 ) passengers. How many of these passengers really make use of their return flight, who knows. And the ones who stay, will they register at all? Who lives on the island, who’s on vacays, who is on the run, escaping from law & order back home … who knows. Thus, all these numbers are rather vague.

Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain
 Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife with almost 50 % of the island’s population living in or around it, is the capital of Tenerife and the seat of the cabildo insular (island council) 

Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain ~ La Laguna University CitySt.Cruz

When visiting St Cruz de Tenerife and passing by the harbour you might get the pleasure to see the new cruise ships lie off. New cruise ships on ‘maiden voyage’  or ostentatious luxury yachts, excursion boats, let’s not forget our Canarian fishermen going out at night, there’s a lot going on in Canarian waters.

Canary Islands Spain

Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain ~Santa Cruz De Tenerife


Coasts & Beaches On Tenerife 

Check out this excellent list of  Beaches on Tenerife

Canary Islands Spain

If you’re looking for white dream beaches or beautiful golden sand beaches on Tenerife, you are looking at the wrong place. Tenerife’s natural beaches are black, rugged coasts of a volcanic basalt eroded by the sea.

Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain ~ Natural beaches on Tenerife are black 
Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain ~ Tenerife’s rugged coasts eroded by the sea

I am not saying that Tenerife doesn’t have nice beaches, Tenerife has some amazing beaches! But we must know that most of the golden beaches of Tenerife are man-made artificial beaches. Even the ‘famous’ Las Teresitas beach outside of St Cruz de Tenerife is made of imported Saharan sand.

canary islands spain



The Flora Of The Canary Islands
Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain ~ Platanos de Tenerife

A natural miracle is the  ‘Millennial Dragon Tree’ of Icod de Los Viños on the north coast of Tenerife. El Drago is about 17 m high and with a circumference of about 6 m. They say it is the oldest dragon tree of the earth, despite the ‘millennial’ in its name the tree is estimated to be 500-600 years old.

canary islands spain
Drago Milenario de Icod de los Vinos
Canary Islands Spain
Canary Islands Spain ~ Higo Pico ~ Prickly Pears
Canary Islands Spain
Strelitzia Reginae –  Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise

All year through you will be able to find cheap flights to the canary islands, provided you can plan your vacations ‘off season’,  avoiding peak season during school holidays will get you brilliant deals and discounts. Christmas time is the most expensive time to come over, from the end of January the prices start to fall.

Some Impressions Of Tenerife
canary islands spain
Playa de las Americas
Canary Islands Spain
Palacio de Congresos ~Tenerife South

Canary Islands Spain

Canary Islands Spain
Basilica de La Nuestra Señora de Candelaria
canary islands spain
La Orotava Sand Carpetscanary islands spain
 Green Tenerife – North & Mountains 

canary islands spain

canary islands spain

Mount Teide (Pico del Teide) is a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands Spain. With 3,718-metre (12,198 ft) it’s summit is the highest point in Spain. Measured from its base on the ocean floor, it is at 7,500 m (24,600 ft) the third highest volcano on a volcanic ocean island in the world. Wikipedia

canary islands spain

canary islands spain

canary islands spain

canary islands spain

My top secret tip on ‘must dos’ on Tenerife is visiting Masca! I am sure, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. You can reach Masca via land and via sea, you can drive up and climb down the ravine to catch a shuttle boat in the stunning Masca Bay.

canary islands spain

Tenerife’s south-west coast is a spectacular spot for watching whales and dolphins swimming free in the ocean. 26 species of whales are found off the coast, such as killer whales, baleen whales, pilot whales or even blue whales.

canary islands spain
Tenerife’s coast is a spectacular spot for watching whales and dolphins ..
canary isalnds spain
… or turtles

Muchas gracias and thanks a lot for reading! Did you enjoy this little trip around ‘my island of eternal spring’? Have you been to Tenerife or are you planning to come over soon? You will fall in love with the island, I am sure about. Learn more about the archipelago on

Hasta la vista, nos vemos en Tenerife!

canary islands spain
The cliffs of Los Gigantes ~ 415 meters high 















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Thanks for sharing. I love the pictures and am really fascinated by the trees and flowers!


These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I have never been to Spain and would love to go one day. I should have honeymooned here!!! WOW!!

Silly Mummy

Beautiful! I’ve actually never been to the Canary Islands. My sister went to Fuerteventura many years ago.

Lee Gaitan

Paradise! You are definitely living right, just gorgeous photos.

jodie filogomo

This looks amazing!! We’ve always wanted to visit Spain, so maybe we go here instead!


Het is gewoon zaaaaalig om hier nu te kunnen wonen alles kan en niks moet (y) 🙂 🙂


Love your post full of interesting information and stunning photos!This place is my dream destination for sure! I’d love to see whales and dolphins swimming free in the ocean!!!

Martin @ArtbyMLO

It’s been really fun to browse through your photos. I brought me back when I visited the island about 6 or 7 years ago. It is definitely a beautiful spot to live.


I’ve been looking for a place I could take my son to go whale watching, and this could be perfect, maybe during the February holidays. Will have to check out prices!

Hang Around The World

We haven’t been to Canary Islands yet but they are on our travel lists. We have to book 2 tickets for next summer.
You have inspired us more thanks to your beautiful photos. What type of camera did you use?

Jerwel De Perio

Aw, this place reminds me of home, but much cleaner. I love the tropical feel. I also live by the mountain so I can see the beach and the forest and the nearby mountains too. This place deserves a chance to visit or even make yourself a home.

Jerwel De Perio

Aw, this place reminds me of home, but much cleaner. I love the tropical feel. I also live by the mountain so I can see the beach and the forest and the nearby mountains too. This place deserves a chance to visit or even make yourself a home.

Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan

I have never heard of Canary Islands before but I am so thankful I saw your post. There’s really a lot to be discovered around the world. Those beaches are pure perfection! <3


I’ve never to Spain but looking at the photos you got. The Canary Islands are one of the most popular sun, sand and sea holiday destinations going. Each island is quite different, with its own sparkling personality.

Cai Dominguez

I promise to myself that I should be here one day! It’s not my first time to read an article about Canary Island. It’s really beautiful, everything is beautiful. The beach, the weather, underwater and architecture. Every thing! Lovely photos. You put justice to its beauty!



Anna Nuttall

I want to travel to the Canary islands, i was in fact talking about with my husband this morning. it look so beautiful and friends told me how wonderful it is. Next summer I will go…

Charm Gamboa

There are whales and turtles? Love iiiiit!!!! The harbor is such a breathtaking view. I really dream of seeing a harbor with ships and sails. It’s very relaxing. I hope I could visit this too!

Rowena Rose Conde

Haven’t been on your place but now that I saw thing I would do my best to go here. Such a lovely place

Mardene Carr

Thanks for allowing me to see this beautiful place. You have done on awesome job of reporting with fantastic pics


Wow! What a beautiful place indeed, based on your photos! I haven’t set foot on Europe yet though. I wonder when that will be.


Looks like a small piece of Paradise on Earth. Never been there, but that’s already on my list for a while. Thank you for sharing a story and those amazing photos!


OMG great photos! That dragon tree is beautiful! I’d love to visit the Canary Islands!

Dominic Barrios

Looks like there’s so much to see in the Canary Islands in Spain. The beaches look great especially the rugged coasts. I’m curious also about the Drago Milenario de Icod de los Vinos. It looks like something lives there (or it probably just look like Groot). I’d like to hear about the story of that tree. After that, I could probably just appreciate a walk down their street because of the architectures while eating something on hand.

Debbie Gilbey

I have visited all these places you have listed (par Teresitas) & there is still so much more to see. Tenerife has some fabulous culture & beautiful things to discover.


Absolutely beautiful. Tourists pay loads of money to visit the Canary Islands, and you, my friend, live there. How wonderful life is. I know, tourists and residents do not see a place the same way, but that must be the magic of Canary Islands. You appreciate it and that is because you are living your life.


I haven’t heard of this place before. Looking at your pictures thought this place is amazing. Beautiful to look at and a dream to live there.




Never been in Spain but canary islands is just a collection fo paradise. The beach, unique plants amd amazing structures are all worth to visit. I have to make a plan now how to explore canary islands. Your photos are convincing enough to make a visit here 🙂


Nice article! And so true. Shared it on the The R Guide Gran Canaria FB.

heidi williams

So beautiful Claudia! You are so lucky..Of course, you know I cried when I saw the beach of my dreams. I can’t pick a favorite part but it all looks so serene. As soon as my inheritance comes in I am so there (delusional)

Roy Miller

This place looks fantastic. It is very lush and the water is amazing. I like the architecture too. Thank you for posting the pictures.

Me-An Clemente

I still haven’t been to Europe yet so I’m not entirely sure if the Canary Islands is the best place in Europe yet. The photos you’ve shown are amazing. Are you the one who took all the photos? If yes, that is great!