The Best Climate In The World – The Canary Islands

The Best Climate In The World

 … the climate of the Canary Islands!

The Best Climate In The World
The Canary Islands … The Best Climate In The World!

Known for the best climate in the world the Canary Islands are pleasant summers and mild winters. Eternal springtime with sunny, bright days, blue skies as well as constant temperature levels, throughout the year without big changes.

The Best Climate In The World
The best climate in the world … eternal springtime and lots of sunlight

The secret of this distinct climatic comfort is the energising winds during the winter months as a result of the Gulf stream, which has a huge impact on effect on the Canarian coast, and also the warm influence of the Azore’s high.

Read more about temperature levels, the sea, the sky as well as the sunlight in the Canary Islands and afterwards you will certainly understand why everyone claims that the Canary climate is the best in the world.

Moderate temperatures, lots of sunlight, the pure ocean breeze you’ll enjoy there. The Canary climate is recognised globally for its health-benefits, which unfolds in its therapeutically efficient natural resources, specifically in the 4 elements water, air, sun, and also earth.

The best climate in the world
Amazing vegetation on the canary islands

Discover how you can exploit them and explore the all-natural therapies, you could relax to, physically as well as mentally. Clear as well as cloudless skies and reduced rainfall create warm days with long hours of sunshine. There is basically no rain in the summertime and also in the winter months, it rains just an average of approximately three days a month.

The Best Climate In The World
4800 hours of sunlight in the year

Hence, there are 4800 hours of sunlight in generally in the year, which makes the islands the place with the largest duration of sunshine hours in Europe. This phenomenon of long bright days is back to lead to their geographical location as well as to the beneficial influence of the trade winds and the Azore’s high.

The best climate in the world
The best climate in the world you’ll experience on the beautiful Canary Islands 

A few of the numerous advantages of sunshine are, that it decreases the variety of depression, has a favourable effect on different skin conditions and also enhanced the vitamin D levels in the body, which is very important for your bones.

Since Ancient Greek times, the Canary Islands have been famous for their healthy climate. Centuries later visitors from all over the world flock here to revitalise themselves. Warm temperatures, days flooded with light, sea air and natural surroundings make the Canary Islands a healthy paradise.

How many times have you heard that the Canarians have an open, happy character? There’s  scientific proof that climate has an effect on our state of mind! Feeling the sunshine on our skin, breathing in fresh air, walking barefoot on the sand or gazing at a sky full of stars are moments that fill us with energy and refresh us from the inside.

The best climate in the world
Climate has an effect on our state of mind…


Holá y Bienvenido en las Islas Canarias  

Native flora and fauna are more than just adornments to the landscape; their biological and ecological importance lies in the fact that they are part of the food chain and help life flow within the different ecosystems.

There is much rich and varied vegetation on the Canary Islands, with up to 140 species of plant being endemic to these islands only.

best climate in the world
You will find a wide array of exotic fruits all year through on the Canary Islands

Sea or mountains, surfing or climbing, party life or chilling by the pool, posh & exclusive or rustic ….  the volcanic islands provide all for all, young and old!

best climate in the world

Wanna know more about the archipelago?  

Visit  >>>

The Tenerife Information Centre 

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Great post. I actually found it, because I plan to move to the Canary Islands from Slovakia. I’ve always wanted to live in a place where it’s always sunny and warm.


[…] the seven islands that make up the Canary Islands, Tenerife is the biggest one. Its pleasant climate makes it an extremely popular holiday destination in Europe. Everyone will find something to do […]


Would love to go there for a while but the cost of accommodation is horrendous.


This place looks absolutely beautiful. I am definitely going to add this onto my bucket list of places to visit. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Aish Padihari

I so want to go see the canary island now. Looks like heaven on earth. The fruits available there are tropical fruits eh? Reminds me of my trip to Hawaii.

Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching
Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

This looks absolutely gorgeous. You are so lucky to live there!


the exotic fruits are also available in the Philippines, apple mangoes, castañas, sentores (dalandan), guavas, pineapples.

the landscape shot of the ocean and mountains are awesome! What a great place to live Klaudia!

Pie Tan

I’m honestly not familiar with Canary Islands, but seeing the place in those pictures and video makes me want to include it on my bucket list. Would surely check out for other info about this place. Thanks!

Me-An Clemente

WOW! Truly amazing! I’ve never heard about Canary Islands and because of you I would love to visit it someday 🙂 “Gazing at a sky full of stars” I would like to dream about this place tonight.


Canary Island wasn’t on my bucket list, but is is now! It having the best climate is a very compelling reason to visit, especially here in the Philippines where the weather is very fickle, and most of the times the weather is either scorching hot or stormy.

subha natarajan

What a lovely place!!! Being from India I already get more than adequate sunlight ☺
But the beauty of the place and variety of flora and fauna is breathtaking!!
Definitely going on my must visit destinations!!


To be honest, I didn’t know much about the Canary Islands before reading your post. There are flights from my city in the UK to Lanzarote and to Gran Canaria, but I was never tempted to book a flight, I don’t know why. I would love to live in a place where there is sunshine almost every day! 🙂

Nimi Popat
Nimi Popat

What beautiful and stunning place.. Here in India its hot as hell … I guess I should pack my bag and enjoy Canary Island.. The pictures are fabulous.. 🙂


It is so beautiful. Canary Islands, I have often heard of how amazing it is here, and to see that I now know someone who had been there… THAT IS SO COOL! Wait, you did go there?


Lovely photos. I’m ready to visit 🙂

Silly Mummy

Looks absolutely beautiful!


Stunning! Looks like just the place I need to be right now. 🙂 Thanks for the virtual vacation you just gave me.

Shari Eberts

I need to pack my bags immediately! What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!