10 Car Hacks Every Female Owner Should Know

10 Car Hacks

Every Female Owner Should Know

Are you a new car mom that needs all the help she can get? Or a seasoned female car owner that just wants to save up some money and time on maintenance? Well, no matter your status, you can always use some easy and effective car hacks to make your life easier. Here are a few smart solutions that will turn you into a she-boss when it comes to cars. 

10 Car Hacks Every Female Owner Should Know
10 car hacks every female owner should know – klaudiascorner.net
  • 1.Nail polish is a lifesaver

Nail polish can save you in many situations, not just those nail-related ones. For instance, if you get a little chip or crack on your windshield, you can cover it in nail polish (clear one of course) and it will disappear. Clear nail polish can also fix small scratches on the paint, so always carry a bottle with you. 

  • 2. Toothpaste cleans foggy headlights

Driving with foggy headlights can be quite dangerous, so make sure to give them a good DIY polish with some toothpaste. Spear some on a rag and go to town on your headlights. Sure, they might not look brand new, but toothpaste will get a lot of the stuff off. If you really let your headlights go, you will need professional cleaning. 

  • 3. Use seat heaters to keep your food warm

Are you often too busy to cook so you choose to hit a drive-through instead? However, your food might get too cold until you get home and cold fries are simply a sin. So, if you have seat heaters, make sure to put them to good use next time you pick up your take-out. Just remember to secure your food well, otherwise, you might end up with a ruined interior and an empty stomach. 

10 Car Hacks Every Female Owner Should Know
Make sure to give your car a thorough clean every once in a while
  • 4. Protect your car instead of fixing it

Sure, you will need to give your car a thorough clean every once in a while, but you can save up money and time by keeping your car covered. This is a logical tip, but still, not many people follow it. If you opt for quality car covers for your vehicle model, you will get a product that is easy to put on and remove and protects every important part of your car. Car covers not only protect from dirt but also keep your four-wheeled pet safe from elements and different scratches and ding. 

  • 5. Pool noodles make parking easy

Are you not the best at parking? If you often ding your car doors when you park in your garage, grab a pool noodle, measure where your doors meet the hard surface and attach that little spongy cushion on your garage wall. This will serve as a great little bumper and prevent many scratches. 

  • 6. Use dryer sheets to soak up bad smells

Even if you do your best to keep your car clean, some smells are super persistent. Air fresheners can be effective, but they are often expensive and not health-friendly. Instead, grab a box of dryer sheets, place a few under your seat and let them soak up all the bad smells. This will improve the smell in your car and save you a lot of money. 

  • 7. Remove stickers with newspapers

Putting stickers on your car is never a good idea, but in case you made that mistake and you regret it now, grab some warm water and some newspapers. Wet the newspapers with water, place on the sticker, wait for 10 minutes and it should come off easily. Use a microfiber cloth to remove whatever’s left without scratching the paint or glass and voila! 

Place a few dryer sheets under your seat and let them soak up bad smells.
  • 8. Learn how to properly pump gas

If you’re driving on a budget, here’s how you can save some money on gas. Next time you’re at a pump, hold the nozzle trigger halfway. This will pump less air into the tank and give you more gas. Sure, you’re not going to reduce your bill drastically, but the savings will pile up over time. This also reduces the possibility of getting sprayed so it’s a win-win situation. 

  • 9. Get unstuck with floor mats

If you live somewhere where the weather is not always forgiving, you need to know how to get unstuck from snow or mud. All that you need to provide some extra traction for your tires is a floor mat. Place it between the snow and the tire (make sure they are touching completely) and it will grip much better. The same hack works with the mud too, but expect some messy results. 

Place a floor mat between the snow and the tire and it will grip much better.
  • 10. Test your mechanic

Visiting a new mechanic and want to make sure they are not ripping you off? Ask them about something you know works flawlessly on your car. If they tell you they found a problem, you should probably see another mechanic. This trick will save you some money on “fixing” things that were never broken in the first place. 

Just because you’re a lady, it doesn’t mean you can’t be an amazing car owner. Remember these hacks when your car is messing with you and you’ll always have a reliable, cost-effective and beautiful vehicle on your side.

10 Car Hacks Every Female Owner Should Know
10 car hacks every female owner should know by guest author Peter Minkoff – Pinterest image ©klaudiascorner.net





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