How To Tone Up And Feel Absolutely Great After Having A Baby

How To Lose The Baby Weight Faster & Easier

How To Lose The Baby Weight Fast & Easy

Learn How to Tone Up & Feel Absolutely Great after Having a Baby

While everyone tells you that you look beautiful, after having a baby you feel nothing but beautiful! The whole period leading up to the birth may have left you feeling glowing and radiant, or maybe just a bit sick. Once your little bundle(s) of joy is born, you may find yourself reaching for quick and easy fixes for food and have a lot less sleep than before you found out you were pregnant. What’s worse, you will feel fat. Just plain fat. And that’s horrible. But, never fear, let’s tackle this issue right now. What can you do, how to lose the baby weight, tone up, and feel absolutely great despite the lack of sleep?

How To Lose The Baby Weight
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# Focus on the Quality of your Food

• This is the big one! The fact that you are reaching for the takeaway menu means that you need a quick fix. And all those takeaways are loaded with sugar and salt and just leaves you craving more sugar and salt! So you need to find little ways to get out of the habit. 

• The early months of a baby’s life mean that you will only have one arm free to do everything, so you may as well have healthy snacks lying around. Nuts, rice cakes (with peanut butter), and fat bombs are great little energy boosters, fat bombs especially.

• And because you need that quick snack in the morning, something like fat bombs are little and give you a good shot of energy without the sugar crash, but they’re easy to make too. The basic recipes consist of melting two or three ingredients in a pan (usually coconut oil is one of them), stirring them up, placing them into a mold and then freezing until they harden. The fat will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and there’s no sugar.

# Tone it Up

• It’s never the priority on anyone’s list just after a baby is born, and if you hit the gym a couple of weeks after your child was born, you are either crazy or just made of stronger stuff than many others. But cramming in a couple of workouts during the course of a week is just too difficult.

• You need to focus on ways of toning up in the little time you have to yourself. The real motivation to workout is simple; you need someone else to be there. So, schedule a yoga or Pilates class with a friend. It doesn’t have to be every week, but to get into the toning up the frame of mind, you need to start building habits.

…the cutest of all home workout videos ever 🙂 

• Once the dust has settled, you will get a good idea for when your baby sleeps, and that is the time you can either do some easy workouts at home or pack the bag and leave the baby monitor with your partner. But if you are supermom and are heading to the gym a few weeks afterward, be careful not to overexert yourself. You may still be tender from everything that’s happened.

• If you have the motivation to start toning up, make sure you start little, such as just doing 10 crunches. The next day you can do 11, then 12, and build up slowly. You are going to be in a very frazzled state, so don’t take on more than you’re capable of because the first thing that’ll give is your exercise routine, I guarantee it!

# Make yourself look as great as you can  

• If you look good, you’ll feel good. It’s really difficult to cover the eye bags, but if you can focus on getting out now and again, you will focus on making yourself look as great as you can.

How to lose the baby weight faster
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• And it’s not just about your face, you know that those stretch marks are lingering underneath, and although nobody can see them, you know they are there, which is just as bad! There are plenty of products like Trilastin stretch mark cream to apply to the problem areas, and the key thing with this is patience! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your stretch marks won’t go away in a day either.

• Another trick to try is to have collagen, and this can be in the form of bone broth, which is very trendy at the moment, which is done by cooking the bones of an animal. Or if you don’t eat meat, you can purchase the best collagen supplements also over the counter.

How To Lose The Baby Weight Faster & Easier
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• You will be cursing your wardrobe because nothing fits you like it used to. After all, your body has changed shape. So if you are picking an outfit for a night out, or a day somewhere, long dresses work wonders for all occasions because they help to disguise the problem areas. And as a choice of accessory, you can try a belt but be careful that it doesn’t squeeze too tight.

# Take a Night off!

• Sleep is the biggest rejuvenator of all, and you need to sleep as much as you can. If you’re breastfeeding, it can completely sap your energy or the fact that you’ve fed the baby five times in the night and they’re still hungry will upset you in more ways than you think possible.

How To Lose The Baby Weight Faster & Easier
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The fact is, while it’s not feasible right at the start, you need to find ways to take a night off. This doesn’t have to be with the baby out of your sight. Pass on the duties to your partner for one night so you can relax and recharge. Get a sleep mask, some earplugs, and have that one great night’s sleep. It’s amazing what one night can do to recharge you when you haven’t slept properly for a week! 

It’s all about balancing the duties with your partner, and you may find it hard to switch off. There are plenty of sleep-inducing podcasts, and meditation sessions, or white noise on YouTube for 10 hours straight. Sleep is the most important thing because it repairs, relaxes, and replenishes. Try not to forgo sleep if you can help it!

Do you have any more great tips on how to lose the baby weight faster and easier? Would be awesome if you’d share your tips with us, feel free to leave a comment below. I will certainly get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers

Take Good Care of Yourself!



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