20 Money Saving Tips On How To Keep Your Wallet Fat

20 Money Saving Tips

How To Keep Your Wallet Fat

Regardless of our familiar situation, the income, the number of kids or the debts we might carry, we all want to save money.There are so many ways to save money in different areas of our lives. Today I had this conversation with my friend about today’s phenomenon of couponing and how to save money in life. We all try to get the best possible deals, but how and where to find these deals? 

20 Money Saving Tips

I have done some ‘housework’ and listed the following 20 money saving tips for you:

• Cleaning Hacks

20 Money Saving Tips

  • Lemons and salt are all you need to clean your wooden cutting boards easily or make your stainless steel sink shine.
  • Use shoe polish to enhance the look of your old furniture.
  • To bring faded colours back to life, add ¼ to ½ cups of lemon juice to your washing powder.
  • Use common tomato ketchup and a soft cloth to buff your copper and bronze items.
  • Use rice to clean out stains in bottles and vases. Just pour half a hand full of rice into the bottle, add warm water and soap and then shake.
  • Lemon juice removes stains from wooden and plastic cutting boards.Squeeze some lemon juice on the dirty surface and leave it on for 15 minutes, then wipe off with warm soapy water.

• Hack-o-Mania

  • MEALS BY DEALS – If you want to save on groceries, know that planning is essential. Check on flyer, commercials, local publicity to find out what will be on sale next week. Plan your meals by deals around those offers.
20 Money Saving Tips
20 Money Saving Tips – Plan your meals by deals
  • BAKERIES – Many bakeries reduce their prices or even give away their baked goodies at the end of the day.
  • COUPONMANIA (mega trendy! ) – Before you go out shopping, consult an online coupon site. Instead of collecting all these paper coupons, you can scroll right through and print just the coupons you want. It might take some time to become familiar with all these coupon websites, but it’ll certainly pay off. There are coupons for pretty much anything you can think of with discounts of up to 70 % off, why paying full price?
20 Money Saving Tips
20 Money Saving Tips – COUPONMANIA is the new trend
  • PAY CASH – Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy things when using their credit cards.The reason is, that cash seems to have more value than just a ‘plastic card’, and so people try to preserve their cash money. It’s actually a psychological phenomenon.
20 Money Saving Tips
Cash seems to have more value than just a plastic card
  • BUY ONLINE – Stay honest to yourself and admit if you fall for impulsive shopping. If so, it might be a better idea getting your groceries delivered. Or order online and just pick up your groceries without having to enter the store. These services come at a little cost, but it will be worth it. Think about all the things you haven’t spontaneously flung into the trolley!

  • OFF SEASON BARGAIN – Children’s clothing is expensive. Clever shoppers buy lots of things for the next winter season at the end of February already.  For a little family with 2 children, the savings will be significant.
    20 Money Saving Tips
    20 Money Saving Tips – Go Bargain! 
  • COSMETICS – Check on the ingredients of night creams and hand lotions. Very often you’ll find the same ingredients, yet much cheaper in hand lotions.
20 Money Saving Tips
20 Money Saving Tips – klaudiascorner.net
  • FREEZE PLASTIC BOTTLES – Need to take food on a long ride? Going to the beach taking your own food? A romantic picknick with a glass of chilled bubbles? Fill empty plastic bottles up to 80% with water and freeze them instead of spending money on blue packs or bagged ice.
  • HAIRDRESSERS – Become a hair model for hairdressers-in-training at a trendy salon. You couldn’t get a mega expensive looking jazzy new hair cut any cheaper than that.  
20 Money Saving Tips
20 Money Saving Tips @ klaudiascorner.net – Become a hair model
  • PHONE BILLS – Mobile phone and internet services are a big expense, and they usually rise from year to year. If your original discounted rate is about to expire and your contract is fulfilled, don’t renew your contract! Get a new contract, that way you will get much better rates and conditions. Be sure to check for better rates every year!
  • WIFI  If you’re blessed with cool neighbours, share internet wifi and split the bill.
20 Money Saving Tips
20 Money Saving Tips –  klaudiascorner.net
  • WATER BILL – Put a brick in the cistern of your toilet. Yes, I am serious! This brings down the quantity of water you use per flush. You will see how much you’re gonna save on your monthly water bills.
  • HOLIDAY FLIGHT DEALS  – This is so simple and easy to manage. Flying is much cheaper from Monday to Thursday than flying over the weekend. I’ve checked on different airlines, Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly. Plan your vacation from Wednesday to Wednesday to get the lowest price.

20 Money Saving Tips

  • FLIGHT REFUND TRICK Has your flight dropped in price after you’ve booked it? According to EASYJET’s price promise, you can get the difference back on flights if the price has dropped after your booking (does not include sales) Not many know about this, but it’s worth a check to find out if you can get some extra pocket money back.
20 Money Saving Tips
20 Money Saving Tips – Claim a refund on flight prices
  • FITNESS – Get a free 7 day gym pass .. at different studios … every week. That’s pretty cheeky, I know but it’s legit and very profitable.
    20 money saving tips
    Get a free 7 day gym pass at different studios … every week  😉

Too often people buy things just because they think that this will bring happiness. They have to have that particular brand of shoes, the latest new mobile phone or that car. They just need that to become an ‘all around happy person’. And then they buy that object of desire to be only happy for a day or two.

Blessed are those who have learned to love life, to find joy in nature, to enjoy the people around. There’s so much in life that can make us happy, there’s no need to find happiness in spending money. Doing (not buying) things you love might be the best tip of all I have got for you today!

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That’s outsmarting the reality that we’re in! This list is just so amazing and relatable!


These are really great tips! Some of them I already do, especially the lemon cleaning tips, but some of them I’m going to get started on to save myself more $$.


I like using natural ingredients too for our cleaning needs. We use vinegar and baking soda a lot, especially in cleaning the toilets. I also make grocery lists to help us stick to what we only need to buy when grocery shopping. I wrote something similar in the past. Here is the link: http://mommytg.blogspot.com/2010/04/practical-moms-money-saving-strategies.html


You’ve got awesome money saving tips here. And among the stuff you have mentioned, the coupon is what I love the most. It’s sad to say that only a few companies here in our country offer such. Well, I just hope that one day a coupon company will be born.

Lindsey at Blog Me Lovely

Going to the store with a plan and checking the weekly ads is super helpful

Arrianne Guzman

I learned so much from this post! Recenlty I’ve been reflecting on handling my money/savings better. Hope I can apply some of your tips here (easier said than done, haaaayz). Great article!


Awesome advices on saving money. Perhaps what one can also do is to open up a new bank account and put money saved in that account and see it grow. Once it is enough, put in investments like mutual funds or even stocks. 🙂


Great tips! As for me, the best advice in terms of saving money, is that you either live below your means or you increase your sources of income. Lots of things in our lives are add-ons. We can really do so much with so little!

She Joh

These are some great tips! A lot of them I’ve never heard of but will have to try them. thanks for sharing!!

heidi williams

Great tips. I have another hack you might find interesting. Baby wipes are great for removing stains from clothes.
I love to save money, I am definitely gonna try those household tips.

Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching
Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

This list is AWESOME! There are some tips in here, like the tomato sauce and hand cream that have blown my little circuits. All in all a most useful list of doable everyday ways to save ans simplify.