How To Embrace Your Sexuality As a 50 Something Woman

How To Embrace Your Sexuality

as a 50 something woman 

How To Embrace Your Sexuality As a 50 Something Woman

Everyone experiences sexuality differently, and this experience is a lifelong process as it is tied to other aspects of physical and mental changes that occur through the course of one’s whole life. Nevertheless, sexuality can become a touchy subject for a woman in the next most delicate stage in her life after puberty.

When it comes to sex, age really is just a number. Don’t let that number, and the controversy around it, predetermine your attitude and feelings toward your own, unique sexuality. Although there are a couple of difficulties most women in their 50s face in this phase of life, from hormonal changes to vaginal dryness, they don’t need to turn into a turnoff. We’ve collected some of the most common misconceptions and doubts, as well as the best tools to cope with them, get in touch with your beautiful femininity, revitalize your libido, and embrace your sexuality in your fifties.

Quality over Quantity

Lots of sex isn’t synonymous with good sex. Everyone’s hormonal and mood rhythm is different, no matter the age. The truth is some women report they have sex around five times a week in their fifties, and others don’t even keep track, but just let it happen when they feel like it. Regardless of the age, the potency of a libido varies individually and changes through time as well.

Embrace whatever change your body, mind and even relationship are going through at this point in your life. No matter if you feel an intense desire for sexual contact, or honestly consider it a thing of the past – listen to your inner voice closely and don’t go against your needs, whatever they might be. When it comes to sex, there hardly is too much or too little, the constancy of this need is simply so individual that it creates an opaque range of answers – and exactly that is the answer to why it is in vain to compare your needs to others’.

Don’t Hesitate to use a Lubricant

One in three women in their 50s experience vaginal dryness through, or after their menopause, and some even report that “sex becomes painful”. Through age, the vaginal wall thins due to hormonal changes, and the natural secretion weakens. On the other hand, another most common cause for vaginal dryness is losing interest in sex – so, if that’s not the case with you, maybe trying a lubricant is the only thing that keeps you away from having a perfectly fulfilling sex life.


Physical activity is so important for all of us, and especially for the ones in their fifties. On top of all the health benefits, exercise has a huge role in self-love, feeling content, satisfied, and comfortable with your body, which in itself makes lovemaking a far more pleasurable experience. Sex itself is a physical activity, but if you want to get in the mood for the sweetest exercise, try picking up some light activity like fast walking, swimming, or yoga.

Don’t cease to Explore your Sexuality

Even though most women are fully formed people in their fifties, the whole life is a path of striving to know yourself. Being alive means staying curious and exploring the world around you, as well as yourself. The same goes for sexuality. 

How To Embrace Your Sexuality As A 50 Something Woman
Sparkle your imagination by reading erotica…

The weight of everyday life can become overwhelming through the years, but self-love, care, and acceptance are unquestionably important for a woman. So, don’t be afraid to approach your sexuality openly wherever you are. Sparkle your imagination by reading erotica, fantasize vividly, wear sexy lingerie and let yourself even dive into the creative sea of sex toys for women if you hadn’t before. Some of these erotic flavours might be the secret ingredient for improving your libido, you’ll never know if you’re not giving it a go.

Your Sexuality isn’t Determined by your Age

Everyone’s body, mind, and libido are different. Humans are sexual beings. Everyone expresses their sexuality in a different way; the sexual drive can be stronger or weaker depending on a person, or it can change over the years. Research shows that some women who were overtly sexual in their youth lost interest in sex in their later years, and others who had problems with their sexuality in their 20s grew to shine in their 50s!

There are no rules! 

Klaudia xx
How To Embrace Your Sexuality As a 50 Something Woman
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