Backyard Party Ideas – Creative and Elegant Garden Party Decorations & Ideas You’ll Love This Summer

Backyard Party Ideas

Backyard Party Ideas
Backyard Party Ideas – 

Creative and Elegant Garden Party Decorations & Ideas You’ll Love This Summer

What better way to get to know your neighbours than by throwing a festive springtime backyard get together? You don’t have to live in a multi-million-dollar waterfront lot or have a gorgeous rooftop terrace overlooking the skyline to throw a party that would make high profile celebrities hinting for an invite. Bright colours, a fun theme, some festive food and voila! You’ve got all the neighbours in one place to enjoy the crisp spring air and some good conversation. So how do you throw the season’s cutest and most talked about fling? I’m so glad you asked.

Backyard Party Ideas
Creative backyard party ideas you’ll love this summer 

Depending on where you live the backyard space you have to work with may vary. When doing a condo vs house comparison, it may be easier to host a party in the larger backyard of a home than in the smaller space in a condo. If your condo space it too small to host a backyard get-together, consider other social events that are more intimate and can be done inside.

Backyard Party Ideas
Healthy finger foods and mini prawn cocktails are easy to prepare the day before ..

   • Prep the Space

There is something personal and intimate about a backyard, which makes it a great place to host a springtime get-together. Prepare the space so it is comfortable and appealing by mowing the grass, picking weeds, and removing any evidence that you have a dog (wink, wink.)

Backyard Party Ideas
What ???

If you have a patio area, set it up so it’s easy for guest to maneuver and mingle, and have specific areas to place food and drinks, and make sure there are enough chairs for a number of guests you are expecting. If you plan on serving food, set up one long table if possible, so everyone can eat together. If you’re really popular and have a lot of friends coming to your home and garden party, two long tables next to each other give everyone enough space but avoids excluding people.

Backyard Party Ideas
2 long tables next to each other give everyone enough space … 

   • Decorate the Space

Depending on the time of the day that you’re hosting your shindigs, lighting may or may not be required. If it is a brunch or early afternoon party, you should have plenty of natural light. If you think your party may linger into the evening hours, or if it is specifically a night time event, rope lighting or string lights up against the house, along a fence or around a tree can really help set the mood.

Backyard Party Ideas
Rope lighting or string lights can help set the mood …

Nothing says springtime like mason jars, and they can be used for anything from drinking glasses to flower vases. And speaking of flowers, if your theme is spring, you’ve got to have flowers. Decorating the tables with freshly grown flowers is a simple way to incorporate colour into your party, and adds a subtle aroma to your venue. A simple garden tub with floating flowers and candles is an easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of elegance to your backyard event.

   • Cool Garden Party Themes

For some reason, springtime and brunch just seem to go together. Maybe it’s the way a cool mimosa goes with a spring breeze, or how fresh picked berries and colourful veggies just so happen to be ripe in the spring, and a staple on many brunch menus. If you’re planning a springtime brunch, consider setting up a waffle bar with warm, brown waffles and sweet toppings to add, or a yoghurt parfait bar where guests can layer creamy yoghurt with crunchy granola or fresh fruit for a refreshing snack.  

Backyard Party Ideas
Backyard Party Ideas – Consider setting up a yoghurt parfait bar for brunch

A garden party is another popular springtime event, where guests can sip fresh squeezed lemonade from mason jars, snack on healthy, finger foods like tuna salad sandwiches and mini caprice salads, and mingle amongst fresh flowers, and simple garden-themed decor. As the sun goes down and the temperature drop, offer guests cozy blankets to warm up with or gather around a fire pit for smores and a good time.

Backyard Party Ideas
Getting to know the neighbours …

   • Some Funny Backyard Game Ideas

Utilise the space in your background for a few games or activities that guests can play at their leisure. A ring toss game made with neon, glow in the dark rings is a creative evening game, and a bean bag toss, life-size wooden block stacking game and corn hole are all popular backyard game ideas that get people talking and are excellent ice breakers for a mixed crowd. Springtime parties are usually a little more reserved than a typical summer BBQ, so keep the calm and peaceful vibe in mind when planning your event.

Backyard Party Ideas

   • Think About The Details

You know who loves spring almost as much as you? Bugs. Don’t let a few pesky insects chase your guests into your house, or worse, back to their own. Invest in a few outdoor Citronella candles (or make your own) to ensure everyone can enjoy the outdoors without being bitten.

Also, remember that springtime can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather, so it is important to have a backup plan (a large event style tent, maybe?) for guests to escape a quick spring shower.

If you’re inviting the neighbours who have kids, make sure you have things for them to do so they aren’t bored and kid-friendly party foods and drinks for them to enjoy. They may not find conversations about your job, finances, politics or real estate that exciting, so give them something they can get excited about!

Backyard Party Ideas
Backyard party ideas – Don’t forget to keep the little ones entertained

A bright, colourful and cheery springtime backyard party is a great excuse to get everyone together for no reason at all. It is a fun way to connect with old friends and a simple way to make new ones. There is no better time than spring to host a backyard party that encourages new friends, new beginnings, and new relationships. With a little careful planning, the right yard, and some beautiful flowers, you can host a home and garden party event than the whole neighbourhood will be talking about all year.

Backyard Party Ideas

I hope you like some of these backyard party ideas and can make use of them when you’re going to throw your own springtime garden event.

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Now I want to have a party!! Great suggestions!


I agree, Insect repellent is so important and to include shaded areas! T

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

Perfect timing—I’m definitely going to steal some of these ideas!!

Silly Mummy

Love these ideas! The umbrella string lights are amazing!

Carol Cassara

I love these ideas. Something that’s been in the back of my mind this month…summer is comin’!


The number rule for having a great party is to invite your neighbors or bring them a plate of food….and to make sure the yard is free of dog poo. Nothing kills the vibe more then putting a foot in poo.


What great ideas to try out! Here’s to hoping I can give these a try!

Laura Dennis

I love your ideas especially the string lights with the umbrellas and the beautiful pots with flowers.


These sound so fun and interesting! My backyard has nice trees and a pond so I think some of these would be nice.


I’ve been thinking on having a get together in my backyard and these are great tips!

Amy & Tots
Amy & Tots

I wish it was warm enough in my garden to host something. Its always chilly because a huge tree blocks out all the sun.


Some great ideas, and beautiful imagery. I love partying with the neighbours and we come up wth some creative themes. Next one is a Winter Onsieland Party. Cheers


Great ideas for outdoor dining. I can’t wait until it gets warm here so I can implement lovely lavender pots as centrepieces. I also liked the hand umbrellas, they’re really lovely!


Love this!! We have get togethers at our house year round with friends and family. The umbrella lights are too cute!! Something that definitely helps out the hosts…we ask people to bring a dish to pass so we don’t have to do the whole meal every time. Everyone contributes that way! I CANNOT wait for spring flowers to start popping up!! I love the idea of flowers in the mason jars for table decor!! Thanks for all the tips!!


We have the occasional informal back yard BBQ, but even that is a lot of planning and setting up. This summer we have vowed to do more, these tips will come in handy.


Wow, amazing ideas and pictures! I wish the weather was nicer here so I could have a different theme party every Sunday haha!

Cathy Lawdanski

What wonderful ideas! Now that we are having Spring weather in Texas, it’s definitely time for an outdoor party! I love the way you decorate!


We just started the beginning of a new BBQ season with the neighbours two weekends ago. It is a very fun way to have a casual get together after long winter. You have some great points for the organisation, that I will keep in mind for the next get-together! I too adore those umbrella string lights, where do you get them?

Julia A

This is great! I host events and parties all the time, and you hit some key tips right on the dot!

Thanks for sharing!


These are really good ideas can’t wait for the weather to be good so that I can throw a party. Great post

Alyssa Thayne
Alyssa Thayne

I love this! It makes me wish I had a yard to do some entertaining!

Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching
Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

What a fun idea! I have never done this and lol, now I realize my life is not complete. Love the umbrella string light, it is gorgeous.