Cheap Home Accessories To Revamp Your Home

Cheap Home Accessories

To Revamp Your Home

Do you wish you could completely redecorate your home but are on a tight budget? The decor in your home can actually affect its value, something you may want to think about if you ever try to sell. Sometimes, all it needs is a few cheap home accessories to give your home a new lease of life and to show off your good taste. Here are some additions to make to your home which won’t break the bank.  

   The Kitchen

As the kitchen is often seen as a practical space, the decor can be easily neglected. Repaint your kitchen in white or a neutral shade and transform the room with seasonal accessories. Add jars filled with seasonal potpourri with a few lanterns or pumpkins for a Halloween theme.

Cheap Home Accessories To Revamp Your Home
Cheap home accessories to revamp your home  –©

Add some tile stickers in the shape of snowflakes for a winter theme or add some bright yellow towels, curtains and flowers for a spring or summer feel.


Do you want to transform your patio without putting in too much work or money? A beautiful piece of outdoor artwork which can withstand the elements will make your patio look good outside as well as in. Why not add a canvas of rivers and streams instead of adding a pool to your back garden? Alternatively, some images of flowers and wildlife can capture the beauty of the outdoors.

Cheap Home Accessories to Revamp Your Home -©
CCheap home accessories to revamp your home  –©

  The Living Space

Adding colour to a room can immediately change its appearance and, depending on the colour chosen, can give the illusion of space. A brightly coloured rug with the addition of a few scatter cushions is all you need to update the look of your sitting room.

image Wicker Paradise on Flickr

You can purchase some wall art or stickers in dark, warm shades to give it a cosy feel or lighter, cooler shades of blue and green to make it look larger.

   The Bedroom

Bedrooms can easily be adapted using different bedding, throws or even the addition of some themed storage boxes. Try adding a large cosy rug to laminate floors to bring some warmth to the room. The addition of some twinkling lights around your headboard or around shelving can give it a tranquil feel. Mirrors are ideal for adding depth to a room. Hang one above the dresser to create some sparkle and make a smaller room appear larger.


Cheap Home Accessories to Revamp Your Home -©
Cheap Home Accessories –©

Your decorating budget does not have to be huge to transform your rooms. Go shopping for throws, cushions, ornaments and art to give the appearance of a complete home revamp.

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6 years ago

I love the wall stickers. They are inexpensive, easy to put up and can be easily changed out if you get bored with them.