Christmas Party Invitation – Festive Style Ideas To Make You Look Amazing

Christmas Party Invitation 

Festive style ideas to make you look amazing

Whether you just work at a really fun company that throws a lot of parties and events, or you’re invited to the usual Christmas parties, a normal part of office life usually includes social gatherings with your boss and colleagues, so it’s a good idea to look your best and make a good impression.

Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation – Festive Style Ideas To Make You Look Amazing

Below are some style ideas to keep you looking amazing at every office party that you’ll hopefully find useful.

Smokey Eyes Makeup

When getting made up for the office party, you definitely want to make a good impression, but you certainly don’t want to go over the top. Makeup that really highlights your best features and isn’t extreme will be your best bet. If you’re opting for a bright shade for your lips, then go more subtle on the eyes, and alternatively, if you’re going for dark and dramatic smokey eyes makeup, then a more natural shade on the lips will be a good bet. Also before applying your makeup, then maybe give yourself a nice facial or some pampering to really have your skin looking its best.

Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation – Go for dark and dramatic smokey eyes makeup

Sensible Shoes

Your shoes definitely don’t have to be boring by any means, but you don’t want to be spending the evening trying to walk in 6 inch high heels – especially not if you plan on having a few drinks. Stick to some dressy pumps or something with a lower heel that won’t make moving around too difficult or uncomfortable. The last thing you want to be doing is falling on your face in front of the entire company.

Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation Style Ideas

Classy Party Dresses

Although you may look great in a mini skirt, the office party is probably not the most appropriate setting for it. Instead, have a look through your classy party dresses to see what you have that is simple, but still has the wow factor. If you don’t have anything like this, then it’s the perfect time to go shopping for something that looks good but still has a look of professionalism about it.

Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation Style Ideas  –

Simple Accessories

Sometimes we can overdo it on the accessories, but the less is more rule applies here. A nice necklace, bracelet or a sparkly pair of earrings will be more than enough to really highlight your office party outfit

Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation Style Ideas

Light Fragrance

Not everyone appreciates too much perfume, so keep it light and simple. Remember that in a room full of people, there will be a lot of different fragrances around, so it may get a bit overwhelming. Maybe a nice deodorant body spray to keep you smelling good, or a lighter perfume will be more than enough. Although you don’t always smell your own perfume after spraying it, others are far more sensitive and it will definitely be noticed, so you don’t have to worry about people thinking you’re not making an effort.

Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation Style Ideas

Of course, nobody expects you to be someone you’re not at the office party, so you’re certainly encouraged to be yourself and wear something that makes you feel comfortable. These types of events are the perfect opportunity to get to know your colleagues, and for them to get to know the real you, too, so let your hair down and don’t feel like you have to show up in office attire.

 I am sure, you’ll be the Queen of the Night!

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Ree love30
Ree love30

I love a smokey eye and I really love the way you’ve done through eyeliner. Also sensible shoes are a must!! I always opt for comfort so I can dance! Ree love30


Yes, there’s a Christmas party at the office! Right in time with this post :). I could use these tips, because we recently already had another party. And I don’t want to do the same thing twice. Smokey eyes are a good idea! I have the smokey palette from Urban Decay, so I’ll use that one. Great tips on the dresses, accessories and perfume!