Dating Tips – 5 Dating Secrets Every Single Girl Needs to Know

Dating Tips & Secrets

 5 Dating Secrets Single Girls Need to Know

dating tips
Dating Tips & Secrets by guest author Peter Minkoff – chief editor @

dating tips

They shoot single people, don’t they? – said Carrie Bradshaw in one of her escapades through the big city. There may be some truth to it. Not literally (obviously) but symbolically – if you’re not paired up by the age of that and that, there must be something wrong with you. No matter how progressed we are as a society, being single in the eyes of the people still means you’re rotten goods. Are we to fight the prejudice? Sure. Will we do something to try and change ourselves from desperately single to super relationship happy? We better.

dating tips

When being single isn’t a matter of personal conviction or choice, but rather a set of circumstances, usually – it isn’t just the circumstance to be blamed. Predominantly, the situations we are in are a direct consequence of our own actions and belief systems, having us stress over particular things (like, in this case, being single), repeatedly.

So, if you are looking to fall asleep next to someone who isn’t your laptop (no, it isn’t weird that laptops are a “someone” given how often they’re in bed with us), here are a few things you need to know (and apply).

 5 Dating Tips Single Girls Need To Know 

dating tips

♥  1.  Keep It Busy!

Don’t be so attainable if you want your guy to stick around and not lose interest! Whatever they say, the old cat and mouse game still holds true. Courting you is a mental challenge – men are always more interested if they need to work hard to get what they want. Don’t change your whole calendar for the week to squeeze in a day with him. You are a busy woman with a busy life and let him know it. Once he earns your attention and affection, he’ll start getting more than a day of your week.

dating tips
5 Dating Tips & Secrets by Peter Minkoff
 ♥ 2.  Know Who You Are!

If you don’t have a value for yourself, don’t expect your man to have it. The guy you like will form an opinion about you based on your view of yourself ‒ how you take care of yourself and how you respect yourself. If you maintain your dignity, the man you want will put you on a pedestal. However, if you think really low of yourself, he will think the same. “I am amazing” should be your mantra. Still, don’t just say it. Believe it, demand it and show it.

Dating tips 
 ♥ 3.  Don’t Suffocate Him!

You’ve been dating and it’s going great. You guys see each other often, text every day and all of a sudden he pulls back. You want to ask him what’s wrong, but you need to do the opposite. Keep calm and understand this is his animal instinct acting up: he wants to run from someone who is chasing him. So, instead of suffocating him, let him come back to you. If he’s the guy you are supposed to be with, he’ll call.

♠ 4. Keep your cha cha locked… for a while!

… and the big question is – why do we still think they’ll call if we sleep with them straight away? Seriously, though. It’s a rule as old as time and, no matter the global emancipation, they still yearn to chase us and we still need to keep our legs closed until it’s worth it. Look at it this way: if you have sex straight away, there’s no mystery left to look forward to. There’s no anticipation or desire to get to know each other.

dating tips

However, if you hold off the pleasure for a while – you’re giving him (and yourself) a chance to get to know each other, appreciate who you are and fall in love with each other’s personalities. When there’s love in store, everything’s more exciting – sex included. Contrary to that, once you fall into his “good time only” category, there is no going back. Game over! So, to answer your question on how to make a guy want you – just let him wait a bit.

♥ 5.  Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously!

Guys are simple – if they want to date you, they’ll let you know. Stop taking the situation and yourself so seriously. Enjoy the “now” and see what happens!

dating tips
Dating Tips & Secrets – Enjoy now and see what happens …  
Thank you so much for this awesome write-up, Peter! Brilliant dating tips on how to make him want her… by a man! Who else would have any better dating tips for the girls!? Klaudia
Peter Minkoff
Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a trend forecaster and a stylist for few fashion events in Brisbane. Besides fashion, he loves reading, cooking exotic meals and travelling around tropical destinations. He plans to create his personal fashion business for style advising.


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Linda Hobden
7 years ago

I’m not single but the tips are spot on and sensible! My husband adds to your list: be smiley and natural – and watch the drink! He said it was my smile that attracted him and my happy nature! My husband and I kept bumping into each other for months at mutual parties – we’d laugh, chat & flirt … and when we finally got together, wow … still love him to bits after 12 years marriage

Raymond Baxter
7 years ago

Pretty much on the money there. As a man, I agree! 🙂