Forever Young? 5 Reasons Why Life Gets Better After 50

Forever Young.?!

5 Reasons why Life gets Better after 50

Forever young … who wants to be forever young? Do you remember that Alphaville song? In fact, we all agree that wine, cheese, jeans, leather boots and many other things get better and more valuable with age. But why do we think humans only have worth when they are young?

Forever Young..?! 5 Reasons Why Life Gets Better After 50
Staying forever young? 5 good reasons why life gets better after 50

In reality, you as well might be getting better as years go by, especially once you hit the big fifty. Don’t believe? Here are just some of the reasons why getting older and hitting the fifty will be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. 

 1. You Can Forget About Stress

Thirties and forties are super stressful – you need to worry about kids, work, fitness, beauty, retirement and many other minor issues.

However, by the time you turn fifty, your kids probably left the house already, you might be getting closer to your retirement and work is probably stable. With many uncertainties in life gone and with bigger amounts of wisdom up your sleeve, your stress levels will significantly decrease. 

 2. You’ll Have More Free Time For Yourself & Your Partner

Once you turn fifty, your schedule will become less packed, which means you can dedicate more time to your partner and discovering your interests. Work, business trips, kids and social gatherings make it really hard to find time to relax in your lover’s arms and enjoy the intimacy.

Forever Young..?! 5 Reasons Why Life Gets Better After 50
You can finally dedicate more time to your partner.

But, once you get older and your kids leave, you will realize you can reconnect with your partner and re-light that spark between you two. Sex after fifty can be amazing and spontaneous! And being sexually active and physical is just as important now as it was in your twenties and thirties. 

 3. You’ll Love The Way You Look And Feel

People after fifty usually report higher levels of satisfaction with how they look and feel. Around 66% of seniors over 65 are completely happy with their physical appearance. Other things can also improve. For instance, for unknown reasons, allergies hit less frequently and severely later in life. Older people report fewer symptoms of seasonal allergies and food allergies – it seems we just outgrow them.

Forever young - 5 Reasons why Life gets Better after 50
66% of seniors over 65 are completely happy 

Probably one of the biggest downsides of getting older is the menopause. However, today, there are various menopause supplements that can help you battle the symptoms quickly and effectively. With some supplemental aid at your side, even menopause can be less scary. The common cold is also less prevalent in old age, but you might still want to get your flu shots with these new mutating viruses.

 4. You Can Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labour

Older people usually can enjoy the level of financial comfort younger individuals can only dream about. Right now, people over fifty possess around 2/3 of all wealth in the world. Your job is stable, your retirement plan is in place, your kids are out of the house, your stress is at all-times-low, so you can freely enjoy your life. 

 5. Your Happiness Levels Increase

Ever heard of The Happiness Curve? A huge study conducted over 30 years and on thousands of people, showed that when it comes to happiness during life, the trend moves in a U-shaped curve. What the happiness curve tells us is the fact that people are the happiest in childhood and old age.

A study showed that people are the happiest in childhood and old age

While our thirties and forties are when life really hits and we experience a lot of stress and uncertainty about our place in the world, senior years are filled with happiness. While there are some exceptions, the curve is pretty consistent with most people. Knowing your goals and all the ways you can reach them makes life a lot easier. 

If you’re older than fifty, remember one thing: you’re a member of the most influential, most successful and wealthiest generation in the history of the world. If you look around, you’ll notice that everyone from marketers to politicians are trying to attract your attention and win you over. So, there’s actually no point in staying forever young. Now that you’re this popular and powerful, make sure to use it to your advantage and be your happiest self! 

author: Peter Minkoff

Stylist & Writer

Take good care of yourself,

Klaudia xx

5 Reasons Why Life Gets Better After 50

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3 years ago

There are always not enough articles with sensible advices. Thank you very much for doing these.