Girls Bedroom Ideas – 7 Stylish Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Daughter’s Bedroom

Girls Bedroom Ideas

7 Stylish Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Daughter’s Bedroom

~ by Abigail Jones ~
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Designing a beautiful bedroom for your daughter provides a great opportunity for you to create a safe, cozy and special environment for her favourite room colours and other things. A few inviting and bright girls bedrooms ideas can turn her ordinary room into a warm retreat where she will be happy to do homework, sleep and wake up, read and dream and chat with her friends. Here are some modern bedroom ideas best for your girls’ bedroom.



 ♥  Understand her Room

Does the bedroom doubles up as a playroom or is it just a plain bedroom? How much space, in terms of wall space and floor space, do you have to work with? Consider the number of windows, the dimensions of the closets and any other furniture you are planning to keep. 

7 Stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas -©
7 Stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas –©

Armed with a notepad, a critical eye and a tape measure go on and initiate the process of decoration. Modern bedroom ideas should begin with a clear sense of purpose and eyes on working with limits, but not indulging every fantasy.

 ♥  Curate Cool Bedroom Art Display

If you carefully spend your time and money creating two-tone paint effects and refurnishing your daughter’s sleeping area, you are probably not going to be that keen for your child to directly pin posters on the wall…. 

Fix picture ledges on the wall at staggered heights above her bed and layer up her favourite framed prints and photos for her personal and art displays. This allows her to update the images and space as often as she wants.

 ♥  Choose Furniture that performs Double-Duty

If you have a tiny space, go for furniture that functions in more ways. Hang television on the wall, rather than placing it on a stand or a dresser.

Girls Bedroom Ideas
7 Stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas –©     IMAGE

If the bedroom has a large closet, your daughter can do away with a wardrobe and or a dresser. Seasonal clothing should be stashed in under bed storage. Make use of wall-mounted shelves instead of the standalone bookcases.

 ♥  Make it Fresh and Cheerful

A girl’s bedroom should be cheerful and fresh. Make it reflect her character, age and her clothes. This means her room should neither look like an infant’s room nor an old person’s home.

Girls Bedroom Ideas
7 Stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas –©   IMAGE

Be sure to strike a balance between these delicate situations. Make sure the walls are painted with happy colours. This will make the whole room cheerful.

  ♥  Choose Contemporary Furniture 

Furnish her room with contemporary furniture. Small- sized furniture is normally the best since the room should be airy. This helps create a casual look while at the same time being considerate of her special needs.

Girls Bedroom Ideas
IMAGE       7 Stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas –©

As was mentioned earlier, you can solve storage problem by making use of open shelves, unusual storage units and multi-functional drawers.

 ♥  Include Street Art Style Inside

Girls like pretty things, but not all girls like pretty pretty rooms- in fact, most of them prefer rooms that resemble their more edgy and grungy personal style. This does not mean floral bedding and pink walls. 

Girls Bedroom Ideas
7 Stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas –©

However, rough-around edges too can be stylish, as this scheme, which draws on the street art and the rough-luxe finishes shows. Incorporate graffiti style wallpaper with metal bed frame, a factory-style light, wire locker for storage and denim finish bed linen. 

 ♥  Use Bold Colors Carefully

Most girls like bold colours and you don’t have a reason not to celebrate her love for colours. However, she can feel overwhelming if you overdo things. Try bold colours on accent walls and repeat colours that coordinate around the bedroom in minute smaller amounts. 

7 Stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas
7 Stylish Girls Bedroom Ideas –©     IMAGE

Floors are good places to add colour. Darkly coloured rugs can assist you “ground” small bedrooms. A boldly printed accent rug or a camouflage or zebra print is very useful. It adds texture to your girl’s bedroom. Of course, do not forget to add a mural or a design to the ceiling, as this will create a surprising element to her bedroom, and give her something lovely to stare at before she drifts off into sweet dreams. 

Other areas of bedroom décor depend on the girl’s personality. For instance, there are many options: contemporary wall art, DIY wall accessories, sculptures among others. In all cases, be sure to use fresh and vibrant colours. Most importantly, keep the following in mind: fresh, modern and personal. 

♥ Conclusion 

If you are out there searching for great ideas for your daughter’s bedroom decorating ideas, then you need to try the designs we have listed in this post. The above seven ideas will teach you how to decorate your girl’s bedroom easily and effectively. Although most of these ideas are super easy, they will still give you an awesome look. Only a few of them may give you hard time. But if your daughter spends a lot of time in her room, you will find them well worth it.

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Girls Bedrooms Ideas

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