Good Parenting Tips – Surprising Things You Could be Doing Wrong As a Parent

Good Parenting Tips & Advice

Good Parenting Tips & Advice

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Good Parenting Tips & Advice

Surprising Things you Could be Doing Wrong as a Parent

Many parents have to face the ‘how to deal with guilt’ challenge on a daily basis. No matter what they do for their children, they can’t help beating themselves up and wondering if they should be doing it all differently. Should I work less, should I be more relaxed, should I … could I …  and what if?

Good Parenting Tips & Advice
Good Parenting Tips & Advice –

Parenting seems to be a right minefield – and there’s no instruction book for it. Even if some people convincingly appear to have everything under control! The thing about parenting is there’s always new things to learn and new challenges to face, no one is perfect and I am sure all mums and dads do what they can to give their children the best lives possible. But there are still plenty examples of how well meaning intentions might not always be the best choices! 

• Should I stay in an unhappy Relationship for the sake of the Kids?

How many couples stay together ‘for the sake of the kids’ even when the love has been lost. While this can seem like the noble thing, staying in a relationship where neither party is happy can lead to all kinds of strain. Whether it’s full-blown arguments or just passive aggressive comments, kids are perceptive and will notice that something isn’t quite right.

Good Parenting Tips

Getting divorced is a big deal, but a divorce lawyer (just check online for the list of best divorce lawyers locally) would be able to walk you through the process. Rather than having a negative effect on children, as in many cases, divorce can also be a positive thing. It can all happen in a peaceful and friendly way if all parties are willing to do so. Both parents get to move on and be happy, and the strain and negative atmosphere in the home will be resolved. 

Good Parenting Tips & Advice
Should I stay in an unhappy relationship for the sake of the kids?

There might still be many good reasons you want your marriage to work, if there’s still love between you, then you could consider giving marriage counselling a try. But if in your heart of hearts you know that it’s just for the sake of the children, you could well be doing more harm than good.

• Forcing the Kids to eat Foods they hate

Kids can be incredibly picky when it comes to food, much to the dismay of the frustrated parents who clearly only want the best for their offspring. We all know kids need good foods to thrive and develop properly, and so when children are being fussy or refusing things it’s easy to lose your cool. However, creating a stressful environment around mealtimes can make things a whole lot worse. Refusing to let them leave the table until you believe they’ve eaten enough or pressuring them to try foods they really don’t want to can have lasting effects.

Good Parenting Tips & Advice
Don’t force children to eat food they hate

Gentle encouragement and keeping a stress-free environment around mealtimes is key. Lead by example, allow kids to see you filling up on healthy and delicious food. Have healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and chopped veg available for hunger pangs, and don’t buy unhealthy treats since if kids know they’re in the house they will want them. When all else fails, there are tonnes of ways you can disguise healthy ingredients in your child’s favourite meals. Take a look at these really good parenting tips by Dinner Reinvented

• Pressuring the Kids to be more outgoing

Being an outgoing and confident person certainly opens up opportunities in life that might pass quieter people by. However, there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. Raising a confident child is key, maybe try smaller play sessions as opposed to pressuring them to socialize in large groups? Friendships are so important, but some people are naturally more reserved than others and prefer to connect with others at their own pace. Instead of worrying that your child isn’t social enough, take small steps and gently encourage them out of their comfort zone.

Good Parenting Tips & Advice
Raising a confident child is the key!

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”  Margaret Mead 

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Silly Mummy
7 years ago

Good advice. I’m a big fan of the idea that creating stress and negative associations around food with kids is worse than just accepting that little kids can be a bit fussy and leaving them to it! Most kids will outgrow the fussy stage, but ingraining negative associations around food could cause more lasting problems.

7 years ago

Yes to all of these!!! Raising kids is full of so many challenges!

Amber Temerity
7 years ago

I love the quote included at the end! Solid advice!!

Linda Hobden
7 years ago

Good tips especially the first one. An unhappy household is not a good environment to bring up children. My older children were very young when my first husband and I divorced. The atmosphere at home was very tense and once we did part, even the joint parenting was a lot easier and life was a lot happier.

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
7 years ago

I was such a picky eater as a kid, and normally my mom wasn’t the type to make me eat it anyways. There was one time though where I sat there all evening because I wouldn’t eat something—-she must have read an article that day–ha ha! Luckily she didn’t do it again–because I’m as stubborn as her!! 🙂