How to Help Someone During Cancer Treatment

how to help someone during

Cancer Treatment

Dealing with cancer is one of the worst things in the world, and it’s the type of news you never want to receive in your life. However, no matter how hard it is when you’re fighting cancer yourself, it’s even harder when someone in your environment is doing it. Whether it’s a member of your family, a close friend, or someone you know for a short period of time, being supportive and strong is crucial in these situations. So, if you too want to help someone during cancer treatment, here are a few things you might consider doing.

How to Help Someone During Cancer Treatment


  Don’t pity them

This is probably the most important thing you need to do – or not to do – when someone you care for is fighting cancer. Pitying these people and feeling sorry for them is definitely not the approach they need because they already feel bad about their own situation and don’t need your extra pity.

This is particularly important when they’re feeling down – and you can be sure they will feel down during their cancer treatment – because these are the times they’ll need someone to pick them up. That still doesn’t mean they want your pity, but they do want your support, and these are two very different things. So, what you need to do is be supportive and positive, helping them forget about cancer instead of reminding them of it every day of the week.

  Don’t act like you know what they’re going through

One of the things cancers patients hate the most is hearing that other people know what they’re going through, so be sure never to say that. Because you don’t unless you’ve been through the same struggle as well. And even if you have, the context is different and the problems are different, so you don’t know what it’s like for them.

How to Help Someone During Cancer Treatment

That’s why you should avoid that sentence – don’t say it, don’t think it, don’t even imply it! Identifying with another human being who is cancer-free won’t stop patients going through a treatment feel better all of a sudden, and that’s something you have to keep in mind at all times. Keep your opinion to yourself, and just be there for your loved ones.

  Be kind and donate

Another way to be there for the people you love is gathering more and more people who could give them support – morally, spiritually, and financially. Rallying people is never easy, but if you’re really dedicated to your goal and want to make a difference in someone’s life, encouraging people to do so, or even donating money to organizations who help other patients, is definitely an idea to consider.

However, not all organizations and funds are the same, and not all people are going to use your support in the right way. With so many scams and cons out there, finding a reliable cancer fund that’s run by people who help cancer patients in more ways than one is crucial. Once you pick a fund and find out what a difference they make in people’s lives, you can even encourage others around you to do the same, thus making an even bigger difference in someone’s life.

  Do their chores

We all know that fighting cancer is hard, but what most of us don’t understand is that leading a normal life while fighting cancer is almost impossible. From your everyday chores to things that are harder and more time-consuming, doing things you normally do without even thinking about them will require lots of patience and energy – and these are two things people undergoing cancer treatments don’t have.

This is the reason why you need to consider start doing their chores instead of them. Paying their bills, cleaning their home, doing their shopping, and walking their pets are just some of the things you might consider doing for someone you care for.

You could also read to them, take them out to movies, or simply watch TV with them – these things don’t seem like a lot at first but will mean the world to someone who’s fighting cancer. As you can see, being kind to someone in need isn’t hard at all. There are lots of ideas you can look into and a number of ways to make a huge difference in someone’s everyday life, so start doing that today!

author: Peter Minkoff


How to Help Someone During Cancer Treatment
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Melanie Hoogvliet
2 years ago

Great tips i think no one really knows what to do when someone they love has cancer

2 years ago

I think every person is different but feeling loved is always a good feeling. And just being there as well.

2 years ago

Great tips. I know many people with cancer. I know many people who had chemo. It’s one of the worst things indeed.

2 years ago

These tips are really helpfull

nicole orriens
2 years ago

Thank you for these tips. It’s hard sometimes to say and do the right thing. And I’m often worried of saying the Wrong thing.

3 years ago

Such an awesome and helpful post. Everything is on point, but the ‘doing the chores for them’ helps somebody with cancer so much. It can be such a load when you’re ill, so doing the groceries or a bit of cleaning is already a gift to them indeed.