Household Chores Checklist – How To Get Organized At Home Like A Boss

Household Chores Checklist

How to Get Organised at Home Like a Boss

Household chores – DIY or a job for the pros? You may think that cleaning in the home is something that you should just do yourself. However, this is always going to be a huge time suck. The chances are, you already have a busy enough life as it is.

Household Chores Checklist
Household Chores Checklist – How to get organised at home like a boss

Cleaning your house is one job that getting someone else to do is impossible. After all, you can hardly get someone else to do your job for you! Consider the fact that professional home cleaning maids are unlikely to be as costly as you may imagine. Go with a reputable house cleaning company so that you know you can trust whichever cleaning made is in your home.

Sure, you can sweep up any clutter yourself on the weekend, or iron a few shirts last minute. But you will be blown away just how much of your free time and energy you get back by giving cleaning chores to the pros. A household task that should be strictly for the pros is anything to do with old electrical wiring. It is simply not safe to take on tasks like this yourself. Doing so puts you at risk of damaging the product at best, or at worse, damaging or injuring yourself. It’s simply not worth it. Electricians have intense and complex training for a reason – because it can be a dangerous thing! With this in mind, having the number of a reliable and trustworthy electrician close at hand is wise. Just don’t have it on your landline, in case this dies when the electricity does.

Let’s look now at a job you can DIY. While the services of an electrician are all about keeping you safe, the services of a painter and decorator are aesthetic. Sure, having a pro to repaint the kitchen would be great. But if you don’t have the budget, doing it yourself can work out just as well. You will need to spend on the paint, brushes and plastic dust sheets, of course. But the benefit of doing it yourself is that you aren’t paying for the labour. Do some research on the best ways to paint a room. You’ll be surprised the common mistakes that people make!

Household Chores Checklist
Household Chores Checklist – DIY or a job for the pros?

Plumbing is one household task where for some tasks, DIY is the answer, and for others, you should call in a pro. Bleeding your radiators is a task that you simply don’t need a plumber to do. Some might think that bleeding radiators isn’t necessary, but actually, they won’t heat up. This will mean that you are wasting money on powering them, and also energy. You’ll just need a vent key, oh and some sheeting if anything does leak out.

Household Chores Checklist
Household Chores Checklist – For some tasks, DIY is the answer

Whenever it comes to decide whether to leave a job to the pros or DIY, ask yourself this question first. Am I putting myself or my family or neighbours at risk if I do this myself? If the answer to this is even slightly yes, it’s a job for a pro. Do your research and hire somebody reliable, with good reviews and a good track record. Enjoy the extra ‘me-time’ you will gain by investing some money in hiring a pro now and again!

Household Chores Checklist
Household Chores Checklist – Getting organised like a Boss!










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great post even diyers have to rely on the pros at times .The good thing is to be able to tell the difference
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I’m not sure how I managed it, but my husband does most of the chores. I agree with hiring out electricity- know your limits and be safe!