Paraben dangers – Why are parabens bad in body & baby care products ?

Paraben dangers – Why are parabens bad in body & baby care products ?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Parabens, Hormones & Breast Cancer


Paraben dangers ~ the invisible threat in everyday body & baby care products !
Paraben dangers
Paraben Dangers -Why are parabens bad in everyday body care products ?

Parabens ~  used as preservatives, found in many products … linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity …

Paraben dangers
Paraben dangers  –  skin problems 

… common skin problems associated with parabens include dermatitis, rosacea, and other allergic reactions.


What are parabens ?


Parabens are artificial chemicals used in most body care products



Parabens are artificial chemicals frequently used in cosmetics and body care products marketed to both grownups and children, such as shampoos, conditioners, hair styling gels, nail creams, structures, facial masks, skin lotions and antiperspirants.



Parabens can be also an ingredient in baby creams, hair shampoos and also other products for kids. Methyl and also propyl parabens are additionally permitted to use as food chemicals in little quantities.

paraben dangers
Paraben dangers – common in body & baby care products

Parabens are potentially bad for a number of reasons. They affect us in various ways. Many products that come into contact with the skin contain parabens, which frequently creates irritation of the skin.

EWG’s Skin Deep database, which contrasts cosmetic active ingredients to over 50 global databases, indicates that parabens are connected to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity as well as skin irritation .

According to the European Compensation’s Scientific Board on Consumer Products , longer chain parabens like propyl and also butyl paraben and also their branched equivalents , isopropyl as well as isobutyl parabens, might interfere with the endocrine system and also cause reproductive and developmental disorders.

Parabens have also been discovered in breast tumors, but there is no evidence on if parabens contribute to cancer cells growth.


paraben dangers
Paraben dangers  ~ the invisible threat in baby care products

Parabens in baby products

Parabens are anywhere. They can be located in all soaps, body creams, washes, and hair shampoos, consisting of those marketed towards infants. Parabens are neurotoxins and also are linked to reproductive toxicity, hormonal agent disruption, as well as skin irritability. Keep away from anything with ‘paraben’ in its name , as well as benzoic acid  or propyl ester.

Child products are marketed making you assume you need them, but the reality is they have lots of harmful ingredients that do more damage than any good.

There is a multi-million market out there assuring to maintain your child’s skin as best as it was when he or she was first born. The unsurprising paradox is that none of that is needed. Your baby’s skin is much better off with very little intervention. The fewer soaps, hair shampoos, and creams that you put on your youngster’s amazing brand-new skin, the much healthier it will be .

Many baby products consist of numerous harmful ingredients that will enter your baby’s body. The most effective choice is to stick with organic, nourishing, as well as edible active ingredients such as natural oils (olive , sweet almond , coconut) and fragrance-free soaps.Your infant may not have that stereotyped baby-powder scent, yet they will be healthier in the long run , which’s all that matters.

Lots of brands currently make paraben-free products for any ages. If you have a child, check the body care products used at bath time, and other items that are going to come into contact with your baby’s skin.

info :


Parabens and Hormones

Parabens are also said to have a negative effect on hormones . Studies have shown that parabens have the ability to imitate estrogen (oestrogen). This can disturb the body’s delicate hormonal balance and is a concern for teens, women, and men. A study conducted by Dr. S. Oishi in 2002 found that the paraben butylparaben had a negative effect on male rat’s testosterone levels. The fact that parabens can mimic estrogen (oestrogen) is also a concern for women as estrogen is said to play a part in the formation of breast cancer.


Parabens & Breast Cancer

paraben dangers
Paraben Dangers & Breast Cancer

The first and main threat associated with parabens is breast cancer. There have recently been studies investigating the link between parabens and breast cancer. A study conducted by English biologist Dr. Philippa Darbre, published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology found a disturbing link between the use of paraben products and the formation of breast tumors. In her study, she tested breast tumors of twenty breast cancer patients and found the presence of parabens in all but two of them. Meaning that 90 % of breast tumors contained parabens !



 Why are parabens bad and how are parabens regulated ?

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review recommends a specific limit on the concentration of parabens in cosmetic products sold in the United States .

In the European Union, this limit is enforced by law !

However, the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products is still reviewing the safety of propyl , isopropyl , butyl , and isobutyl parabens.

paraben dangers
Always check labels to avoid paraben dangers !



If you want to avoid parabens, always check products labels for paraben-free products (Many leading manufacturers of baby products use alternative preservatives)




Avoid these common types of parabens:


Follow these easy steps to avoid exposure to parabens :

Always read labels (as well on ‘natural’products)  Look for the ingredients butylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben, or propylparaben on ingredient listings on personal care products and processed food packaging.

Choose certified organic and minimally processed products & items which generally do not contain synthetic preservatives.

paraben dangers
Stick with organic ingredients such as natural oils and fragrance-free soaps to avoid paraben dangers


Paraben dangers ~ the invisible threat in everyday body & baby care products. 

Always check the labels !

paraben dangers



There is so much information to find about parabens and paraben-free products online. One excellent source I have found is the following list of paraben-free baby products !

click here to open list:   A list of paraben free baby products

paraben dangers
Paraben dangers – check  for paraben free baby products online !


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wow i didn’t know that

Rhoda Fajardo

I didn’t know that isopropyl is a branch equivalent of parabens. I often use isoproyl alcohol to cleanse my hands when they’re tired. I didn’t know that this could be cancerous. I better check the beauty and baby products I have at home to see if they’re all safe. Thanks for sharing this. =)


In fact, I have allergic reaction to parabens and it’s not preety to the eye. I thought this was an excellent well written post, I just wished you have spoken about diseases other cancer that are really awful, but I get that this is not the point of the post. I hope that your post bring attention to this horrible thing called parabens.

Roselle Carlos-Toledo

I wasn’t very aware about parabens. I’ve been hearing about it but I didn’t know how harmful it is. Thanks for this article I’ll be more conscious in buying products.


This was a really interesting read especially about parabens affecting hormones, I didn’t know that. I have to use soap free and fragrance free products, mainly organic products as I tend to get eczema. My daughter is the same too but now I will be extra careful at choosing my beauty and skincare products!

Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo

Omg!! This is an amazing post. Everyone mist be careful on using products especially for their babies.


I agree with you that we need to be discerning of the products that we use. Even those that are marketed to be safe for babies aren’t really safe. I do my best also to buy organic or natural products for our family.

subha natarajan

Great article….the awareness of parabens and its link to ill health effects is just picking up in India…will definitely pick this up as a topic to blog in the near future


Very good subject. I didn’t think of this for a long time. Even in baby products, so unbelievable. Good that you added a list of safe products without parabens.
This was very convincing, I mean, even effect on hormones, brrrr. Don’t want to think about it!


Excellent post. I have written a comprehensive yet simple post on parabens and breast cancer in my older blog: