How To Get A Perfect Body For The Summer – Stop Dieting Start Living!

How To Get A Perfect Body 

For the summer

Every spring as the first signs of good weather start to burst out of the ground, the internet becomes awash with the latest fad diet for ditching the pounds and getting yourself the perfect bikini body.  It’s insane.

 Stop Dieting  – Start Living!
How To Get A Perfect Body
How to Get a Perfect Body – Stop Dieting Start Living!

It’s insane for many reasons.  Firstly because fad diets aren’t going to help you get a summer body. They might help you ditch some weight but if you are sticking to a hardcore low calorie diet plan for 12 weeks, you are just setting yourself up for a fail. Most people pile on more weight after a fad diet and then have an even bigger job of getting it off the following year. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a diet you could follow all year round and have the perfect body for you, no matter what the season? Well, you’re in luck.  There is.

Let’s call it the Eating Properly Diet!

If you are overweight then there are going to be only a couple of reasons for that.  Firstly, you may have a medical condition that means you struggle to keep your weight down.  No matter how well you eat, you struggle. The perfect female body you wish for will never happen.

How To Get A Perfect Body For The Summer
How to Get a Perfect Body for the Summer –

If you don’t have a medical condition then it’s very simple.  You eat too much and you don’t exercise enough.  Sorry to sound harsh, but it’s the truth.  We are all guilty of it.  There are so many deliciously bad foods for you out there and after a long day in the office, who wants to head out to the gym for an hour? No thanks, a glass of wine followed by an evening with our feet up.  

How To Get A Perfect Body For The Summer
A glass of wine after work followed by an evening with our feet up

The problem is, this is why so many of us are desperately seeking out the shortcut to a better body.  You aren’t going to find it.  Depriving yourself of delicious snacks is only going to make you depressed.  So stop doing that and start thinking long term, preferably lifelong.

Sweet Criminals

Sugar is one of the worst criminals in the bad foods gang.  Yet we cannot get enough of the stuff.  It’s not just that it is making us fat, it is also the main cause leading to painful root canal surgery.  Our saliva turns sugar into acid which rots our teeth and leads to loss and breaks. One thing you can be sure of, even if you manage to get the perfect bikini body whilst not ditching sugar, you will find it hard to look glam when you smile with a few teeth missing.  

How To Get A Perfect Body For The Summer
Sugar is one of the worst criminals in the bad foods gang

It also causes insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes, which can lead to a whole variety of other illnesses, including obesity.  You will find it causes breakouts on your skin and whilst sugar may boost your energy for a short time, it will then follow with a prolonged feeling of fatigue. Reducing your sugar intake is the first step to ensuring that summer body arrives, and stays.

Processed Foods

Processed foods are also likely to be causing you a variety of issues.  But what defines a processed food? Well for all the smarty pants out there who say that all foods are processed in some way or another, we are talking about the ones that are chemically produced to recreate flavour or texture.  So a single ingredient such as a tin of chopped carrots is probably not going to be classed as processed, just make sure it is not sitting in salted water as that will push up your sodium intake.  Bad.

How To Get A Perfect Body
What exactly defines a processed food?

Processed foods tend to be high in sugar and fructose corn syrup.  We already know why that is bad for you.  They also tend to be hyper-rewarding which leads to overconsumption.  Our appetite gravitates towards foods that are sweet, salty and fatty, because we know such foods contain energy and nutrients that we need for survival.  However whilst we are lured in by the sweet aromas, what our body doesn’t realise is that the scent is now a lie.  The body does need sugar, salt and fat to gain energy but these should be coming from natural sources. Such as Omega 3 fatty acids.  A very healthy fat which gives us a solid boost of energy and keeps our hearts healthy.

Carbohydrates in a Diet Plan

There is a lot of controversy regarding carbohydrates in a diet plan.  Some people think that the majority of our energy intake should be from carbs, while others think they should be avoided like the plague.  But one thing that almost everyone agrees on, is that carbohydrates from whole food are much better than refined carbohydrates.

How To Get A Perfect Body For The Summer
How To Get A Perfect Body –  Focus on  natural and whole food

Instead of ditching the foods you love or restricting what you eat to a tiny few bites a day, eat like a king. Just make sure you are feasting on natural and whole food. Stop dieting, start living! That’s probably the best advice on how to get a perfect body to present proudly in your new bikini this summer.

Thank you so much for your time, I truly appreciate your attention!

Take good care of yourself


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7 years ago

All excellent points. Now if only we could all follow them.

7 years ago

I’m not really overweight but am about 15 pounds heavier than I have ever been (except when pregnant). I blame menopause and quitting nicotine for the weight gain and it is proving to be difficult to lose even though I eat far more healthily than I did before. I am not eating more and I don’t want to “diet” per se so I really need to get more exercise. And find a way to increase my metabolism again. Wish me luck!