How To Save Money On Your Monthly Water Bill

How to Save Money on your Monthly Bills

How to Save Money on Your Monthly Household Bills

4 Simple Ways To Cut Your Water Use & Reduce Your Water Bill

Limiting water waste throughout your home is an easy way to reduce your monthly overhead. It’s also a significant step towards making your household an environmentally-friendly one. This is especially true if you happen to live in a drought-prone region. Follow these four, simple tips on how to save money on your monthly water bills, without dramatically changing your lifestyle.

  1. Consider Installing Dual-Flush or Low-Flush Toilets

Toilets account for approximately 26 percent of all water use in the home. As such, your commodes are the very first features to consider when you want to reduce your water use. Low-flush and dual-flush toilets are two water-saving options that reduce the amount of water used per-flush to just 5 litres (1.3 gallons).

With a dual flush toilet, you can use a low-flush setting to eliminate liquid waste, while maintaining access to a standard-flush option for eliminating solid waste. Conversely, low-flush toilets flush both liquid and solid waste at a single setting, and with the least amount of water possible.

  2. Switch your Shower Faucets to Low-Flow Options

Consider switching out all standard shower faucets and heads for low-flow options. While a standard shower head emits water at approximately 17-18 litres (4.5 gallons) per minute, these eco-friendly shower faucets will emit just 10 litres (2.5 gallons) per minute. That’s half as much! 

How to Save Money on Your Monthly Household Bills
4 simple tips on how to save money on your monthly water bills 

You should also make sure to have all leaky faucets repaired in a timely fashion. Leaky shower faucets, tub valves, and shower valves can waste gallons of water each week. Think about – how much wasted money of your monthly household budget that is!

  3. Schedule a Whole-House Plumbing Inspection

The surest way to limit water waste is by scheduling a whole-house plumbing inspection. During these services, you can have a pro like plumber West Chester PA locals trust, e.g., walk through your entire home to check for slow and hidden leaks. These are minor leaks that usually exist at the connections behind appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. However, they can also be hidden behind your drywall.

Not only can these issues create a significant amount of water loss each month, but they’ll also cause water damages in inconspicuous areas, and they may lead to mould. Your plumber can additionally check the water pressure throughout the abode to verify whether or not this unnecessarily high. If it is, the installation of a low-cost, water pressure reducing valve will eliminate this common cause of water waste.

  4. Install a Low-Cost Timer on Your Sprinkler

You might not be able to invest in a costly, sprinkler system with a sophisticated, built-in timer. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to leave the timely shut-off of your sprinkler to chance.

4 simple tips on how to save money on your monthly water bills 
4 simple tips on how to save money on your monthly water bills 

There are a number of low-cost devices that can be screwed right onto the tap. These economical and simple units can shut the water off after your lawn has gotten its fill, and before water starts running down into the gutters.

Small changes throughout your home can dramatically reduce your monthly water bill. These efforts will additionally limit the overall environmental impact of your household. Best of all, no one in the home will have to make any significant changes to their daily habits in order to experience these benefits.

Hopefully, you found these tips helpful and can make use of it,

Cheers, Klaudia xx





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