Luxury Master Bedroom Designs – How To Give Your Bedroom That 5-Star Hotel Vibe

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs

How to Give Your Bedroom that 5∗ Hotel Vibe

There’s nothing quite like checking into a luxury hotel. If you’re always in awe of lavish decor, quirky themes or impossibly stylish finishing touches, you may be thinking about trying to recreate a boutique boudoir at home. If you’re keen to give your bedroom that 5-star hotel vibe, here are some hints and tricks.

   ♣ Pile the Pillows High

It’s rare to enter a hotel room without being confronted by a large bed with a mass of pillows and cushions adorning it. Using soft furnishings to create a statement is a great, affordable way of adding that luxe touch to your bedroom. Go for the regimented look if you’re after a cosmopolitan contemporary suite vibe or opt for a more relaxed feel if you’re keen on the shabby chic look. Pile the pillows high, choose shades and patterns that complement the colour of the walls, and add matching throws or a bedspread to finish the look.

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs
Luxury Master Bedroom Designs – Pile the Pillows High

   ♣ Go Kingsize

There’s nothing more majestic or eye-catching in a bedroom than an oversized bed. If you have the space available, consider upgrading a queen or a standard bed to kingsize. Take inspiration from designer beds in hotels you’ve stayed in, or look through some interior magazines. If you can’t quite afford the 5-star price tag, search for similar products at lower prices.

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs
Luxury Master Bedroom Designs – Go kingsize for a 5-star hotel flair

   ♣ Antique Vintage Furniture

If you like antique vintage furniture, it’s worth visiting salvage yards, keeping an eye out at antique markets and having a look at online auction sites for frames and headboards, as you may be able to pick up a bargain. If you have a standard headboard and you want to add some pizazz, there are also some great DIY options you could try online if you’re open to a bit of upcycling.

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs
Luxury Master Bedroom Designs – Antique Vintage Furniture

   ♣ Bedroom Theme Ideas

Do you love the quirky decor of boutique hotels? Are you a fan of staying in places where every room has a different theme? Do you have already some cool bedroom theme ideas on mind? Think about rooms you’ve seen, and take elements you like to design your dream room. Do you adore the elegance of a Parisian boudoir or are you a massive fan of the minimalist Scandinavian vibe? How about the idea of a retro Hollywood vibe or are you keen on a travel theme? Once you’ve chosen a theme, search for suitable accessories to bring it out and make your room unique.

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs
Luxury Master Bedroom Designs – Elegant Parisian Boudoir Bedroom Theme Ideas

If you’re an adventurer you could decorate the wall behind your bed with pieces you brought home or use old-fashioned suitcases to store your jewellery. If you love the romantic vintage look, hang a chandelier from the ceiling and an ornate oversized mirror on the wall.

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs
Luxury Master Bedroom Designs – Decorate a wall with pieces from travelling

Have you ever walked into a hotel and wished you could have a bedroom like that at home? Hotels are often an excellent source of interior design and decor inspiration, and there are ways of creating a luxury hotel vibe without spending a fortune. Hopefully, this guide will give you some food for thought and help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

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