Natural Remedies For Pets – Natural Health Solutions For Your Furry Buddies

Natural Remedies For Pets 

Natural Remedies For Pets


Natural Health Solutions For Your Furry Buddies

A lot of animal owners wonder if natural health solutions could be used on their dogs and cats. In many cases, you will see that they can.

Natural Remedies For Pets

When it comes to whether using natural remedies for pets or sticking to common pet medicine supplies there are actually a few aspects that you should definitely think about. One of those aspects is your source of information. If you choose to use an all-natural remedy that you found online, make sure that you are getting your information from a trustworthy vet approved website, such as or by talking to a good vet.

Natural Remedies For Pets

An additional aspect that you will certainly have to think about when choosing to use any natural remedies for pets is actually that there are normally no side effects or unwanted complications occurring, as it would probably happen with common pet medicine supplies. Keeping that being said, natural health solutions are actually a risk-arm, quick and easy and a very budget-friendly method to treat house pets with light medical issues.

I could write an entire article about my own experience with my little chap. My chihuahua boy started having digestive problems when he was 2 years old. I have been to 4 different vets, I really don’t know whether to tell how much money they have made me pay for no improvement at all… They gave me more and more pills and drugs to feed my little man with, he weights not even half a stone! According to the vets my doggy had parasites, worms and what else more. I have done as I was told by the vets for a while. Heaps of pills to kill the “nasty parasites” (he’s actually never had tho) then my dog would need this and that convalescence medicine to rebuild his natural stomach and bowel defense system … and so on. Till I just had enough of stuffing my little champ with harmful chemicals every few weeks again and again.  At the end it turned out, all that was “wrong” with my baby was that he suffers from a common meat protein intolerance. The last (and best) vet I’ve consulted told me to change his food, my dog had never again diarrhea ever since and he will be 6 years old next April ! To get to this point of wisdom has cost me about 800,- euros, and there would have been many more pennies to come out of my purse, as one of the vets recommended to do a special internal scan … 600,- more euros that would have been. Can’t thank the last vet enough for being a vet with heart and showing passion for the pets and not just for the money! klaudia's corner

( for my friends who aren’t familiar with the Euro currency : 1 Euro equals 1.10 US Dollar)

That is now not in particular a case of healing with natural remedies for pets. This just to call attention to the horrendous costs you might be facing at the wrong vets, while you can probably cure your pet’s health issues just with changing nutrition or with using natural health solutions.

You might be wondering what the most popular natural health solutions actually are. A couple of popular natural remedies for pets are summarized listed here:  home remedies for pets


Now let’s have a look at some popular natural health solutions to treat our furry buddies as gentle  as possible

  • Arthritis is actually a problem that many mature dogs have to live with. If you own any house pet that is suffering from arthritis, there are ways to ease the symptoms and relief the pain with all-natural methods. A hot wet washcloth or towel can be put on any painful spot, wrap it around the leg if that’s the causer of pain and leave it on for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Additionally, lowering your buddy’s weight and try to keep them out of frosty temperature levels is also highly recommended to ease the symptoms of arthritis.

 natural remedies for pets

  • Ear mites in dogs and also feline ear mites are vital to take care of, as they cause horrible tickling and encourage your house pets to keep scratching, which will lead to infections and various other problems. One amazing mixture to eliminate ear mites all naturally is this blend of Vitamin E and almond oil. Pour that mixture into a dropper and insert it into your house pet’s ear. Read here how to exactly prepare and use the mixture.

Natural Remedies For Pets

  • Garlic and olive oil can as well be used to minimize itching and tickling often caused by dry skin or irritations that are often linked with ear mites. One or two drops of olive oil added to the meal once or twice a week is very good for the skin and a shiny fur.You will see the difference within a few weeks.

Natural Remedies For Pets

  • Pamper your pup with Vitamin E. A dog’s dry skin will benefit greatly from applications of vitamin E oil to affected areas.

Natural Remedies For Pets

  • Pets on antibiotics  Just like people, pets on antibiotics might experience stomach problems as the medication wipes out beneficial bacteria and weakens the natural immune defense system. A little yogurt (with live active cultures) with dinner will help the stomach, just as in humans! The ‘good bacterias’ do the trick.

Natural Remedies For Pets

Although natural solutions can be used on any other animals part from just house pets, this is as with any other cure, not THE ultimate all round solution with guaranteed outcome equally for every pet. If you’re going to use the internet to discover relevant information on natural remedies for pets, make sure to check for vet approved sites and guidelines.

Do you know any more good natural remedies for pets ? Please share your tips with us in the comment section ! Take good care of your furry buddies, thanks a lot for reading !


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7 years ago

That part about arthritis is so helpful to me! I strongly think that my dog is having arthritis and it would be expensive if we opt to go to the vet. This is really helpful! Oh and that insect photo really creeped me out! Haha.

Ralf - D.
7 years ago

This is a nice Post.