Positive Parenting Tips – Traits of a Modern & Open-Minded Parent

Positive Parenting Tips

traits of a modern & open-minded parent

For many people, open-mindedness has nothing to do with parenthood. They are advocates of old-school parenting styles which say that parents are above their kids in every sense. These people are all about strictness and using a firm hand whenever possible. However, we don’t agree with this approach. We believe that modern, open-minded parents have numerous traits that help their children grow up into healthy and independent young adults. Just keep on reading our positive parenting tips, check them out and learn something new today!

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Open-minded parents have numerous traits that help their children grow up… 

Open-minded Parents are Flexible

Flexibility is one of the most valued traits of modern, open-minded parents. And what does it mean? Firstly, it means that a flexible parent is always up for resolving a disagreement without shouting or causing unwanted drama. This is essential simply because children are naturally defiant. If you aren’t willing to show flexibility, it’s highly likely that your kid will become even more rebellious. In such cases, conflicts often are unavoidable. To prevent that, it’s important to let your little ones have a voice in all family decisions. It’ll show them that you’re willing to take their opinion in mind – but without being too accommodating. The key to success lies in perfect balance!

They are Good Role Models

Open-minded parents are always trying their best to be good role models to their kids. Of course, it isn’t just about what you say – it’s mostly about what you do. That’s right, kids are just like sponges – they will watch everything you do, acquire your models of behaviour, and apply them in their everyday lives. Apart from your actions, this also goes for your words and feelings – both spoken and unspoken. Even if you don’t verbalize a certain emotion, your kid will still be able to feel it. Besides that, children will inevitably develop your life philosophy and values. It’s why you should be extra careful about the choices you’re making!

They don’t Refrain from Online Apps & Social Media

Even though a lot of experts say that social media shouldn’t be a big part of any parenthood method, we firmly disagree with that claim. Firstly, it’s because there are so many incredible apps that allow parents to connect and share their experiences. It’s particularly important for first-time parents – especially moms who don’t have enough support or understanding from people in their environment. If that’s the case with you, don’t be afraid to ask for help online. For example, there is an app called Mumli designed for like-minded moms to connect and share tips and everyday hacks. Just remember that you aren’t alone in this and do whatever it takes to find the support you need!

They know how to Empower their Kids

The next crucial thing modern parents know is how to empower their children. Even though this can be a quite challenging mission for many moms and dads, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Firstly, you should allow your child to be as independent and self-reliant as possible. Kids who rely on their parents too much often tend to become lazy, as they expect their moms and dads to help them overcome every obstacle. This is not the point of open-minded parenting. On the contrary, you should let your little ones face those obstacles on their own. Even if they make a mistake, they’ll gain knowledge and experience from such situations, which will help them grow into responsible young people. If you ask us, that’s priceless!

Positive Parenting Tips - Traits of a Modern & Open-Minded Parent
Modern parents know how to empower their children…

 They set Healthy Limits & Boundaries

Even though a lot of parents probably won’t agree with this, we must say that setting limits and boundaries is a vital part of any parenthood style. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t open-minded; on the contrary, it shows that you value healthy structure in your kids’ lives. Setting boundaries will teach them to respect both physical and emotional space between people. Also, they will minimize potentially risky behaviours and help your kids develop a good system of judgment. This is important because kids aren’t born with these constructs. They need to be taught through life, so be sure to start from an early age and you’ll see fantastic results!

As you can tell, modern and open-minded parents have so many incredible traits worth mentioning. These five are the best ones out there, so be sure to take them into consideration. Once you do that, you’ll start to see great things coming your way.

It’s a promise!

Klaudia xx

article by guest author Peter Minkoff

Positive Parenting Tips - Traits of a Modern & Open-Minded Parent
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